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Report Card
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Report Card

I know I am not the only one.  I hated the time of year when report cards were issued in grade school.  My teachers always liked me and gave me good marks – but the thing I feared the most?  The comment section on the back of the card.  They always said the same thing:

"Lauren is a very bright student, and a joy to have in class.  However, she talks to her peers and is easily distracted." 

Ahem. The worst part was that I had to get my parents to sign the report card, just to prove that they had actually seen it. (Forgery did cross my mind…)  Of course they knew I was loquacious Lolly.  Of course they knew that I was easily distracted.  They lived with me.  I prefer to think that I was developing good communication skills, and that I was a good multi-tasker…

I am still a talkative girl – but I think it has tempered a bit.  I still am easily distracted… but sometimes I know that "staying the course" is really best because the end result will be so sweet.

Take the Pomegranate Hoodie:  I really want to cast on for some other things… but I really want a finished sweater too.  So, I worked on her non-stop during my weekend road trip to Tennessee.  Sleeve 2 banged out in a few hours, and then the seaming.

Modeling unfinished Pom Hoodie

I kept trying her on at various stages of seaming… first time doing set-in sleeves, so I wanted to ensure a proper fit. I am happy with it! 

I have been working on this hoodie since March.  I started it as part of the red month for Project Spectrum, and it is still on the needles.  Just as a reminder, I am using Woolarina Handpaints laceweight yarn (it is so great!)  I thought the color resembled a pomegranate, hence the name of the hoodie (sometimes shortened to Pom Hoodie).  I am using the Hoodie pattern from the Knitting to Go Deck by Kris Percival.

September is officially the Project Spectrum Clean Sweep month, and I want to finish this sweater, as well as my Sesame cardigan.  I hope I can make it before the end of the month! 

Getting closer...

Sleeve 2 was set in and sewn up while watching last week's Project Runway episode. (wasn't crazy about that twist…) Since this picture I have finished both side seams, and have picked up the neck stitches for the hood attachment.

The hood is completely vestigial.  Purely for aesthetics.  In a rain storm, I would still be soaking wet.  In a gust of wind, my ears would still freeze.  There is no point to it whatsoever.  It crossed my mind to just leave it off.  What do you think? (See what the original pattern looks like here) Let me know, because I can't decide.  (You can add indecisiveness to the list of my "endearing" character traits, right beside short attention span and procrastination…)

Just because I needed a little change of pace while sitting in the car for approximately 16 hours round trip, I also started working on "My So-Called Scarf" pattern in the delicious new Malabrigo for my Scarf Exchange pal. 

Scarf knitting on the road

My pal actually reads my blog (it may be you and you don't even know it!) and she lives in a colder climate, so I though the wool would be a great way to go.  She listed green among her favorite colors, and I think this fits the bill very well.  There are slight blueish green variegations in the yarn.  I had heard reviews about Malabrigo but had never seen it.  I ordered it online to give it a try, and I can't say enough good things about it.  It is so soft – that is definitely its edge over the other kettle-dyed Uruguayan wools on the market (and I have used several: Manos, Rio de la Plata, and Handpaintedyarn)  I hope it continues to hold up well, I don't want any pilling or fuzzing on my pal's scarf! 

Can I get these things done before the end of the month?  It appears that some six seven eight hundred people are devoting themselves to SOCKS next month, so I better 'get a move on'!  ;)

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91 Responses

  1. Kim

    I’ve been looking forward to seeing your Pom Hoodie WITH hood! I have that pattern too and have been thinking about starting it. The hood seems to add a cute touch and a nice balance to the sweater. You could go crazy and knit the hood separately with button holes and add some cute buttons for it around the neck of the sweater, sort of like little kids’ winter jackets with removable hoods. I’m not sure if the yarn is sturdy enough for that, though. Have fun finishing, whatever you decide.

  2. pinky

    1. Yes on the hood; I like the way they make the neckline drape. 2. I am so impressed with your new shape — gorgeous! 3. It is better that you are loquacious, because you have such a lovely voice. It was one of the most surprising pleasures of meeting you at MDSW.

