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Beautiful yarn sitting in my closet – never again to be worn – simply gathering dust. There really was no other option.

Six months ago this was a near-perfect fit…  no so much anymore.

I finished this sweater right before I started my weight loss regimen in February. Now, it will not even stay on my shoulders, and hangs in a very unflattering way around my torso.  I have lost the majority of my weight on top – down three cup sizes, and several inches in my arms and ribcage – so there aren't many tops that fit anymore. Now to get some of that reduction in my hips…

No last rites – no swan song. 

Just some scissors and the trusty ballwinder. 

Yeah, it was a little liberating.  Kind of the whole creator/destroyer aspect; "I brought you into this world, and I can take you out of it!" :) Good news is that I now have some thousand yards of worsted weight alpaca/silk blend to do whatever I want.  The possibilities are endless! 

I was on a roll.  The fun did not stop there. 

I fell in love with the yarn, and the amazing color, and bought it all up at my LYS with my Christmas 2004 gift certificate.  The Tempting pattern called for this same yarn, and in my opinion, it was not a good match.  The yarn is too heavy for the sweater – even after one wear, the yarn begin to droop and sag, being pulled down by its own weight!  In retrospect, I should have used a cotton or a blend for this pattern.  As you can see, the sweater is a huge mess.  Ribbing is supposed to be slimming, no?  (There was a ribbon that was used to "cinch it" through the eyelet holes up top, but even that could not save this sweater, unfortunately).

While ripping this one out, I fell in love with the Cashmerino Aran all over again.  It is beautiful and soft, and while it does "fuzz" a little with wear, it is really a great yarn. The most important thing however, is finding a pattern to support it.  I actually got a crazy notion in my head… this Cashmerino would make a really nice Hourglass sweater…


I am happy with my decision to rip these sweaters.  Although they may not be knit up again anytime soon (who knows?) I am happier knowing that there are possibilities for them.  Plus, since I have not purchased any yarn for the last three months, it kind of feels like a stash enhancement!   

I will be meeting up with some friends at the yarn shop this afternoon for some knitting… wonder if I can keep the yarn diet strong… only one more week (officially) left!  We'll see what happens!


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