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Socktoberfest Questions
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Socktoberfest Questions

When I returned home on Sunday evening, I was so surprised to see the scores of Socktoberfest participants!  Thank you for your response to this project! I am truly surprised that there has been such a large response in such a short time.  It will be a great celebration of socks come October 1st!

There are several questions swirling around Socktoberfest, so I thought I would take a moment to clear them up…

What is Socktoberfest?

A very simple concept with very few restrictions – Socktoberfest is a month-long celebration of socks.  It is a simple celebration of the accessories that we make as crafters to cover our feet.  Think of it more as a festival than a knitalong – people who love something come together and celebrate it!

SarahJanet made a great analogy on the Knitty forums: "You knit socks for yourself, other people, whomever. It's not like a TRADITIONAL knitalong… It's like Octoberfest, right? You drink beer all year round, but during Octoberfest you drink beer with other people and celebrate the whole concept of beer."  Perfect!

Who can participate in Socktoberfest?

You love socks?  You're in.  Everyone is welcome, whether or not you have a blog, or a digital camera.  Come one, come all.  If you do not have a blog, but would like to show off your work for others to see, think about joining the Socktoberfest Flickr group.  You can upload your pictures and everyone with a Flickr account can see and comment on them!  You can join us anytime during the month of October.

What will happen during Socktoberfest?

The celebration features an ever-growing list of sock-related prizes that every participant is eligible for, and my blog will become Socktoberfest central – I will interview desigers, review sock books and yarns, update and link to your sock progress, and will link to full-length tutorials that participants prepare.  Do you have a special sock making technique that you would like to share with others?  Please let me know if you are willing to prepare a photo tutorial to share with the other Socktoberists!

Is Socktoberfest a sock swap or an exchange?

The original concept behind Socktoberfest did not involve a swap or an exchange.  However, like Project Spectrum (my last big project) I would be happy to endorse side projects that crop up around Socktoberfest.  Project Spectrum engendered several color-themed swaps – feel free to start a Socktoberfest swap if you are so inclined!  I will gladly direct anyone to it. I cannot personally add that component to this project as I already have enough admin work to keep me busy!

Along those same lines, I would love to see a charity project that Socktoberfest can help with – participants can choose to take part in a charity that makes socks for babies, children, etc. (I thought babies or children would be faster than regular adult-sized socks, thus allowing participants to make more for the charity)  If you have a "pet" project that sounds like a good fit for Socktoberfest, please let me know by leaving a comment to this post.  I will post links for charity donations.

Are there restrictions, rules, or guidelines to follow for Socktoberfest?

I am a liberal project leader – I don't like to get bogged down with rules, so things are pretty free around here.  Some participants are using Socktoberfest for stashbusting purposes, using up that beautiful sock yarn that you picked up back in 1995.  Others are planning to use Socktoberfest to finally finish up sock projects that have lingered too long on the needles and hooks.  Still others plan to spin or dye their own sock yarn and use this to make a truly special pair of socks.  Some Socktoberists use the month to make quick holiday socks for family and friends.  It is truly up to you! 

The festival starts on October 1st, but you can definitely start on your socks now!  You do not have to finish your socks by October 31st either, although the Socktoberfest blog coverage will end at the close of the month. Socktoberfest can easily be combined with other projects and knitalongs – and there is no such thing as "not having time for Socktoberfest"… if you plan on even looking at your sock needles this month, join up!

The only guideline that I have for Socktoberfest: be an encourager! Participants range from first-time sock knitters to sock designers and experts. Lend a helping hand or an encouraging comment. Take a few minutes to check out the progress reports that I post and let someone know that you saw their handiwork.  If you know the answer to their question, write them a comment or an email. Encouragement goes a long way – and you may even make a new friend!

There you have it – the rules, such as they are.  So…


All of these people have already done so!

**Thank you so much for the button contributions for this year's Socktoberfest.  There are 8 separate buttons to choose and all are so great!  Here is a little preview:

Socktoberfest Buttons

You can see them all here – choose one to download!