  3. Dorothy B

    You are looking fabulous! Great job on that.

    As for the sweater, I wouldn’t bother with the hood. I think the sweater looks great without it. If you change your mind later, you can always pick up stitches and add one on.

  4. KnitPastis

    I know what you mean trying to stay the track and finish a sweater! You look so good Girl!

  5. Katie

    Hi Lolly! I think that I like the pomegranate sweater better without the hood. Especially seeing as it really has no function whatsoever.

    I just joined Socktoberfest and I am looking forward to it lots! I also hope you decide to do another Project Spectrum, that was really cool. I joined that one late though so I missed most of it. I’d love to do it again, it was nice.

  6. Zarah

    The pom hoodie is coming along nicely. I love the idea of the hood even though I would never wear it – but then again if it’s MY knitting time I’m talking about, I might leave it off. Will it make the collar look funky if you do?

    I love the My So-Called Scarf pattern – it looks great in that Malabrigo!

  7. Moni

    Lolly! your Pom hoodie is going to be great! And you are a skinny minnie :) you look great!

    I love that so-called scarf pattern. It has a really nice woven look that I like.

  8. isel

    Wow, Lolly! You look like a completely different person. Your face has changed so much with the weight loss. It’s hard to believe that’s you. Great job!

    I love how the hoodie is coming along. And I love Malabrigo and green shade you picked. Consider washing with a tiny bit of glycerin to avoid pilling.

  9. Deb

    I love the sweater and you look mahvelous!! I think no hoodie, but that’s just a growing personal preference. I actually like the way hoodies look and I think the original design really works, but I have to agree with what so many other people have said…I think hoods get in the way under coats, I never use them and they tend to pull just enough that they can be uncomfortable. I also think the sweater would be more versatile, and could be dressed up so smartly if the hood was left off. Either way you decide, it’s going to be a gorgeous sweater, and you’ll look just smashing!

  10. DeeAnn

    Love the sweater, it’s going to be very flattering on you especially in that color :)

    Now I am also curious as to isel’s advice on washing with glycerin to prevent pilling??

  11. Kathy

    You look great — just fab! And I love the pomegranite hoodie — so cute!

  12. Rossana

    Hey, Miss Lolly! You are lookin’ mighty slim ‘n trim! Hey, when do I get to hug you again?? >>virtual hugs

  13. JessaLu

    Funny, my daughter has gotten almost that same sentence written on every one of her report cards ;o)

    I say keep the hood…

  14. Wanda

    I’m against the hood myself! I’m so happy that you are working on Pom Hoodie again. I’d go sans the hood and seam er up, finish the neck and call it good! And move along to Sesame!

  15. Debi

    I think you should make the hoodie — most hoodies are more style than function anyway and it’s a cute look!

    I love the scarf, I’m sure you pal will too.

    You were always beautiful but you’re looking very trim and lovely!

  16. Kelly

    Malabrigo is one of my favorites. There’s somthing so soft and comforting about that yarn. That’s a really pretty green.

  17. Mom

    Hello my “loquacious Lol”! I think you will enjoy the sweater either way but the hood will add even more interest and make the neckline drape nicely.

    BTW, my lovely, you were just doing what came naturally to you all those years ago. I, too, was a “visitor” in class. My mom must have been beside herself because I was so much like my dad. She, most likely, was the model student.

    Oh well, it just proves, “what goes around, comes around”. I love you!

  18. Amber

    Great color for the scarf. I vote a big yes for the hood.

  19. Miss Dottie

    I love the pomegranate hoodie! So cute. And I love that you took the photo in what looks like work-out gear! Because you do so much of that and the efforts are showing.

    I’ve been working out five days a week and clearly I need to bump it up a bit after looking at your great results from doubling up workouts!

    Thanks for the inspiration.

    Oh, and how funny that you should start that scarf. I just bought some yarn to do that pattern myself!

  20. Miss Dottie

    Oh and I’d love to read an update on your Weigh Down blog. It looks like you’ve had a total break through from that plateau to say the least!

  21. christine

    Lolly – the sweater looks great! I can relate to the report card issue – I always got TALKS TOO MUCH……….

