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Open Sesame!
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Open Sesame!

Yeah, I have been waiting to use that post title since I decided to make this Sesame cardigan

Sesame Cardigan Simultaneous Fronts

I am working both front panels simultaneously.  I have sleeve one finished as well – I used it as a gauge swatch.  So, sleeve two, the back, and the pick-up stitches for the button band and collar still to go.  I think I can, I think I can.

Sesame Cardigan Simultaneous Fronts

What drew me to this sweater in the first place?  well, I wanted to stashbust some of the Lion Brand Cotton Ease that I hoarded last year when I heard about its discontinuation, but I was also drawn to the amazing buttons.  I just adore buttons!  These particular wooden buttons are from the local craft store, and are totally worth their slightly higher price tag ($1.25 a button!) to me – they are what drew me to the sweater in the first place!  I am thinking about dyeing them (or staining them?) a slightly darker wood color, as I could not find any others that were darker.  The light wood against the black knit fabric may be too jarring, or maybe not…  Thoughts?

Wooden Buttons

I started the Sesame cardigan in the Project Spectrum neutral month of August, and I couldn't resist the basic pattern.  Melissa did a great job designing this cardigan, it is truly a fashion staple that I can dress up or leave casual all year long.  As soon as I finish this one, it is hitting the streets – I already have outfits planned in my mind to match it.  You do that too, right?  Like a mental Fashion Plate series – top – pants/skirt – shoes.  I have thought about it all…

…like how it will match the new velvet sequined ballerina flats I got over the weekend in Tennessee!



PS–I flipped a coin like Maryse suggested – and I came up with "No Hood".  Those of you who lobbied for the hood made a good case, but I am happy with the hoodless decision – so the Pomegranate PULLOVER will make its debut tomorrow – stay tuned! :)

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44 Responses

  1. Emily

    Ooh, I LOVE your shoes! I’ve been looking for some good ballet flats and haven’t had much luck…Can’t wait to see the Pom Hoodie tomorrow :)

  2. Carson

    Oh it’s sooo good to see someone out in the blogosphere knitting in black! hurrah!
    lookin’ good so far.

  3. stephanie

    Do the buttons have a finish on them? If not you could use a wash (super watered down paint) of color to stain them but still keep the wood grain showing.

  4. Lani

    Your Sesame looks great. I am making the same cardigan…only wishing I had made mine in a solid color for quickness. Here’s a photo of my progress. (http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/7614/13/1600/sesame-card.1.jpg) I have the sleeves still to make and then the collar/buttonband.

    Good luck on your sesame. So far, looks fab! :)

  5. Nicole

    As above, if the wood is raw you easily could stain, or you could put a finish on them, like oil, polyurethane, etc. It will make the wood look alittle darker, and make the grain pop. Personally I think the light, natural wood will look really nice on the black knit fabric.

    PS – those shoes are really cute!

  6. ellie

    Oh I totally had that NKTOB fashion plates! So fun! That memory just made my day. Thanks!

  7. Moni

    I LOVED fashion plates when I was a kid. I think I even had a deluxe version of it I kinda still wish I had it! Maybe they will bring it back now that our generation is having kids :)

    Sesame is a really adorable cardi! I am always looking for good cardi patterns. I need cardigans in my wardrobe. I may just have to put this on my “things to someday knit in the future” list.

  8. Lisa

    Oh, how I loved my Fashion Plates! Many an hour was spent making “renderings” for future ensembles for Barbie et al! Thanks for the memories! And, the buttons? If they are untreated, you could try a coffee or tea dip to darken them! (I once “stained” a balsa wood floor on a set model with Sanka. Worked like a dream and smelled oh, so good!

  9. Erin

    Cute shoes! And I’m happy with the no hood decision!

  10. Becka

    Hoods are often over-rated. In hindsight I probably would not have knit the hood on my chocolate Mariah… I do plan my wardrobe around my knits; I just bought a new skirt to go with my knitted bodice =D

  11. Zarah

    You’re going to look so cute in your cardi and little ballet flats! Very trendy too, eh?

  12. Amanda Cathleen

    I love your shoes!!

  13. melissa

    you can do it! it’s going to look great with those shoes.

  14. PuppyMomma

    Love the shoes! Do not wear them around me or I may try to steal them. You wear an 8 right? Right?

  15. Isela

    I love your shoes :)

  16. Purl Needlemeyer

    I love the light wood against the black. Go for it.

