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Scarf of Many Colors
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Scarf of Many Colors

The lovely yarn that has been in the stash for over a year was finally fashioned into something wearable!  I bought this yarn at Sea Needles in Bethany Beach, Delaware on last year's beach trip.  They had a store sample knit up in a multidirectional pattern, and I was sold from the moment I saw it; I just loved the colors! The variegated / self-striping yarns are a perfect match for this kind of pattern!

Scarf Style
1. Scarf knotted in front, 2. Scarf knitting in progress, 3. Scarf Displayed, 4. Scarf wound around neck

Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf
Yarn: Skacel Zitron Unikat wool (colorway #02)
Pattern: Mulitdirectional Diagonal Scarf (free pattern)
Needles: Size US 13

I started this scarf last month, in the neutrals month of Project Spectrum.  I never got around to finishing it until last night – when I finally got the chance to catch up on my TV (Project Runway! oo la la!)  It was a quick and fun knit, especially on size 13 needles.  It is quite long, but I like that, more to wrap around on those cold winter days!

More scarf knitting is in the works, in fact.  I got my secret pal's name for the International Scarf Exchange!  I am excited – this is my first swap.  I figured the scarf would be the way to go… I can't mess that up too much.  While I love the concept of the sock swaps, I don't think I am ready for them.  I am finally getting to the point where I can size a sock for my own foot, let alone someone else's!  Scarves are easy though.   According to the questionnaire for the Scarf Exchange, we have similar tastes in colors and style, so I hope my pal likes what I have planned. I am thinking kettle-dyed wool in a rich autumnal color palette – possibly a cross-hatch pattern, like Stacey's So-Called-ScarfWould you like to receive something like that if you were my pal? :)  I contacted my pal, but I am still waiting to hear from the person who has my name… are you out there? 

My weekend is jam-packed – culminating in a Ben Harper show on Sunday night.  It should be great times… and I really hope to fit some knitting in between it all!

PS-I am delighted with all of the response on the Fair Isle question!  Thank you!

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40 Responses

  1. meg

    those colors are gorgeous. absolutely love it.

  2. Erica

    I’ve made a few of those, but never thought to do it on big needles. Great idea!

  3. Mintyfresh

    That yarn is really pretty. Great job!

  4. hillary

    I love the scarf – the colors and pattern are great.

  5. Erica B.

    Love that yarn! Enjoy Ben Harper!

  6. Nonnahs

    Fun scarf! Have fun at Ben Harper! I saw him one with Jack Johnson. Good times. :)

  7. Carole

    The scarf is wonderful. Have a fun weekend.

  8. Mouse

    Cute scarf- Great colors! I watch very little tv, but I always get sucked into Project Runway– I’m really hoping that (either Michael or) Jeffrey wins. His yellow plaid dress for the Paris Challenge was AWESOME!!

  9. April

    It’s sp purty =)*)

    I love the sweater you are thinking about too, but I think I’ll start with a vest and THEN move on to that sweater, just to keep myself from biting off more than I can chew!

  10. catherine

    i love the scarf! very pretty colors, the yarn is fabulous!… and i too and stuck on colorwork now ;) fickle, hehehe

  11. Claudia

    Wow, that is a gorgeous scarf – both the pattern and the yarn! I love those rich Autumn colours!

  12. Kathy

    Pretty yarn! I’ve made several scarves with that pattern, using Silk Garden.

    Did you know that Iris Schreier claims she came up with that pattern first and is annoyed that Karen reverse-engineered it and posted it? As if nobody else is entitled to come up with multidirectional patterns. hmpfh.

  13. Susie

    Love the scarf!
    I am seeing Ben Harper on Monday night in Philly-can’t wait!

  14. KnitPastis

    Colors in that scarf are incrediable and so earthy. My favorite are soft nonscratchy and longgggggg scarfs. Very pretty!

  15. Amanda Cathleen

    ooooo!! I love love LOVE your scarf! Great colors, mmM!

  16. christine

    Yes, if I were your swap partner, I would definitely want that scarf!

  17. Heather

    It’s gorgeous! Thanks for linking the pattern, it looks fun to make.

  18. Moni

    Lolly! so so pretty! I love it!

  19. Susan

    Oh, Lolly, you have a good eye. I think that scarf looks kind of blah when you see it laid out flat, but once it’s around your neck, it is absolutely stunning!

  20. Rebecca

    YUMMY colors, Lolly!

  21. heather

    turned out fabby!

  22. mrspao

    That is such a nice scarf – fab!! Now I want one :)

  23. Julia

    mmm, I can totally picture it in person, it’s beautiful! I just got the Telemark pattern! At first glace, boy am I dizzy! It’s a looong pattern, but looks oh so fun to knit! I’m with you on the differant colors for it though.

  24. Jennifer

    Lovely scarf! I think that your pal will love a multi-directional scarf or a my so called scarf. Both are lovely patterns

  25. Shelley

    The scarf looks awesome! You always take such excellent and interesting pictures of your work. I can never get my pics to look like that – they always come out plain and boring no matter what I do.

  26. Dorothy B

    That’s a very pretty multidirectional scarf. I like the texture of all the big stitches.

    That scarf pattern is pretty too. It looks really soft and scrunchable.

  27. Kelly

    Beautiful scarf. I also like the other scarf pattern as well.

  28. Laura

    I have had that pattern bookmarked forever! I just love the way it works up. Great job, yay for fo’s!

  29. Amanda

    I love the colors of your scarf!


  30. Jodi

    Craziness! I’m working on a scarf in that pattern right now, too, and I just spotted someone else in blogland doing likewise. I’m loving the pattern, but I wish I had chosen as beautiful a yarn as you did! I’m using Adrienne Vittadini’s Nadia.

  31. Jenna

    Very pretty, I love how multicolored yarns look in that pattern. It makes it look so much more complicated. The swap sounds like lots of fun!

  32. Amber

    I just got my scarf pal too! I am excited to get started. I bought my yarn and have my pattern so I just am waiting for the yarn to arrive! I love the way that the my so called scarf looks. I bought some yarn from Brooks Farm at MSWF to make one. If I were your pal, I would LOVE that scarf! :) I love the deep autumn colors.

  33. The Purloined Letter

    Great pattern and a beautiful scarf!

  34. Michelle

    I would definitetly LOVE that scarf! I have to go get my Block of the month from my local quilt/yarn shop and they carry Manos…might have to pick up the yarm. Sure I could look in my stash but ya know!

  35. Gracie

    Love the scarf! I can’t believe scarf wearing weather is getting close, esp when it is still in the 90s here!

  36. Dorothy B

    Did your ISE 3 swap partner contact you yet? Mine did and Cynthia posted that they should have made contact by Monday at the latest and to email her if they haven’t.

  37. Annarella

    Very pretty Lolly! I love your new profile picture, you look gorgeous :)


  38. Esther

    I am continuously in awe of you – my gosh!! Where/how do you find the time to do ALL that you do??? The scarf is beautiful (of course like all of your projects) but I congratulate you on your weight loss and determination/consistency in your healthy lifestyle and for your blog which is a must read for me for sure and of course all your projects and inspiration – you go girl!!

  39. Cara

    I’ve been eyeing that knitpicks fair isle as well – but I agree on the yarn. There’s just something not right there. And as much as I hate to admit it, in my experience, you get what you pay for.

    We could always buy the pattern and use different yarn, no?

  40. sarah

    Ooh, Project Runway! I do a rant on the episodes each week on my blog, hehe…

    Loving that scarf, am totally going to make one of those! Love the colors you chose, too. : )

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