  22. Dragonfly Judy

    I was always qwuiet in school, but my DD (12 yo) is a TALKER! She always gets the “talks too much / disrupts class / needs to be quiet” sort of notes on her report cards, poor thing. Me, I’m saving to send her to law school, because I figure she can talk the opposition into agreeing…

  23. Sarah

    I vote knit the hood – it’ll set this sweater apart. I almost never wear the hoods of my sweaters/jackets/sweatshirts up, but they still feel a little extra cozy around the neck, which I love.

    Oh, and hooray for Malabrigo! I’d like an entire bodysuit of that stuff. Maybe just a big sack with sleeves (and a hood) like they have for newborn babies.

  24. Lil Sarah

    look at you, you stud….I want a hoodie:( just like big sister!

  25. Donna

    Hey girl! Ohhh…you know how I love that Pomegranite Hoodie. So glad to see it again! Fabulous color. I say go for the hood..love the hood. Very cute “other projects” too. I especially like the cabled cardi. hope to see you sometime soon! Maybe before 2007?! xo Donna

  26. prettyknit

    oh, you slim down a lot, just keep it that way, don’t over do it. The green scarf are looking good!

  27. liz

    i just finished ‘my so called scarf’ using some wonderful malabrigo yarn too!
    wow – great creative minds think alike!

    keep up the good work – and thanks for sharing your creations with us – everything looks great!

  28. Cheryl

    I’d go no hood, unless you want to make it a strictly casual sweater, but it looks more dressy. The Malabrigo scarf is gorgeous. I have that pattern saved to give it a try…

  29. carrie m

    i say leave off the hood — it’s sporty and cute, but the sweater looks great without it. (and you look great too!)

  30. Leslie

    I vote “yes” for the hood. I’m still searching for THE perfect zip front hoodie

  31. Nery

    Yes for the hood. I like the look of it. BTW, you look GREAT!!!! Good job!

  32. Amy Lu

    Lolly, wow! You are an inspiration, on all levels! Look at you! Look at your knitting! (Look at the number of people signed up for Socktoberfest! Almost 1000!)

    There is nothing you can’t do!!

  33. Jodie

    I’ve been wanting to do the “My So Called Scarf” for awhile. I have some handspun (the stuff on my blog banner) that I’m going to use for it. Once I finish plying it.

  34. Annarella

    Whilst I *love* hoods with a passion, I think I’d leave it off this sweater, I feel it’d add bulk without a real purpose… just my 2 p :)

    Btw, it’s looking fab!!

  35. Erin

    Hey Lolly, The Pomengranate Hoodie is looking great as are you, keep up the good work. I like the Pom sans hoodie. Can’t wait for Socktoberfest. I’ll be kicking it off Vegas-style!

  36. mary  lynn

    i wrote you a commet but I think I left it on an old blog, from a week ago, see if can find it. Love to MY “FAVORTIE NEICE”. AUNTIE!!!!!!!!

  37. mrspao

    I love the pomegranate hoodie :)

  38. meg

    OK, I check in on your site every now and again because, even though I don’t knit, I LOVE color. Can I just say that you look fantastic?! Your hard work is obvious; you must feel so healthy and good. I *might* finally feel inspired enough to start working out (again…oh yet again…) myself.

    Oh, the pomegranate hoodie? Excellent color. And as for being easily distracted? I can relate all too well. My sewing room is a screaming testament to that!

  39. Sangeeta

    I had those same comments written about me…”talkative!”

    My parents couldn’t quite understand b/c I never talked to them…

    …but hey…all’s well that ends well, I suppose.

    You look really fit..I have been watching your progress and am hoping to gleen some mojo off of you.

    Take care,

  40. Angelika

    I’ve seen a scarf like this before and always tried to figure out the pattern myself. Thanks for supplying the pattern, now I can finally try it myself (after the socks of course, sometime in november);)

  41. JoanFigs

    The green scarf looks amazing. I’ve started on one using the same pattern but with thinner wool and smaller needles. Somehow I’m getting a grove in it after every 6 stitches though. Any idea what I could be doing wrong?

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