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Trekking through Memories
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Trekking through Memories

When I am making something, I try to take in all of my surroundings, almost as if I am knitting these memories into the item.  Where I was, what I was thinking, the weather outside… all of this is knit into the piece.  The sweater that I made on our Alabama roadtrip, the scarf that I finished while watching a whole season of Carnivale on DVD, the sweater I finished during the 2006 blizzard… and the pair of socks that traveled with me…

Yarn: Trekking XXL in colorway #108
Pattern: "Heeless Sleeping Socks", Knitting Vintage Socks
Needles: Size US 2 metal DPNs
Started June 25, 2006 / Finished August 21, 2006
Alternate View

I modified these quite a bit – most notably giving them a heel, where the pattern did not call for one.  I followed Ms. Bush's impeccable instructions and added the Dutch/Horseshoe heel to my socks, outlined in the same Knitting Vintage Socks.  The pattern is a broken / spiral rib, perhaps clearer in this alternate view.  The socks were a "three-fer", fitting in with the Trek Along with Me knitalong, the Summer of Socks, and since I started them in June, the blue month, they were also a part of Project Spectrum. I could also consider them part of the Summer of Stash, as they used yarn that has lived in my stash since January… I think that is it. 

I started sock one at the beach back in June.  Like all of my socks, they seemed to take forever to complete on account of my large feet. 

Sock one completed last month, I did not start sock two until last weekend (a little case of "second sock syndrome", no doubt!), and by some stroke of luck, I actually finished it pretty quickly…. but I had some help. 

My help came in the form of an amazing story… I simply could not stop listening to this book, and my hands were not idle. 

I finished the sock in two days.

The Kite Runner A truly powerful story, one of the best I have "read" in years. The Kite Runner taught me a great deal about Afghanistan and its culture, before and after the wars. I was so moved by the human drama; my little sock caught more than a few of the tears that rolled down my cheeks while I was listening.

I think I was really captured by this book because of the great storytelling; perhaps it was an even better experience hearing it because of this oral presentation, like true storytelling in days of old.  While the plot is quite heartbreaking, I completely and wholeheartedly recommend the book, it is a truly powerful tale that makes the reader "feel". 

… and a few hours later, my sock was done, just like that.  Every time I put on my lovely new fraternal twin socks, I will remember the beauty of the story I listened to, when I cast on for them at the beach, as well as the great energy of the knitalongs I participated in with them. 

What are some of your knitting memories?

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  1. kathy b

    knitting memories:

    the Christmas morning Kitchener on my husbands ski socks…
    THe socks that were made on the car ride to Tennessee

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