  17. Dorothy B

    Very cute shoes. Looks like a very nice cardi. Black is so classic too.

    A quick and less chemical way to stain wood just a bit darker and bring out the richness is to rub in some soft beeswax. It will only work if there isn’t already a varnish or coating on them. You can find soft beeswax is little containers in most hardware or decorating stores. It will be labeled as Salad Bowl Wax or Finish. I use Clapham’s Beeswax Salad Bowl Finish for anything I make out of wood including knitting needles.

  18. Laura

    no advice to offer about your buttons, but must express DEEP ENVY at your black cotton-ease. still kicking myself for not bidding aggressively on some i saw on ebay a while back. :)

  19. Jennhx

    Very cute shoes! And thanks for the trip down memory lane… I just spent a good hour reading that Child of the 80s website… Now I do feel old! ;)

  20. Jennifer

    Those are the cutest shoes ever! About the buttons, There’s really no way to no until it’s time to attach them. I might go with something a bit darker, but they could work great.

  21. georgia

    oh my! those shoes…i think i’m in love.

  22. mrspao

    I hate to tell you that I tried to dye some buttons like that and it didn’t work very well. They are beautiful buttons and I’d use them to embellish something else.

  23. SarahJanet

    Oh, those shoes are to die for. Damn my bad feet that require arch support!

    People are always so impressed when you knit with black – I just finished a mostly black Tubey and my SnB was amazed that I was braving it. Good for you for ignoring its bad reputation! Your sweater is looking awesome – I may have to make that pattern.

  24. Theresa

    I would leave the buttons the color they are – I think it’ll be a great contrast.

  25. Jami Howard

    those shoes are tooo cute! :)

  26. hillary

    How funny that you mentioned Fashion Plates. My sister and I loved them as kids and a few years ago – during a raging attack of nostalgia – I bought 2 sets (for way too much) on ebay. I have the 70s and 80s version. I don’t actually use them (much) but they bring back good memories.

    By the way, I like the buttons and I think they’ll be great on the sweater. I love sharp contrast so I think they’ll be great as is but staining them sounds like a great idea too.

  27. Gracie

    Love the cardigan!! I’m always afraid to knit in black because I feel like I always have too much of it in my wardrobe! But, it is going to be so beautiful and a great basic!

  28. Glenna

    Gorgeous shoes! And I hope the cardi goes well with them :)

  29. Laura

    I had the Barbie fashion plates. I should call my mom RIGHT NOW and see if they’re still in the attic.

    Both you and Jenna need to stop showing such adorable shoes or my budget is going straight to hell!

  30. JessaLu

    Love the shoes!

  31. Leslie

    Your sweater looks beautiful! I like your idea of staining the buttons. Can’t wait to see it finished, along with the Pom non-hoodie.

  32. caro

    The buttons are great. I think you’re right though, a little bit darker would do the trick. Love the shoes!

  33. maya

    I am making sesame right now too. :-)

    I think the contrast of the wood buttons might look kind of cool on black, though it might also look sort of.. I dunno, arts-and-crafts? Staining them might remedy this nicely.

  34. heather

    oooh good for you for deciding.

    I can’t wait to see and I love the sesame…why did they discontinue that wonderful yarn? arrgh.

    cute! ballet flats are so very this season!

  35. Stephanie

    Lovely progress on the sweater (and the shoes…omg, they’re great). I’m more of a see what it looks like on the fabric kind of girl. I think you should wait and try the light buttons and then if you don’t like the look you can always stain them before you attatch them permanently.

  36. margene

    What cute shoes!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. erin

    Love the shoes. Knitting with black. better you than I. It’ll be a very pretty sweater.

  38. Stacey

    Looking good! I love the shoes!! They will be a perfect match to the cardi!

  39. Sangeeta

    I think the buttons will look really nice as is…it will have a very country-ish feel to it….

  40. Marisol

    The hoodie looks awesome. Great job as always. Oh and those shoes–I love, love, love them!

    Where can we find those cute little flats?

    Have a great weekend.

  41. Michelle

    I love the shoes! Too cute! Anyway I would try to stain the buttons to make them a little darker. I like the suggestion about using coffee or tea.

  42. maryse

    those shoes are adorable.

    and i’m glad the coin toss worked for you.

  43. Amber

    I love that cardi too! Can’t wait to see the fo!

  44. Chris

    Staining or even painting the buttons would look better, I think.

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