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72 Responses

  1. Kelly

    Mwa ha ha!

    I have dyed he wool, picked the patterns, busted the stash…

    And on Wednesday I will set about converting my SnB group to the joys of socks.

    It’s not a festival, it’s a revolution!

  2. Cookie


    /runs off to pick a button

  3. Bonne Marie

    WHEE! Just the kick-in-the-pants I need to get my second sock done so I can make some more!

    Fall ain’t sweater weather, it’s SocktoberFest Weather.

  4. Amanda Cathleen

    How will I ever pick just one button? They are all so cute!!! ; )

  5. April

    I love Socktoberfest! YAAY socks socks socks woooo hoooo – but now I want a beer and it’s not even noon. don’t have any anyway – but I DO have sock yarn! yaay socks!

  6. Erin

    I haven’t signed up yet, but I already have about three pairs of socks I’d like to make (one already on the needles!) Sign me up hun!

  7. Jenna

    Looks like many, many people are raring to go with this celebration. L, you know how to bring them in. I have some ideas that can hopefully work for Socktoberfest, wee!

  8. Jami Howard

    hiiiiiiiiiiii! :) i miss you guys!! i think sarah and i need to go back to MD asap!! yes? yes! much love

  9. Julie


  10. Denise

    There is so many sock patterns I want to try, October don’t last long enough. Gladly, I can use 2 buttons, one for my French blog and one for my English blog !

  11. libraryliz

    I will be stashbusting & holiday knitting during Socktoberfest, b/c I didn’t do enough of that this summer. I’ll probably be making a pair of socks for my dad for Christmas, and perhaps making socks for my 3 nieces & 1 nephew. They’re all under 7 so the socks should be short & sweet! Can’t wait!

  12. heather

    I’m stashbusting myself. from last stitches….mmmm comfy socks. mountain colors perfect for fall!

  13. jessica~

    Good golly Ms. Lolly! Dem is a lot o’socktober participants!

    Looks like fuuuuuunnnnnn…

  14. Gracie

    Yay for Socktoberfest! One of my favorite times of the year!

  15. Deb

    I love the creativity you bring to your projects! I have a few socks I’m wanting to work on in October–including the Sock Wars. It will be interesting to see these two projects intersect.

  16. Stephanie

    I was afraid to join last year but wowee, I definitely jumped on a bandwagon this time! I’m so excited to be apart of this! Thanks!

  17. Madeline

    I have never knit a pair of socks. I’ve always been intimidated. MAYBE I’ll get myself to do it for Socktoberfest!

  18. Zarah

    Great buttons – thanks for hosting such a fun event!

  19. Lazuli

    Those are awesome buttons! I can’t wait for the ‘fest to start!

  20. Laura

    “socktoberists.” i love it.

  21. Dee

    Love the buttons! Can’t wait to get started!

    Madeline – Once you make your first sock …you will be a convert. It’s almost as much fun as s*x and chocolate. ;-)

  22. Norma

    I didn’t see my name on the list, but I mentioned it a while ago….I’m going to play, too. It was my first-ever successful knitalong, so I gotta. I’m going to FINISH some pairs — that’s my goal.

  23. Norma

    Oh, silly me, I did not see the signup form which makes it SO EASY!! That is awesome!

  24. rachel

    Just wanted to say thanks for hosting this fun event! I can’t wait to pick out the yarn and pattern I’m going to knit!! I’m all signed up and ready to go! Now I just have to wait for October….

  25. jen.

    I just signed up and clicked over to look at all the participants….oh my goodness! That is so awesome!

  26. catherine

    i’m so excited! already have my pairs planned! yeh lolly and socktober fest! hugs!

  27. Laurie in Maine

    Can we special request a tutorial? :)

    I’ve been sock knitting since 12/05 and want to try Meg Swansen’s “Loving swath/Arch shaping” sock bottom. (Meg Swansen’s KNITTING) It seems wrong? The left side by rnd 5 doesn’t seem to be spreading out correctly. What am I doing wrong? ;)

    I have Barbara Walker books 1 & 2 and plan to try designing another pair using bk 2 during Socktoberfest. Currently working on a pair of knee-hi’s from 2 stitches in bk 1 but I’ve given up on the fitted arch on this pair.

