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Cute as a Button
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Cute as a Button

My mom says "cute as a button" a lot; or the corollary "cute as a bug's ear" (you know, weird "Southern-isms"… I don't even think that bugs have ears, do they?)  So these little sayings stick out in my head.  But really, it is true.  Buttons are cute.  I love them. 

I saw this tutorial a few months ago and wanted to try it with some black and gray buttons I found last year at the thrift store.  The directions were a little ambiguous, so I "winged" it.  The final result: 

Alternate View

Unlike the tutorial, I used buttons of different shapes and sizes, so it looks different.  I used beading string (from the craft store) a crimp bead, and a regular clasp closure to secure all of it together.  It jingles when I walk, so you can hear me coming!  I like this one, but I see room for improvement.  I have some plans for some other button jewelry…  I met a crafter on Flickr who puts together the coolest button art and jewelry – I love .tomate's work! (see more of her wearable button art set here)

I have quite a button collection; I have inherited some from my grandmother's old button tin, as well as purchased many of them second-hand at thrift shops and yard sales.  I have purchased a few of them new, most specifically for knit projects, or more button jewelry. I arranged these in bags according to color – and I just used my whole black and gray stash for the necklace, so I will have to replenish those.

My favorites among the thrifted and inherited buttons

Simple and round, fancy and shiny – buttons always catch my eye!

I have also been inspired by another Flickr friend, Cosette of Cosymakes, who uses buttons and embroidery in her handknitting.  Much of the yarn that Cosette uses is repurposed from old garments, and she makes the knits beautiful again with simple stitching and button embellishments – I am particularly fond of her hats!

Inspired by the lovely colors for this month's Project Spectrum, I started an embroidery kit that I got on clearance at a craft store last year.  The colors are a light cream color, with a slight pink tint, and dark chocolate brown DMC floss. 

This is the DMC Linea Embroidery kit, which included this silk scarf with a light fringe and pre-printed lines for the stitcher to follow.  This is particularly helpful to me, as I have not embroidered or stitched in several years, and needed a good reminder of what goes into it.  I enjoyed doing this simple running stitch, and may need to pull out some of the books I bought a few months ago to re-inspire me for embroidery and crewel work! (Remember Colorful Stitchery and The New Crewel? Not to mention the Stitch-It Kit that I got last Christmas… all are sitting patiently on my craft bookshelf!)

I am waiting for that day when Kris encourages me to quit work and school, because he wants me to have more time to craft ;)


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  2. scrappysue

    gorgeous necklace! would you consider doing a step by step with pictures? i need to see it in all it’s glory. i’m not so good with the winging!!!

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