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Delectable Debut
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Delectable Debut

Pomegranate Pullover is done!

…and since the weather was pristine yesterday afternoon, I decided outdoor photographs were in order! 

Pomegranate Pullover

Of course, I needed one of the pomegranates from my collection to remind you just why I call this sweater "Pomegranate" – the color is a dead ringer for the fruit! It captures the three-way color blend of pink, orange, and red so well.   No wonder I was drawn to the yarn at the craft fair, nearly a year ago…

Pomegranate Pullover

Pomegranate Pullover
Pattern: "Mohair Hoodie" from Knitting to Go Deck by Kris Percival
Yarn: Woolarina Handpaints Merino Laceweight
Needles: Size US 9 bamboo needles
Started: March 2006 / Finished: September 2006
See the Pomegranate Pullover Photo Mosaic!

This sweater started back in the Project Spectrum Red/Pink month of March, and it has been on the back burner ever since, coming to the forefront once again for Project Spectrum Clean Sweep.  I did a few rows here and there, but there was no real progress until the last few weeks.  I am so happy to have it finished! Maryland's weather is mild right now – chilly mornings and warm days – so this pullover is the perfect garment.  And I even have a pomegranate-colored cami to wear underneath! 

I used the pattern more as a guideline, primarily for the set-in sleeves.  I used a lot of creative license in this one:  I omitted the hood, which is an option that the pattern gives, but I also omitted the mock turtleneck that it calls for if you don't do the hood.  I picked up the stitches to do so, but the laceweight was floppy, and not suited for that kind of neckline. I did a pretty little single crochet chain – the extent of my crochet skills – and the crew neck is a much better fit for the yarn and for my style.  I also cropped the sleeves to my preferred three-quarters length, and made the torso longer than the pattern – seeing it now, I could have gone even more. 

Knitting to Go Deck: 25 Chic and Easy Patterns The Knitting to Go Deck was a great find. It contains 25 patterns for women, men, and children – all of the patterns are printed out on folded cards that fit into a knitting bag so well! The patterns are basic in nature, and provide a great jumping off point if you want to experiment with lace, and/or textures in your knitting.  I split the deck with my mom and sister who wanted to try some of the beginner patterns. 

I picked it up at a bookstore in Grand Central Terminal where I was waiting to meet Carrie back in March. I had a gauzy light pattern in mind for this yarn from the moment I bought it, and as I flipped through this deck, I found this pattern. It was perfect! When I got home, I swatched and had to play with the gauge a little to ensure a proper fit. As many of you have noted, my shape has changed since March – specifically up top (I am wondering just where my b**bs went…) I am glad that I decided on a smaller fit and size – I think it will fit me as I continue to lose weight.

Amy Butler\'s In Stitches: More Than 25 Simple and Stylish Sewing Projects Speaking of great books… I recently borrowed Amy Butler's In Stitches from my friend Avice (check out her lovely Rowan Seabreeze pullover and her Log Cabin blanket!) and after just flipping through, I added it to my wishlist.  This book is spectacular!  I really want to catch the sewing bug ~ this book has so many patterns, and best of all: detailed technical diagrams! 

 Here's a little sneak peek…

Amy Butler's
(Click on the photo for links to larger photographs)

This weekend will finally be a restful one – it may even give me a chance to answer my huge backlog of emails (I am sorry if you have been waiting to hear from me!) 

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89 Responses

  1. Miss Lissa

    This looks great! The color is perfect for you, too. :D

  2. Jami Howard

    YAY i am loving that sweater girl :) you look beautiful!!

  3. Claudia

    Oh I love it – and the colour is perfect on you!! Congratulations!!

  4. Lynne

    Lolly, the pom sweater is really so nice on you! Lovely color. I have the Amy Butler book, and I just love it! I have already done a couple of aprons…they are wonderful, easy patterns. I posted the apron a few days ago. Don’t you just love the whole book?

  5. Deborah

    You’re a machine! Go girl!

  6. Mintyfresh

    It’s brilliant, Lolly: brilliant color, brilliant fit, brilliant you!

  7. Mary-Heather

    Lolly, the sweater looks GREAT on you! Well done! Very, very good color. Thanks for the links to the Amy Butler book pictures. I just fell in love with that checkbook wallet. That book is officially a MUST now. Have a great, restful weekend – you deserve it (I’m convinced you don’t sleep, you always have so much good stuff going on)!

    If you need any peer pressure to get you sewing, just let me know… happy to oblige!

  8. Dana

    what a fab sweater! you look terrific. i love the laceweight effect and the beautiful pomegranate color.

    and you’re going to take up sewing! me too! but somehow i think it would take a looong time before the sewing love could overtake the knitting love…

    i was so sorry to hear about the loss of your grandma. it’s wonderful that you and your sisters got to know her and that you could be with your family to say goodbye.

    take care – d.

  9. Jennifer

    It looks beautiful on you! What a great fit.

  10. Zarah

    Your sweater looks great – and you’re right, it matches the real POM perfectly! Don’t worry too much about losing your curves – that’s nothing a visit to Victoria’s Secret can’t fix!

    BTW – you’re my 1000th commenter! I’ll send you a link so you can pick your prize!

  11. Stacey

    beautiful! – the color looks great on you!!!

