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Paved with Good Intentions
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Paved with Good Intentions

I had the best of intentions for Project Spectrum: finishing all sorts of colorful crafts, trying new patterns, etc.  While I did do several things, I also left a lot undone. I am realizing through this Clean Sweep month that my good intentions translate into a busy September!

Take the Seed Stitch purse I started back in April…  If you blinked, you probably missed it.  I only blogged about it once

I am using some inherited Tahki Cotton Classic in gold, and basing my purse on the one seen in the book, Cool Girls’ Guide to Knitting.  The buttons are from my grandmother’s tin, all of the orange ones I could find.  I may mix in some other buttons from my collection, but I like seeing the seed stitch in the background.  I am planning to use a pillowcase I found at the thrift store as the liner for this bag.  So, all of the ingredients will be hand-me-downs or thrifted!

The Pomegranate Hoodie is still forefront on the Finish List.  I worked on her all weekend, and the front is nearly complete. 

The yarn is quite a lovely color – despite how it looks on your monitor.  It is hard to photograph without looking too “harsh” and fiery.  It is actually more pink than orange, and I hope that shows when it is finished.  Paula and Kate did an amazing job with this yarn – there is no pooling, just a beautiful variegation of light and dark pomegranate colors.  Just to make sure that the colors matched my complexion, I did the ol’ yarn-by-face trick before balling the second hank.  The yarn even looks nice as a cowl/necklace!

I was able to make such great progress on the hoodie because I had a great companion who knit with me all day on Saturday! Jenna was “baching” it this weekend, so she made a trip to the ‘burbs to see me, get some yummy Indian cuisine, and shop at the LYS.  After all of that, we made a cozy nest in my basement, watched movies and the Discovery Channel, and knit the night away. Despite the rainy day, we had a wonderful time. 

Behold!  A finished Carla sweater!

Jenna finished her Project Spectrum August knit: The Carla sweater from Rowan’s It’s a Tape Thing.  Just brilliant!  I think hers turned out better than mine - maybe that is because I am on such a brown kick lately.  She just blogged about it too! She also had something to do with this…

14 Balls of DK wool – brown, cream, and eggplant

Jenna wanted to go to All About Yarn and buy some yarn for her next pair of socks.  They just happened to have this lovely wool on sale – Jo Sharp DK Wool – and I just happened to have a pattern in mind for it.

This is the Nordic Memories pullover from Interweave Knits, Winter 2003. This was the first Interweave magazine I ever bought – I had just learned to knit, and I looked through and said “Someday… someday…” Now, almost three years later, I am finally ready to tackle the color work and learn how to do Fair Isle.

CosmicPluto did this sweater last winter, and I can’t wait to have my own version. Brown as the base color, cream as the bird’s eye pattern, and eggplant as the collar and sleeve edge. Jenna and I sat on the floor of All About Yarn putting this combo together, and I really couldn’t be happier.

Adding another knit to the list… yet another “good intention”.

PS - What a loss! You’ll be missed, Steve.

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40 Responses

  1. Karen

    I see you are making up for lost time with stash enhancements. :) You so deserve it after all that time you were on the yarn diet.

    I remember loving that sweater when that issue came out too. That will be a fun knit. I am very much on a brown kick lately too so I love the colors you picked. :)

  2. PuppyMomma

    Honey, stash diets ALWAYS rebound. Didn’t you know that? Every time I go on a fiber diet trouble follows.

    Hopefully I’ll see you tonite.

  3. Elinor

    I love the way the purse looks.

    Is there a knit night tonight? Can I come?

  4. Jenna

    It’s amazing how quickly a month can go. I know we all had such good intentions of cramming in so many PS crafts, but the time just isn’t there.
    It looks like the hoodie yarn makes you look super blond! It will make you look so sunny, perfect for a chilly day.

    I only had so much to do with you getting that yarn…I mean, I swipe your credit card without you knowing or anything :) I’m pleased with the color combo, too. We make a great time in picking yarns and just chilling. Thanks again for a great day and for all your compliments on my sweater. I hope we can do it again very soon.

  5. Kim

    The Winter 2003 Interweave was my first magazine purchase too. That yarn looks perfect for that sweater. Have fun with your clean sweep finishes :)

  6. Moni

    I know.. isn’t that sad about the Crocodile Hunter? I’ve kinda felt bad about all day :( .

    I am going to have to do a walk through of all of my PS WiPs. There are quite a few! I’m so glad we are doing a Clean Sweep for September :)

  7. Teresa

    I think I am going to be buried under all my ‘Clean Sweeps’, but you are such an inspiration!!

    So, so sad about Steve-I just adored that guy (who doesn’t love a man who loves animals!).

  8. carrie m

    i like the idea of a clean sweep — but i have too many new projects on my mind. i had forgotten about the seed stitch purse, and i think it’s a perfect project to resurrect.

  9. Lisa

    The purse looks very nice, and the pink is showing up on my monitor and looks beautiful!

  10. Amy

    The clean sweep month is a great idea – I’m just hoping that the CRAZY work/travel schedule for this month will allow me to complete things! :-)

    (Is it wrong to think some things might not make it till PSII ;-) ?)

    Your knit weekend sounds like a lot of fun! My weekend knitting was dishcloths – cranked out 7 – hope to find time to blog soon. :-)

  11. Coleen

    Great to see you tonight!!!

  12. gray la gran

    oh my goose-eggs! your post is so “filled” that i must go and rest now … in bed, with a good book. i hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend. i love jenna’s “carla”. i want a carla too!
    yes, that’s too bad about the crocodile hunter … so young, and ridiculouslyl tragic.
    i should dedicate a month to picking up all my wip’s. maybe november? ….
    what’s the status of “sock-tober-fest” ? what are the “rules”? how do i “play”?
    ps. i’m itching to dye my newest hank of sockyarn :)
    take care lolly!

