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Delectable Debut
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Delectable Debut

Pomegranate Pullover is done!

…and since the weather was pristine yesterday afternoon, I decided outdoor photographs were in order! 

Pomegranate Pullover

Of course, I needed one of the pomegranates from my collection to remind you just why I call this sweater "Pomegranate" – the color is a dead ringer for the fruit! It captures the three-way color blend of pink, orange, and red so well.   No wonder I was drawn to the yarn at the craft fair, nearly a year ago…

Pomegranate Pullover

Pomegranate Pullover
Pattern: "Mohair Hoodie" from Knitting to Go Deck by Kris Percival
Yarn: Woolarina Handpaints Merino Laceweight
Needles: Size US 9 bamboo needles
Started: March 2006 / Finished: September 2006
See the Pomegranate Pullover Photo Mosaic!

This sweater started back in the Project Spectrum Red/Pink month of March, and it has been on the back burner ever since, coming to the forefront once again for Project Spectrum Clean Sweep.  I did a few rows here and there, but there was no real progress until the last few weeks.  I am so happy to have it finished! Maryland's weather is mild right now – chilly mornings and warm days – so this pullover is the perfect garment.  And I even have a pomegranate-colored cami to wear underneath! 

I used the pattern more as a guideline, primarily for the set-in sleeves.  I used a lot of creative license in this one:  I omitted the hood, which is an option that the pattern gives, but I also omitted the mock turtleneck that it calls for if you don't do the hood.  I picked up the stitches to do so, but the laceweight was floppy, and not suited for that kind of neckline. I did a pretty little single crochet chain – the extent of my crochet skills – and the crew neck is a much better fit for the yarn and for my style.  I also cropped the sleeves to my preferred three-quarters length, and made the torso longer than the pattern – seeing it now, I could have gone even more. 

Knitting to Go Deck: 25 Chic and Easy Patterns The Knitting to Go Deck was a great find. It contains 25 patterns for women, men, and children – all of the patterns are printed out on folded cards that fit into a knitting bag so well! The patterns are basic in nature, and provide a great jumping off point if you want to experiment with lace, and/or textures in your knitting.  I split the deck with my mom and sister who wanted to try some of the beginner patterns. 

I picked it up at a bookstore in Grand Central Terminal where I was waiting to meet Carrie back in March. I had a gauzy light pattern in mind for this yarn from the moment I bought it, and as I flipped through this deck, I found this pattern. It was perfect! When I got home, I swatched and had to play with the gauge a little to ensure a proper fit. As many of you have noted, my shape has changed since March – specifically up top (I am wondering just where my b**bs went…) I am glad that I decided on a smaller fit and size – I think it will fit me as I continue to lose weight.

Amy Butler\'s In Stitches: More Than 25 Simple and Stylish Sewing Projects Speaking of great books… I recently borrowed Amy Butler's In Stitches from my friend Avice (check out her lovely Rowan Seabreeze pullover and her Log Cabin blanket!) and after just flipping through, I added it to my wishlist.  This book is spectacular!  I really want to catch the sewing bug ~ this book has so many patterns, and best of all: detailed technical diagrams! 

 Here's a little sneak peek…

Amy Butler's
(Click on the photo for links to larger photographs)

This weekend will finally be a restful one – it may even give me a chance to answer my huge backlog of emails (I am sorry if you have been waiting to hear from me!) 

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89 Responses

  1. paula

    Love the Pom, Lolly! You are looking great as well! :) Hope to see you at Crafty Bastards! 8 more days! Eeek!

  2. Meg

    LOVE IT!!! I just may have to knit that one – where’s my list….? I think it’s getting too long! ;)
    great job!

  3. Becka

    It’s awful, isn’t it? I lost 8 lbs, but it was mostly breast-weight… I’m hoping my backside catches up to my front soon. The pullover looks lovely on you!

  4. Moni

    Lolly! it looks fantastic! nice job!

  5. melissa

    looks great! the color is absolutely wonderful!

    i must have that amy butler book! it looks magnificent! now if i only had more time to sew…………

  6. Karen

    Your newest sweater is so pretty Lolly! What a perfect color for you. I love the expression on your face in the first picture. :)

  7. Diane

    Gorgeous color–great knit. You look beautiful!

    Have a peaceful weekend!

