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Report Card
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Report Card

I know I am not the only one.  I hated the time of year when report cards were issued in grade school.  My teachers always liked me and gave me good marks – but the thing I feared the most?  The comment section on the back of the card.  They always said the same thing:

"Lauren is a very bright student, and a joy to have in class.  However, she talks to her peers and is easily distracted." 

Ahem. The worst part was that I had to get my parents to sign the report card, just to prove that they had actually seen it. (Forgery did cross my mind…)  Of course they knew I was loquacious Lolly.  Of course they knew that I was easily distracted.  They lived with me.  I prefer to think that I was developing good communication skills, and that I was a good multi-tasker…

I am still a talkative girl – but I think it has tempered a bit.  I still am easily distracted… but sometimes I know that "staying the course" is really best because the end result will be so sweet.

Take the Pomegranate Hoodie:  I really want to cast on for some other things… but I really want a finished sweater too.  So, I worked on her non-stop during my weekend road trip to Tennessee.  Sleeve 2 banged out in a few hours, and then the seaming.

Modeling unfinished Pom Hoodie

I kept trying her on at various stages of seaming… first time doing set-in sleeves, so I wanted to ensure a proper fit. I am happy with it! 

I have been working on this hoodie since March.  I started it as part of the red month for Project Spectrum, and it is still on the needles.  Just as a reminder, I am using Woolarina Handpaints laceweight yarn (it is so great!)  I thought the color resembled a pomegranate, hence the name of the hoodie (sometimes shortened to Pom Hoodie).  I am using the Hoodie pattern from the Knitting to Go Deck by Kris Percival.

September is officially the Project Spectrum Clean Sweep month, and I want to finish this sweater, as well as my Sesame cardigan.  I hope I can make it before the end of the month! 

Getting closer...

Sleeve 2 was set in and sewn up while watching last week's Project Runway episode. (wasn't crazy about that twist…) Since this picture I have finished both side seams, and have picked up the neck stitches for the hood attachment.

The hood is completely vestigial.  Purely for aesthetics.  In a rain storm, I would still be soaking wet.  In a gust of wind, my ears would still freeze.  There is no point to it whatsoever.  It crossed my mind to just leave it off.  What do you think? (See what the original pattern looks like here) Let me know, because I can't decide.  (You can add indecisiveness to the list of my "endearing" character traits, right beside short attention span and procrastination…)

Just because I needed a little change of pace while sitting in the car for approximately 16 hours round trip, I also started working on "My So-Called Scarf" pattern in the delicious new Malabrigo for my Scarf Exchange pal. 

Scarf knitting on the road

My pal actually reads my blog (it may be you and you don't even know it!) and she lives in a colder climate, so I though the wool would be a great way to go.  She listed green among her favorite colors, and I think this fits the bill very well.  There are slight blueish green variegations in the yarn.  I had heard reviews about Malabrigo but had never seen it.  I ordered it online to give it a try, and I can't say enough good things about it.  It is so soft – that is definitely its edge over the other kettle-dyed Uruguayan wools on the market (and I have used several: Manos, Rio de la Plata, and Handpaintedyarn)  I hope it continues to hold up well, I don't want any pilling or fuzzing on my pal's scarf! 

Can I get these things done before the end of the month?  It appears that some six seven eight hundred people are devoting themselves to SOCKS next month, so I better 'get a move on'!  ;)

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91 Responses

  1. Cara

    You look fantastic, Lolly. Just fantastic. An inspiration to me and the 20 pounds I’d just love to part with.

    Hey – wanted to let you know that sometime tonight I’m going to be posting a contest – a SOCK YARN contest – in honor of the New Socktoberfest. I’m clearing out some stash – so it will hopefully be good. ;-)

  2. Dee

    I love the pattern on the scarf. Sooo pretty.

    I vote YES on the hood, if only for fashion’s sake.

  3. Jenn

    I was really hoping to finish all my PS projects by the end of the month, but it appears that I was a little, ahem, ambitious!

    Love the Pomegranate Hoodie! But I do think that, personally, I would just leave the hood off it it. I’m not a fan of hoods and they seem to just sit there and get in the way and wad themselves up under my coat.

  4. kim

    i would leave the hood off as well. i don’t like tops with high necks and hoods… at least on me it always feels like the hood is pulling the neck up higher and choking me

  5. Debby

    If it were a cardigan, I’d keep the hood, but since it’s a pullover, I don’t think you need it.

    The green scarf is very pretty! I think your pal will really like it.

  6. Claudia

    First let me knonw how fantastic you are looking these days! :-) Keep up the fab work, girl! And oh, that malabrigo scarf is coming out stunning! Busy bee, you! :-)

  7. Sandy

    OMG! You look great! You’re going to inspire me!

  8. Mintyfresh

    Damn, you are so skinny Lolly! As for the hoodie, when you asked about the hood I was like “what hood?” despite your calling it a Hoodie. Anyway, when I looked at the photo I must have always seen it like that cowl-neck pattern from . . . Weekend Knitting, I believe. Anyway, I for some reason never realized it was a hood. I’d go no hood, personally, because the tailoring on the main sweater is so nice, I’d want to keep the crisper look.

