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I had to dig down in the project bag for the Pomegranate Hoodie - it's been a few months since I spent any time on it. This has been a real "backburner" project. I cast on in the last half of March, and continued working into April, because it is a reddish/orange hue (hence the pomegranate moniker), I figured it would fit into both month's color spectrum. Other projects came to the forefront, and it was not until June that I finished the back. Sleeve one started in June and thanks to a Friday film night, I managed to finish it last night. This one has been a long time coming…

The yarn is handpainted laceweight from Woolarina. It is very nice to work with, and seems to be a perfect match for this garment. The original pattern called for a brushed mohair, but I was able to get gauge with this yarn, and it will be a nice lightweight hoodie for transitional weather – like now! – and also perfect for beach trips. There is so much yardage in these skeins (purchased at last year's Crafty Bastards fair in DC) that I am still on skein one and almost half-way through the project. There are definitely going to be leftovers, and I am thinking a lacy scarf is just the way to go!

The pattern "Women's Mohair Hoodie" is from the handy-dandy Knitting to Go Deck.This is one of the 25 pattern cards enclosed in the deck. Each of the patterns are simple and classic in nature – perfect for gifts and for timeless knits for babies, children, men and women. I split the deck with my sister and my mom, who liked many of the beginner patterns.

With the remnants of Hurricane Ernesto hovering over Maryland, and a special visitor coming to knit with me today, I have a feeling that the Pom Hoodie will be finished in the very near future…. no more lingering around!

In the interest of full disclosure, I have something to show you:

Springwater Purchases

So, there you have it. I bought some yarn. However, I feel that I am completely justified – just shy of the deadline for Summer of Stash – but still 100% justified. I did not any exceptions – even when I was on vacation; AND I actually started my yarn diet after Maryland Sheep and Wool festival at the beginning of May. I am pretty happy with my purchases – and I am even happier about how I got them…

Carole posted a few weeks ago on her blog about her upcoming DC trip. I have been reading Carole's blog for a long time, so I was excited at the chance to meet her! So excited, in fact, that I left my camera's memory card at home when Erin and I went to meet with Carole in Alexandria, VA last Thursday! … despite my emptyheadedness, we had a great time doing our yarn crawl! Erin and I drove down from MD and met with Carole at Springwater Fiber Workshop. Such a great shop with a nice selection. I picked up a ball of Karabella Aurora 8 for some gift knitting, and some Louet Gems sock yarn.

Knit Happens Visit Springwater Visit

(Thanks Carole for posting the pics!) After a yummy lunch, we trekked over to Knit Happens. This was my first visit to the shop, and I was so happy to see that my blog friends Holly and Rossana were both working! We were the only ones in the shop, and we spent our time playing with the yarns, looking at all of the new fall catalogs, and having a general great time! And, I did not leave empty-handed… in fact, Rossana helped me pad my bag with some Rowan Cotton Tape – on clearance, I might add. Cotton Tape is a favorite yarn of mine – I used it for both Virtue and Carla. Now with the lovely Lap colorway, I am planning a solid version of Tammy…

… I hope wearing this sweater does not induce the same bad posture and laissez-faire attitude…

You can read more about our Thursday fun at MamaE's blog and Carole's blog!

Have a lovely weekend!

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33 Responses

  1. Lisa

    Ooh – I’ve been eyeing the Louet Pearl as well… Let us know how you like it! Great job on your summer of stash, too, by the way!

  2. georgia

    i can’t wait to see that hoodie when it’s done. what a great color!

  3. Liz K.

    Welcome back, Lolly. The yarn producers of the world are breathing a huge sigh of relief that the SoSKAL is over and we Summer of Stashers can continue to make yarn a profitable business! You got some goodies too.

  4. Julie

    Pretty sweater and great stash enhancement!
    That girl in the picture looks exhausted – maybe she needs to eat :)

  5. Jennifer

    I like that cotton tape sweater! It looks like you are going to have lots of fun this weekend!

  6. Amanda

    Oooohh, I love the Tammy sweater!

  7. jody

    i really love the way the handpainted yarn is behaving — no pooling/flashing/etc.

  8. knittingnurse

    Yeah for you doing so well on your Summer of Stash! You deserve to finally go shopping. You did well beyond the summer, y’know starting in May and all.

    I can’t wait to see that hoodie on you. The colors are so amazing. It’ll be cool to finally see it all together.

  9. Sarah

    Oh fun! And how fun to break your yarn diet after a summer of abstaining :) Way to keep to your goal!

  10. Renee

    I think you’re justified, too. You’ve done SO WELL on the Summer of Stash – I’ve been very impressed! I wish I could show that kind of self-discipline.

  11. Debi

    I can’t wait to see the Pom Hoodie finished — I’ve loved it from the start and it will look smashing with your coloring!

    Louet Gems Pearl (and Opal) soooo yummy!! I love the Louet as is for solids and did you know that Pearl is what Cherry Tree Hill uses for it’s hand dyed supersock and Koigu uses Gem Opal?