  8. Rachel

    You are rocken that sweater! It’s so cute on you! And speaking of cute…. girl you’re looking great! Bravo on the sweater and the new look – I’ve been reading your blog regularly and remeber reading that you have been following an exercise routine. I just wanted to leave a bit of encouragment and say that you are looking so great Lolly!

  9. Karyn

    Well, I agree with everyone else…..looks beautiful on you. Love the color. I love that little deck of patterns too.

  10. sarah

    Hey! Fabulous sweater, loving the color and girl, I’m not sure you could be much cuter!!! That top photo is GREAT!!! I love pomegranates, they remind me of when I was a wee one… and they’re so yummy too! Glad you’re headed for a little relaxation, I don’t know how you do as much as you do!

  11. Barb

    Great color. You really whipped that sweater out quickly. Looks great on you. Thanks for heading up Socktober 2006!

  12. Jessica

    What a great looking sweater! Way to go! And you are looking great too. That picture from your post the other day really shows how all your hard work is paying off. Congrats! :)

  13. isel

    The sweater is lovely and the color looks wonderful on you!
    I want the AB book so badly. I saw it at B&N and immediately added it to my wish list. It makes you want to drop your needles and get the sewing machine out. Even if, like me, you have no idea how to sew. Tee-hee. :D

  14. Wendie

    Pomegranate looks absolutely delicious (and the fruit looks good too :) ). So gorgeous on you! I love Amy Butler’s fabrics and patterns, she and Denyse Schmidt have really been making me want to sew again.

  15. Debi

    Perfect color, perfect fit! Just lovely Lolly, well done!

  16. Heather

    I just bought In Stitches (love my bookstore job) and I can’t wait to dust off the sewing machine.

  17. francoise

    Your sweater looks great on you Lolly! Well done for finishing, it was worth the long wait. And thank you for the link to the book, it sounds really interesting…

  18. Bee

    You always look so cute! And congrats on finishing the sweater!

  19. melissa

    lolly, that sweater is so pretty. the fit and color are so flattering on you!
    i was checking out that amy butler book at the bookstore the other day. it’s really pretty.

  20. Karma

    Yay, another beautiful project by Miss L! That’s a lovely color on you, my dear, and the fit is right on. You’re looking fantastic!

  21. Elinor

    So beautiful!

  22. Amanda Cathleen

    Wow! Great job and what a lovely color : )

  23. mrspao

    Beautiful pom sweater!

  24. Ragan

    Beautiful sweater! It looks wonderful on you! :)

  25. Laura

    the sweater is gorgeous, and so are you! had i made that sweater, i think i would have made the exact same changes you did. i am all about the three-quarters sleeve.

    wherever your b**bs went, i think mine went there too. lol!

  26. Tammany

    That sweater looks fabulous! Congrats!
    Thanks for sharing that book. I think I must get a copy!

  27. biglug

    What a pretty pomegranate pullover! Such a great shade for you.

  28. Jen

    The non-hoodie looks fantastic! What a great color! :)

  29. Mom

    Love the sweater, Love you ;-) XXOO

  30. Allegra

    Bravo!! It looks great!

  31. Leslie

    I love the sweater! You look fabulous BTW. Just today I was at our local “Chapters” store and I looked at that very same book and though “hmmmmmmmmmm I think I must have this book – someday”.

  32. Sangeeta

    I love that Knitting to Go Deck, but I haven’t tried anything from it yet….there are some great patterns, though. Nice job on the mods to the mohair hoodie…I wouldn’t have been able to come up with that myself.


  33. Elizabeth

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I *love* your pom sweater! It looks fabulous. :)

  34. Nonnahs

    The pomegranate hoodieless hoodie is gorgeous, and it looks fantastic on you! Congrats!

  35. Jenni

    Don’t go picking any flowers near any caves or anything! I wouldn’t want you to go the way of Persephone or anything.

    Looks great.

  36. karen

    Fantastic color, perfect fit – you look terrific!!

  37. Elizabeth

    Congrats on the Pomegranate pullover – it’s lovely. Fits you perfectly, and the color is great.

  38. Chris

    The sweater turned out so well! And it looks great on you (probably because you’re looking so great, eh?!).

  39. Annarella

    The sweater is hot, very, totally, beautifully hot! It works really well sans-hood. Great job! x

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