  9. Gracie

    Beautiful hoodie! It looks so great on you even though it isn’t all the way seamed!

  10. Allegra

    You look great Lolly!! I would leave the hoodie off. The sweater looks great as it is, and now without having to do the hoodie, you’ll definitely finish the sesame cardigan before Sept. ends!
    Mmmmmmalabrigo is divine. I’m sure your pal will love it!

  11. gleek

    you look so AWESOME!!! look at you! :) you are really kickin’ butt in the weight loss category. i took one look at that pictures and said, “is that really lolly?!” :) fabulous!

    as for the hoodie, i think that it’s cute and if you have the time to do it, do it! but maybe if you want to finish both sweaters, you should switch to sesame for a bit and see how much time you have left after finishing that? i don’t know. i’m also pretty indecisive sometimes.

  12. Kathy

    Yeah – look how skinny you are! I was reading the post on Bloglines and didn’t see the whole photo – I thought since you were talking about report cards, it was a pic of you from your childhood!

    Handpaintedyarn and Malabrigo are the same company, the latter being the merino wool version of the former. I am glad I bought a lot of it back when he sold it all on eBay.

  13. Ann

    Wow – you look great! Your cheekbones are about to poke through! :)

    I love the color of the pom hoodie. My vote would be to leave the hood off — that way the sweater will be more versatile. It looks like as a scoopneck, you could dress it up or down. But I’ve always been more practical than whimsical.

    (My report card always said I was a good student but couldn’t sit still. Guess I never outgrew that…..)

  14. Coleen

    I’m voting for the hood.
    You look amazing and I miss you!

  15. Kim

    Oooh, that scarf looks NICE! Sweater is looking good too!

  16. heather

    no nono – do the hoodie…it’s soooo cute! :) well boss your knitting around as you will m’dear…It’ll look fabby!!

    I love that yarn…you know :)

    That totally looks like Pixie’s report card…


    only she hums and looks about and fiddles with her hair/pencil/or shoe.

  17. elizabooth

    Now, did you choose this pattern because you particularly liked the hoodie or just because you wanted a nice gauzy sweater? I personally am not crazy about hoods on non-outerwear garments — they get bulky under a coat and make me feel like I have a hunchback (your posture is probably better than mine though). But, I think you should go with your original intentions for the pattern — if you were drawn to the hood, don’t quit now just because you want to move on. If you like the sweater as is, stick a fork in it.

    And I second the sentiment that you’re looking great! I think beautiful ladies (and men for that matter) come in all shapes and sizes, but your determination to get to a point where you personally feel gorgeous and healthy is admirable. You’re doing amazingly well!

  18. lyn

    Wow! Are you still taking progress shots of your weight loss?
    You are looking fabulous!

    OOHH…i have some malabrigo my mom got me last year that i think i MUST knit “my so-called scarf” with now! yay! thanks for the idea!

  19. Jennifer

    Lovely hoodie!

    Malabrigo is very yummy. I have some in the old stash, but haven’t broken it out yet.

    600 participants! Hoo boy! You’re going to be busy!

  20. Saun

    If you have yarn to finish the hoodie then I say finish. Unless there is enough to doe something else with. Hoodies are more about a look and less about the fact that you’ll actually use them.

    Isn’t the Malabrigo nice. It might pill a little but I think it’s worth it.

  21. Vickie

    You look great in that picture. All the gym time has paid off big time. I say make the hood it looks cute.

  22. gray la gran

    lolly, you are looking mighty fine in that picture! all your hard work is certainly paying off :)
    now, about the hood … eeeh. not so exciting. i guess because i think a hood should be functional. and i think the garment would be more versatile w/o a hood … with a hood it says ‘casual’, w/o a hood, you could possibly wear it with a satin skirt and knee high boots with a pretty scarf …. maybe you could use the leftovers for a hat?!
    when i was a kid, my report cards ALWAYS said “talks too much!” i even had one teacher move me to the back of the classroom, far from the other kids (mean teacher!) and i would just talk to myself.
    back to the hoodie … i think i just have a person thing against them, though i do like the look of a hoodie, just not on me. i’ve always had too much hair to fit inside of a hood (well, up until it got really hot this summer and i had most of it whacked off).
    whaaa … i’m feeling ‘under the weather’ and seeing you looking all fit makes me want to go out and exercise … but i’m afraid with this crud that i’d just end up face down on the sidewalk!

  23. Cookie

    I vote hood.

  24. mary

    The hood is a definite yes! Gasp… I love the the pattern on your green scarf! What’s the pattern you’re using. I have some teal malabrigo from my One Skein Secret Pal that I haven’t knit up yet and I want to make a scarf with it. In fact, my last week’s obsession was trying to find a nice complementary color to the teal malabrigo because I wouldn’t be able to find the same color anyway. Do you know how hard it is to find a color that goes with this teal???

  25. Nonnahs

    I love hoodies, but I say leave it off if you’re not really feelin’ it. It doesn’t need it (still looks cute without it) and if you go sans hood, you’ll be done that much sooner in order to CO for the other projects you’re itching to start. I know, I’m an enabler. ;)

  26. Skylar

    My dear, you are looking simply marvy! I am so extremely proud of you!