    Hope you have a fun holiday weekend Lolly!

    PS – I’m hoping to see some GGH Marathon socks soon :)

  12. brooke

    Oh, I love that Rowan cotton tape book. Made the scarf for my sister and she wears it everywhere! Maybe I need to make the Tammy to match. I’m having a bit of yarn envy from your post today! :)

  13. Coleen

    Nice haul! I heard you guys had a great time in Alexandria. Can’t wait to see your finished Pomegranate!

    Miss you!

  14. Jenna

    You know for sure that I’m anxious to see the Pom hoodie finished because I loved the yarn colorway since the moment I saw it. Move it on out of the project bag :)

    Lovely yarns, I’m glad you got one last bit of Cotton Tape before it goes to yarn heaven. My hope while wearing it is that you won’t start wearing inappropriately short skirts.

    Had a great time today, as usual. Let’s do it again ruhl soon.

  15. Dee

    I love the handpainted laceweight, I can’t wait to see the finished hoodie.

    Be careful with the Karabella yarn, I had the same color, it was a dream to knit with but stained my needles.

  16. Amy

    Please let us know what you think of Pearl. I’m looking for a new solid color sock yarn to carry at Yarntopia.


  17. gray la gran

    your first time at knit happens?! well, i bet if you had gone there during your diet, you would had cheated. i know i would had! well, actually, i did go there while on the diet, and i didn’t cheat. hmmm … i think i need to go have breakfast.
    congratulations on your s.o.s. success and rewards. i was a naughty girl during s.o.s. (just a bit), and have very recently *rewarded* myself.
    why do we love yarn so much?
    i look foward to seeing your finished hoody. i love that colorway … it’s so warm and vibrant.
    take care!

  18. Kimberly

    That hoodie is a gorgeous color. I’ll be waiting to see your finished sweater. I also adore your pictures from your last posts. Great job!!!

  19. Kelly

    You did a great job stash busting this summer. I give you a lot of credit. I could never have held out that long!

  20. Moni

    Your reminding me of all of the projects I need to pick up again! I love the color of that yarn. so bright and cheery!

  21. Karen

    I’m glad to hear your yarn diet is over. I can’t imagine going that long without buying yarn!

    I can’t wait to see you hoodie when it’s done. The yarn you are using is so pretty. What size needles are you making the sweater with in laceweight?

  22. carole

    I’m glad you are guilt-free, since we would otherwise be guilty of coersion!!

    It was fun– come visit!

  23. Jen

    That Woolarina yarn is gorgeous!

    Looks like you guys had a great time in Alexandria! I’m sad that Rowan has discontinued Cotton Tape, but at least it means that it’s on clearance everywhere (when you can find it, that is). :)

  24. Wanda

    I’m so happy that you’ve picked up the Pom Hoodie again. Such a pretty color. You did good for the time you were on the Summer of Stash, so good going.

  25. Tam

    Great stash enhancements! And I love, love, love, the yarn for the Pom Hoodie–what a wonderful color!

  26. KnitPastis

    Love that Pom Hoodie! So glad you took it out again to work on it. Happy Labor to you and your family!

  27. Loren

    Loved the stash enhancement, as well as, the Pom Hoodie that you are working on. Where did you find the pattern for the Tammy sweater? It looks great.

  28. heather

    woowoo knit happens…and a pink monkey! what a weekend…looks like it was fabby.

    PS I LOOOOOOOVE that hoodie. I may steal it.

  29. Deborah

    I bought a gazzillion balls of cotton tape too to make a tank, and a poncho. Somehow, someway, my midsection changed directions and blew up too large to fit the tank – I gave up on the poncho…

  30. hillary

    I applaud your dedication to the Summer of Stash. I’m not sure I could do it.

    I’ve never heard of the Crafty Bastards fair. It looks like fun. Are you going this year?

  31. sprite

    I love Woolarina yarn. I’m currently working on socks made with her yarn that I bought over the summer at Western Market. I’m so disappointed I won’t be around this weekend to buy more at Adams Morgan Day, but I’ll be in town for Crafty Bastards, so I suppose it’s not *too* much longer to wait.

  32. Stacey

    I love Louet yarn! :) Great job on your yarn diet – you used up tons from the stash!

  33. Lolly Knitting Around » Blog Archive » Handy Dandy

    [...] There is a reason you are seeing these little mitts all over the blogs! They are fun, quick, and a perfect one-skein project! The Karabella ball was purchased back in August when I went to Springwater with MamaE and Carole. The beautiful color caught my eye, and even though it was only one ball in the clearance bin, I figured I could find a way to use it. This one ball was perfect for this project. I used all but 3 inches of the yarn in the entire ball! I plan to make these again very soon, as I have some other random 50g skeins in the stash that could whip up into this pattern in a matter of hours. It's also a perfect first cables project – easy and clearly written in the pattern. In fact, it is a perfect submission for the Fall Cables knitalong too (and I have another one planned!) [...]

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