  13. Michelle

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the hoodie! Hey I know pomegranites are your fave (one of mine too) [COSTCO-if you have one around] has really yummy pomegranite juice you can buy!

  14. Skylar

    Can’t wait to see that finished purse. I think it’s a great color combo, with the mustard yarn and the orangish buttons. You always have such taste for patterns!

  15. Amy

    I think your Carla looks great too!


  16. Jennifer

    Wow! A seed stitch purse. All the switching of the yarn forward and backwards is such a slow down.

    I see the finished Carla! It looks great! She should be very pleased. I’m working feverishly on mine…

  17. Jami Howard

    you’re so pretty!!! i love these colors and pics!! hope you are well! … our first rehersal is tomorrow night…i have the lead as you know…its a soprano part and lots of dancing…which, isnt me haha….what do you remember about the part of Polly Browne? :) any info would be appreciated!!

  18. Chris

    Wow, what a difference having it against your skin and hair makes with the color! You sure have had a lot of fun bloggy visitors lately – lucky you! :)

  19. Amber

    Great color choices for the Nordic Memories sweater! I am so excited because a friend and I signed up for a fair isle class at Stitches East in Nov. I am looking forward to learning how. I learned how to knit continental last month so that I would be comfortable knitting with both styles for the fair isle. I look forward to seeing your progress on the sweater! :)

  20. chooiwah

    I love the gold color and the seed sts of the purse, and the color of the hoodie look so fresh, I never though pink will knit up so nice.

  21. Tammany

    That sounds like the most perfect of days! Alas, none of my knitting friends are really Knitting Friends, so I will live vicariously through yours!
    I just love that pomegranate yarn. The sweater is going to be gorgeous. I, too, am about to embark upon my first Fair Isle project, but I am starting with a hat. Love the colors! Have fun!

  22. heather

    first…I almost cried watching CNN…remembering what I told you about Pixie and her CRIKEY accent…poor mr. irwin.

    Seen it.

    Love it.

    I’m gonna steal it.

    now lets go kick some yarn over.

  23. Evelyn

    I thought that face looked familiar! I have participated in Project Spectrum without even realising that you’re a local gal! (duh!)

    Thanks for visiting the DC Knitting blog. We don’t get many comments, so I often wonder if anyone even reads the durn thing. . .

    Anyway, maybe I’ll see you around. I usually shop at Stitch D.C. ’cause trying to find a place to park near Knit Happens somehow just never happens if you know what I mean. ;-)



  24. erica b.

    Clean sweep is a fantastic idea. That should motivate me to pick up my needles.

  25. isel

    You too are so cool, damn it!
    I know exactly what you mean by having the best intentions. If only I could get mine to become more than just that, who knows where I would be.

    Nordic Memories looks great. I’m sure you will have no problem making it. Love the colors you picked.

  26. Jody

    I love that purse – I have a button bin myself just waiting for the right project. None are vintage – just the “extra” buttons you get with clothes. I love the Carla too – and good luck on the fair isle sweater. I think that looks like a good one to start with – not too many color changes. The idea still scares me! I think I’ll try cables first – that awesome green tweed last night is calling to me!

    It was great to chat last night!

  27. Claudia

    Oh yes, I remember that bag! Can’t wait to see it finished! And oh you are brave, venturing in the world of colour knitting! That is something I will try for PS II for am not ready yet. You go girl, I’ll be right behind! :-)

  28. Jeanine

    That Pomegranate Hoodie is going to be awesome when it’s done.

  29. maya

    Talk about crazy coincidence–that Nordic Memories sweater was one of the first sweater patterns I wanted to knit and I also, at the time, earmarked it for the future. And just recently I was contemplating making it this winter. I probably won’t get to it, but it’s so funny we had the same reaction to it!

  30. Debby

    I love the pink you chose for the pomegranate hoodie — so pretty and I can’t wait to see it when it’s done.

    Your Clean Sweep month inspired me to finish my summer colored projects before I get into the darker colors of fall and winter — thank you! And good luck on your new fair isle project.

  31. Kelly

    Love the nordic memories pullover!

  32. Kym

    I love the color on the Pomegranite hoodie- so beautiful!

    The Nordic Memories pullover is super cute- can’t wait to see it.

  33. catherine

    PS was a good ride! thanks for creating a new look into our everdya world ;) love the hoodie!

  34. Stacey

    we must have the same “to knit” list….that Nordic Memories is on my list as well! I love the little bit of fair isle I did last winter and can’t wait to do more! I really like the colors you picked out!

    pom hoodie is looking good!

  35. Dorothy B

    I like that fair isle sweater. Your pomegranate hoodie is looking great. It’s funny how the colours are so different picture to picture. The hoodie is showing up pink and pretty and the hank of yarn is showing up orange.

  36. Megan

    wow–i just picked up that copy of IK a couple of weeks ago and I love that sweater! I’m still pondering what project to start next–there are just too many in the queue!

  37. Annarella

    The Nordic memory pullover is gorgeous, I’m into browns too lately, it’ll come up fab! xx

  38. megan

    I love the gold/pink combination for the purse. I think it will be lovely. And I love those blissful relaxing weekends with friends. It makes me look forward to rainy weekends. Mmm, Indian food, how I miss you – there is none around here!

  39. Erin

    Congratulations on finally taking the plunge into fairisle. You’re gonna love it!

  40. Todd S.

    I don’t really know how in my web wandering I landed on your site. I am a guy, and thus don’t knit (Not that there would be anything wrong with manly knitting.) I really liked the sweater for the guy on your home page. I forget the type. Perhaps Nordic Memory Pullover? In any event, I feel it is very cool that you are so passionate about an interest. Happy socking!


    Todd S.

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