  12. hillary

    The Pom looks great. I really like the color on you. The knitting to go deck sounds like a handy thing to have.

  13. heather

    fabulous darling – it is very flattering and I know that yarn is so gorgeous!

  14. Skylar

    That came out so lovely, I just don’t know what to say…Except that you are too cute! Pom looks great, even w/o the hoodie!

    I have been seeing Amy Butler around quite a bit lately, and I feel like it’s just the thing that might make me want to break out my mom’s old sewing machine!

  15. Kimberly

    Oh what a pretty color sweater!! It looks great on you!

  16. Jenna

    Looks great, what a success! I’m glad you went hoodless, it’s much more sophisticated. Love the first shot, too – so sassy :)

  17. Gracie

    The pullover looks so great! And, you look fabulous too!

  18. terhi

    Ooo Lolly, your new sweater looks really beautiful! No hood was definitely the right choice. :-)

  19. Chrissy

    Pomegranate is beautiful! It looks perfect on you! You’re looking fabulous!

  20. margene

    Pomegranate looks fabulous on you! Have you caught up all your past PS projects? I’m still working on Cutaway (pink) but Joho just isn’t going to meet the deadline.

  21. kris

    beautiful, lolly! fantastic colour and great fit. congrats on a brill new jumper.

    i have ordered the amy butler book – can’t wait to hold it in my hands!

  22. Amy

    You look so good! And so does the sweater. And the Amy Butler book is awesome, right? I love that woman.

  23. Erica B.

    that so pretty and I love the color. It looks great on you!

  24. KnitPastis

    It’s finished and it looks so awesome on you! How do you do it all Lolly girl??!!Shewwww. Ohhh, loving the Amy Butler book too. So happy to hear you will finally be getting some much deserved rest this weekend.

  25. Julia

    Lolly, I love it!!! What a gorgeous color, and it looks great on you!

  26. jody

    it’s really lovely, and you put this one on my radar too. it fits you so well. i hope it will be a good top for you as you continue weight loss. and if not, is there a better reason to frog than the fact that you’ve shrunk a few sizes? ;)

  27. Julie

    That’s beautiful! And the color is perfect for you.

  28. Kathy

    Fa. Bu. Lous! Great color on you!

    Speaking of pomegranates, have I sent you this link already?

    If that doesn’t work, go to greengirlstudios.com>online store>pewter beads, and scroll about 2/3 way down.

  29. Tanya

    You’re looking very svelte. I’m trying so hard to get back on the wagon but it is so tough to get started. Keep up the good work cause you are rocking the Pom sweater.

    Also, your family is in my thoughts and prayers. So sorry to hear about your loss.


  30. Kim

    Oooh, your pullover turned out great! That is a nice color on you, indeed.

    I have “In Stitches” too and I think it’s such a fun book! I haven’t made anything yet, though–too much knitting going on! One of these days… I really like Amy Butler in general. Her fabric is GORGEOUS.

  31. gleek

    the pomegranate pullover looks DEE-licious! :)

  32. Vicki

    I love this! You look awesome!! And I really like it sans hood with the black pants.

  33. Vickie

    I love the sweater. It turned out great even without the hood. The color is great on you.

  34. Kelly

    The sweater looks beautiful on you!

  35. Megan

    Girl, you are looking GOOD! I’ve been reading your blog for a while and know you’ve been sticking to your diet and exercise regime and just wanted to say it’s working. Today’s photo shows that you’ve really lost quite a bit of weight/inches. It’s lame to say, but you inspire me. Keep up the great work!

  36. Jennifer

    Pomegranate is fantastic! Lovely color and fit. I’m going to have to check out that Amy Butler book. It looks very interesting!

  37. Jeanine

    It must be the day of Pomegranate’s for me. I had Pomegranate and Lime seltzer during lunch today.

    I really like your pullover. It’s a beautiful color.

  38. Stephanie

    Gorgeous. It looks great on you and is such a perfect style for a lot of wear – it can just go anywhere. I love the photos from the Amy Butler book – I want that wallet/purse!

  39. Norma

    And it’s CHOCK FULL of antioxidants, too! Lovely photos, lovely sweater.

  40. Beth

    Your new pullover looks great! Thanks for the link to the book. It looks like a great book!

  41. Isela

    Gorgeous! You look lovely!

  42. Dorothy B

    Your pomegranate is gorgeous! It looks great on you too.

    Love the book, too bad sewing makes me want to punch something really hard.

  43. RC

    Check you out in all your skinny fabulous-ness! I adore that sweater. You totally make it!

  44. Amy

    Woohoo! You look wonderful in it. I think the color compliments your skintone.


  45. Vicki

    It’s a good thing you like that color, Lolly, because it’s PERFECT for you! The new sweater looks GREAT. ; )

  46. April

    Just pomegranaty! (instead of peachy?) I hafta say, you are looking quite the slim slim slimmety slim all the sudden =) You’re doing so good!

  47. JessaLu

    Beautiful sweater – and the color is awesome ;o)

  48. Dave Daniels

    Beautiful sweater, and your blue eyes really pop in the first photo.

  49. Jo

    The sweater looks gorgeous on you. Kudos on the exercise and weight loss – you look wonderful.


  50. Coleen

    Yay for an FO! Looks terrific and so do you!

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