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Colorful Commencement
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Colorful Commencement

It's been a wonderful ride!  I want to thank every one of you for your participation and support, as well as your inspirational creations!

My Project Spectrum Photo Set 

Project Spectrum Flickr Page

Project Spectrum Blog Archive

Stay tuned for Project Spectrum Round Two at the first of the year! We will start the year off with a rainbow of colors! Feel free to tell me what you would like to see in PSII by email, comment, or in the Flickr discussion forum.  Also, finish up those leftover projects in the month of September for Project Spectrum Clean Sweep


PS – So, I guess that's a yes!  ;)   I will setup a sign-up form in the next few weeks… Stay tuned!

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39 Responses

  1. Kim

    Those pictures look great–what a beautiful recap!! I totally dropped the ball on August–maybe I’ll put something together for a post at the end of September, to commemorate Project Spectrum Clean Sweep :)

  2. Amy

    What a beautiful post! And add me to that list of YESes (what exactly is the plural of Yes?)! I’d love to participate in Socktoberfest.

  3. beverly

    I loved seeing the pictures all together like that! Thank you so much for the wonderful “controlling theme” (I’ve taken too many lit classes…always in search of the controlling metaphor) of color!

  4. isel

    Thank you so much for the colorful ride, Lolly. I promise I’ll do better next time around.

  5. Karen

    Many thanks to you for coming up with Project Spectrum and putting in all the hard work to make it happen.

  6. sUsAn

    Wowza! Beautiful montage! I’ve enjoyed all your PS posts, L! You are to be congratulated for making PS happen all over blogland! I look forward to the next round!

  7. Kimberly

    Well done set of photographs. I am looking forward to more PS stuff!

  8. Coleen

    awesome pictures! Thanks for being host to such a HUGE internet event. You have encouraged so many people stop and take a moment to appreciate all the colors and beauty around us that we usually take for granted. Hooray Project Spectrum! And hooray for you!

  9. gleek

    what a fabulous collection you have there from project spectrum! it was enjoyable to see what you did with each color. i’m looking forward to the next time around.

  10. Sheri

    Thank you so much for Project Spectrum. It really made me appreciate all the varied colors around me.
    Please keep the postcard swap in PSII. It was a great way to be creative and so much fun, and I met so many wonderful people.
    Many, many thanks again.

  11. Katie

    Wow! What fantastic, vibrant colors.

  12. Scout

    I loved seeing all of the colors in the recap.

  13. rhelynn

    Cheers! Great rewind through all the colours! Thank you for such a great idea!

  14. Dorothy B

    I’m looking forward to the next project spectrum. I really like the month of finishing up all the unfinished stuff and all the beautiful pictures you show.

  15. Suzanne

    Those are some awesome pictures. I have no color sense so love seeing what you have done! I have to make it to Knit Night! Maybe next week when I am done with night shifts?

  16. sandra

    I love all the photos together – what a year it’s been. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading the blogs that were doing the Project Spectrum in all sorts of crafts. A very fun year. I’ll be sure to join in the next one :-)

  17. mrspao

    Great photos! I’m looking forward to PS2!

  18. Melissa A.

    Thanks for organizing this! I can’t say I’ll be any better at participating next time around, but I do like seeing everyone’s photos!

  19. Amber

    Your pics are beautiful all together like that. The rainbow grid of knitting! :) I look forward to participating in PS2. ~Amber

  20. Mouse

    I love the pictures together – I really think that you should use a smaller version of that collage as a header for your blog!
    I can’t wait for “project spectrum 2″!

  21. Carole

    It was a lot fun! I kind of lost my mojo for it the last two months because my sock knitting was for gifts and I couldn’t choose the colors. But I’m looking forward to playing with color again next year, Lolly.

  22. julia fc

    Beautiful post, Lolly. I wasn’t a participant (too much long term commitment for my needles) but I enjoyed it from the sidelines.

  23. maryse

    well you know what a fan i am of this. even at my worse, i managed to make at least one project per month. i’m a little behind, but i have two august projects that i’m going to finish up in the next couple of weeks.

  24. heather

    looks like it was a fabulous summer of color…

    I love the pics.

  25. Julie

    Great picture show! I’m gonna have to join PSII when it comes around. Oh, and the Socktoberfest – YEAH!

  26. Jennifer

    I had so much fun with the last one, I’m up for the next one!

  27. Jenna

    All of these photos brought back a host of memeries of all of the different colors. How lovely. Fair well, PS, I feel that I hardly knew ye.

  28. Meg

    Beautiful!! I would love to be a part of the next round :D

  29. Allegra

    Great picture homage to the past six months! I look forward to the PS clean sweep this month and PS 2 starting at the beginning of next year……(and Socktoberfest!)

  30. Liz K.

    The thanks are all to you. I loved how Project Spectrum was a chance for us as knitters to expand ourselves, explore beyond our usual comfort zones and really appreciate colors. It truly is one of the joys of knitting, the visual appeal of the yarn.

    thanks for organizing this, and for a truly fabulous idea!

  31. vanessa

    purty pictures!! I can’t wait to PSII.

  32. Kristi aka Fiber Fool

    A very fun wrap-up post! I’m totally in for another round. One with color combos would be a blast sometime!

  33. Jami Howard

    hey lauren!!! i know i haven’t updated in foreverrrrrr haha….i love the pictures girl, you look beautiful!!! :) check out my new post :) its quite awesome.

  34. Barb

    I love your mosaic. Great colors and photos. Thanks again for coming up with such a wonderful project idea. It was a real challenge and there were so many great projects.

  35. courtney

    Pretty, pretty pictures! I missed PS this time around, but was inspired by everyone’s pictures, so I’ll be sure to catch it the second time.

  36. Anna

    Thank you for this time, it has been really fun! I look forward to next year.
    Greetings from Sweden.

  37. Wanda

    Project Spectrum was really quite fun. I enjoyed seeing what you and others did with it. Sadly I was never able to really get into it. I just never seem to have the time nor creativity to come up with some of the neat things that others did. I’ll sit out the next round of PS, but I do enjoy what you’ve done with it!

  38. Joan G

    Thanks for PS, although I only just started on the August month, LOL:)
    I’m glad you’re doing a round 2 because that means I will have finished my grey FLAK sweater by then:)
    Take care,
    Joan G in Ellicott City, MD

  39. melissa

    great photos! that’s exciting to hear you’ll be doing a round two starting with the new year. hopefully i’ll have some more time to dedicate to it next round.

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