  28. liz

    Oooh! Add me to the list, please!

  29. Amber

    I am looking forward to it. Thanks Lolly! ;)

  30. Jennie Lindberg

    I love socks…
    Please, do add me to the list!

  31. Patty

    Yah Rah!

    This is going to be so much fun! Thanks Lolly!

  32. Chris

    I love your no-pressure alongs. :)

  33. Chrissy

    Well, Karen & I are working on a very socky charity project right now – I’ve got a sock pattern that I’m selling from my blog to raise funds for Karen’s upcoming Diabetes Walk (she has type 1). Every red cent will be going to help fund diabetes research, and we’ve raised over $300 so far. I’ve also heard so many stories about how people have been affected by diabetes – it’s just incredible how just about everyone is impacted in some way by this disease (I had no idea). Anyway, Karen’s walk is in mid-October, but I’d be most happy to extend the deadline for full donation to the end of Socktoberfest.

  34. The Purloined Letter

    I recently found out about a charity-in-the-works: a place to donate singleton socks! Details here: http://thepurloinedletter.blogspot.com/2006/09/singleton-socks-etc.html

  35. tori

    I have only ever knit two pairs of socks. The first was for me and turned out awful! They were huge and yucky (but I still have them). I just recently knit a pair of socks for my son, and they turned out great, but the yarn I use is “itchy” to him so he won’t wear them. This is just the push I need to try again to make myself some socks.

  36. Anastacia

    I signed up! I just wanted to plug again CIC – http://www.childrenincommon.org. Please make a pair or two of kid sized socks (toddler socks are usually the smallest size needed) and send them!!

  37. KnittyOtter

    SO COOL! I signed up and have a button up too. I made a Pumpkin Button for it as they are so October to me. *L*

  38. Kristen

    I would be interested in participating in a side event to make children’s socks. If anyone is organizing such a thing, please let me know! Regardless, I can’t wait to get started!

  39. Pensguys

    Can some give me a tutorial in getting one of the buttons for my blog?

    I signed up and have started my sock already because I have my own deadline for Oct 15 (or I can push it to Oct. 25).

  40. Paula460

    I was really afraid of socks last june… then, the firts pair come… and the second…and the third… and now… I’m celebrating Socktoberfest!!!
    what a great idea!

  41. Koukuttaja

    I’d like to participate, too! And huge thanks to you for organizing this!

  42. Kathy

    Sounds like great fun! Sign me up please!!
    Kathy in Iowa

  43. Monica

    I would love to join, I knit socks but blogg in Swedish, is it ok? Great idea! Join me in, pleeeeeeaaaaasssssse *smile*

  44. jacey (from  insubordiknit)

    yay! i just finished my first pair of Socktoberfest socks, because nobody says you can’t start drinking early!

  45. Chris aka btnsrmine

    Thank You for the Push!
    Purchased sock yarn 6 months ago, Determined to learn.
    My local yarn shop owner had an opening for class in socks on 2 circs yesterday…only one other showed up…virtually a private lesson.
    Wonderful encouragement all around!
    Stoked & ready to GO!
    chrissie p in MI
    buttons live in clean button Baskets

  46. Outi

    Hi! I would love to participate! I have a lot of sock yarn waiting…

  47. Lone Knitter

    Yay! A celebration of socks! I can’t think of anything better this autumn. Thanks so much for organizing this so we sock knitters can feel that great sense of community and share our love of socks.

  48. TracyKM

    I’m new at this whole blog thing….how do I download one of those cute buttons?!

  49. AV Knits

    Forgive me–I’m a new blogger. I don’t understand how to get a button onto my blog. And I don’t know what it means to steal bandwidth! Help?

  50. Roladie

    I’m also in the “new blogger” catagory and am trying to figure out the button deal. But socks are more important!! I’ll get it somehow!

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