    As far as the hoodie, I would go ahead and knit the hood. It adds the extra oomph to complete it, IMHO.

    I am so jazzed about Socktoberfest! And thanks for the Flickr invite as well! And, the comments on the blog!

  27. Karen

    I like the hood and say leave it. I think it adds a nice touch to the sweater.

  28. Theresa

    I like the hood; it adds a little extra something. But it is a beautiful sweater as is too. And it looks great on you!

    The green scarf is soo pretty. What a good color. Lucky pal!

    I got some blue malabrigo on my honeymoon and agree about how soft it is. And the colors are scrumptious. I have four skeins, about 800 yards, and can’t decide what to do with it.

  29. twig

    I always got those “Very bright, but talks too much” comments, too. *sigh*

    If it were my hoodie, it probably would be a “no hoodie” instead. But that’s just me. If that’s one of the bits that drew you to the pattern, I’d go with it, or you’ll be disappointed.

  30. April

    It’s GORGEOUS! No wonder you love that color, it’s perfect for your complexion.

    As for being talkative, I’ll quote one of my grade school teacher’s comment to my mom, “She’s very smart, but she just won’t be still. She walks around the classroom with her purse on her arm to see what everyone else is doing.”

    I have no recollection of this – pleading the 5th or whatever – but I think it’s the perfect personality for blogging, right?

  31. maryse

    you do look great. i thought at first it was one of your sisters wearing the sweater.

    so do you know when i can’t decide? i flip a coin. and usually what happens is, i’m ok with whatever the coin tells me but most often than not, i’m not happy. so i pick the other choice, which is probably what i wanted to pick in the first place but couldn’t commit.

    so flip a coin…see what the coin tells you about your real feelings about the hood.

    finally, i joined soctoberfest. why the hell not. everyone else is playing.

  32. maryse

    by the way, i’m also easily distracted. and got into trouble as a kid for talking to my neighbor in class. ;)

  33. hillary

    I wasn’t thrilled about the Project Runway twist either – thankfully it didn’t really amount to much.
    Sadly, I’m also not excited by the hood. I like the Pom hoodless. I think that, with your new shape, the sweater will look great.

  34. Jody

    Isn’t the Malabrigo wonderful! I love it.

    I am working on a multidirectional scarf using Manos right now and I wish I had more Malabrigo to use instead. The only shop I saw that has it is Frivolous Fibers in St Michaels MD. Definitely worth the trip if you want to see a new shop!

    The Hoodie looks great too!

  35. Leah

    I say loose the hoodie! It looks great without it!

    Oh & don’t even get me started on malabrigo!! I’m in love with that stuff!!

  36. Amy

    I like the hood. It give the sweater a sexy – sporty look.


  37. Isela

    I’ll say hood–I love hoods, it gives a sporty look. And girl–you are looking awesome!!

  38. Melanie

    I don’t usually comment, just a lurking reader most of the time. But I just had to pipe in and say that you, madam, look AMAZING! What progress you’ve made! Holy crap! Congrats, I know you must be feeling like a million bucks!

  39. Jeanie

    Hi! I like the hood-it adds some spark to the sweater (great color BTW). AND…..you look so great. What an inspiration! Keep up the good, hard work-now I need to get on the band wagon:)

  40. Vicki

    That really is a perfect fit – it’s going to be fabulous. I’d leave the hood off – why bother when it looks great without it! ;-)

  41. jessica~

    Hoodie looks great and so do you!!

  42. Karyn

    I like the hood….it looks so sporty! You are so skinny!! You look great!

  43. ellie

    You’re looking great!

  44. Erin

    Leave the hood off. It might look silly with it on. I have to agree with previous commenters, I hardly recognized you! You’ve gotten so skinny and you do look fabulous (but then, I always thought you looked fabulous)

  45. Amanda

    Wow, look at how much weight you have lost! I am so impressed (with the sweater too, it’s great). I wish I could find a way to get that much weight loss for myself.

  46. melissa

    hoods are so hot right now. i say keep it! also, they are never meant to really be worn. it’s just one of those stupid fashion things!

    p.s. you look great in that picture!

  47. rachel

    Your hoodie is looking so cute!! I can’t wait to see her finished! I am in search of some great solid sock yarn in autumn colors…. any suggestions of soft wool yarn you have used and loved wearing and knitting? I have only ever knit a few pairs so I have no idea what to use. I want to use something really nice though because it may be the only other pair I knit for a long time! =)

  48. Jami Howard

    omgosh Lauren, you are SO beautiful…and i want that hoodie, p.s. :) oh and tell little momma fergie that she should comment on my manateenee blog so i feel loved…:) i hope you are doing wonderful..you sure do LOOK WONDERFUL pretty pretty lady :) much love, jami.

  49. Kim

    I just wanted to say that you look amazing!

  50. megan philistine

    YES to the hood!! That said, I must confess that I have a personal hoodie-lust problem. My view on life is that one can never have too many hoodies in their wardrobe! The sweater is super cute!

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