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Feeling Sock-sy
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Feeling Sock-sy

It's the crisp in the air… the slightly lower temperatures… the start of school… it's almost AUTUMN, my friends! 

This is without a doubt my favorite time of year!

Fall foliage, pumpkins, harvest, and of course, the return of cold weather knits!  For me, this means some cable-y sweater goodness, and SOCKS.

My "not-so-knee-highs" are still on the needles, I am on the homestretch of sock one!  The socks accompanied me to my first fall semester course last evening.  Class went pretty well, and I even met another knitter. Looking over the syllabus for this course, I found another way to work knitting into my final project requirements!  I ran it by the professor and she seemed thrilled!  We'll see how it plays out as the semester progresses. 

2006 has definitely been the Year of the Sock.  In the three years that I have been knitting and reading blogs, I have never seen as many socks on the "internets" as I have over the last few months. This excites me to no end, but I have to admit, I was also a little nervous about it… did that mean that people would burn out on socks quickly and not want to be a part of the second annual Socktoberfest

Say it ain't so…

I have received a few emails asking about Socktoberfest 2006, and I would love to have another – I even have one sponsor willing to donate a prize in the contest! – but I wanted to check the pulse of the knitting community first.  Can you handle another sock knitalong?  Socktoberfest 2005 was another no-pressure knitalong (I do that for myself, more than anything!) with over 300 participants, administered over the whole month of October.  We gathered some great tips, loads of free patterns, tutorials on unique cast-ons,  and all participants were eligible for PRIZES.  It wasn't a race – it was simply about socks and the joy (and sometimes the slight frustration) that comes when one makes handknit socks.  It was also about encouragement and problem-solving.  I am still a new sock knitter – a year ago yesterday, I finished my first pair of socks!- and I learned so much about sock knitting last year through Socktoberfest.  I was so inspired by Margene's beautiful sock knitting that I had to try it on my own, and now, I am addicted to socks!  This year, I want to take it further, by experimenting with different styles and cast-ons, and delving into the technical aspects of sock knitting. 

Project Spectrum will be over (unless of course, you have leftover socks from Project Spectrum months that you want to pull out again!  I may do the same with the aforementioned Lace Knee Highs, as well as my long-suffering Blueberry Waffle socks) and socks of all sizes and shapes will be celebrated and accepted.  If you have never knit socks before, but have an interest in trying it, Socktoberfest is just for you! 

All the socks (minus the gift socks for mom) that I knit in the last year.

So, no sign ups yet or anything formal, but tell me, if there was another Socktoberfest, would you sign up?  what would you like to see in Socktoberfest 2006 (tips and tutorials? reader feedback on patterns, needles, yarns? more contests and prizes?)  I would love to know!

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120 Responses

  1. sUsAn

    Yeppers, I’m there for Socktober!

  2. trek

    I love socks.

  3. Jen

    I missed last year because I hadn’t quite progressed to sock knitting yet… I’d love to take part this year, though!

  4. Marisol

    Yes, Yes, Yes! Please host SoctoberFest. I would love to participate and learn and get pointers. I am a fairly new sock knitter. I on pair 3 now and could use all the tips and encouragement.

    Plus no pressure –that works for me.

  5. Ida

    This sounds fantastic. I’m in.

  6. stacey

    I’m new to blogging and am really interested it joining up with some group knitting projects – AND I love to knit socks – so Socktoberfest was made for me! Hope it comes together – looking very forward to it!!

  7. christine

    Yes, Please!!!!!
    I loved Socktoberfest!!!!!

  8. Tam

    With over 100 comments, I’m thinking this is a done deal, but here’s my “yes” vote just in case!

  9. Amanda

    I know you don’t really need another YES in all caps, but here’s mine, anyway. :) I missed the first Socktoberfest, so please, please do it again!

  10. April

    I think you got your 1 comment! ONE HUNDRED, that is OMG! LOL Not that it surprises me, we’ve all been thinking it was a given and the idea of it NOT happening FREAKS US OUT! lol PLUS, I have so many lsock projects languishing as balls of yarn, it just ain’t right.

    Socktoberfest MUST go on! How cool that you’ve already got so many prize offers?! woooo hooooo

  11. Cheryl

    Well of course we want SOCKTOBERFEST

  12. kathy

    I am TOTALLY up for a sockfest, especially if it’s one without the pressure of a race (too busy at work), and even better if it’s for Oktoberfest!!

  13. Amanda

    I am looking forward to Socktoberfest!

  14. Wanda

    I’m definitely in for another Socktoberfest! That I can finish! Love the socks you’re working on too. Perfect for the transition into fall.

  15. Cece

    I would love too – I have a pair of socks waiting in the wings that I’ve been saving for Sockoberfest!

  16. Meghan

    Definitely up for Socktoberfest 2006!

  17. Vicki

    I have sock yarn coming in the mail in the hopes of Socktober 2006.
    you betchya I’d join!!

  18. Teri P

    Another resounding yes from me! Actually, as far as I’m concerned, every day is Socktoberfest!

    I’d also like to provide a prize… A sock project bag.

  19. Rebecca

    You obviously don’t need any more encouragement, but I am looking forward to Socktoberfest 2006.

  20. Richa Jo

    Count me in! This may be just thing I need to “finally” get a complete pair finished!

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