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Knits Well With Others
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Knits Well With Others

It seems that there are new knitalongs cropping up all over the blogosphere, and like many of you, I went on a joining spree! 

Fall Cable KAL

So timely!  Cables are so hot right now.  Do you have any cable projects on the needles now, or some planned in the near future?  The group blog has started off with a bang – there are some lovely sweaters, cardigans, mittens, and scarves showing up!  While I am currently knitting up a cabled/rib pullover for Kris, I am also planning some other cabled cardigans this season… I don't know if I can fit them all in this fall, but I like to aim high!

Cabley Fall
1. Patons' Classic Hoodie, 2. Cabled Cardigan, 3. Green Cable Cardigan

Wool wool and more wool.  I recently added the middle cardigan (from the Fall 2006 Knit Simple magazine) to my list – especially when I ran into a good sale of Patons Classic Merino at a local craft store.  The first hoodie has been on my list for ages, and as soon as I finish one of my WIPs, this baby is going on the needles.  The third cardi is another great design from Stefanie at Glampyre.  I am planning to use a great eggplant-colored wool from my stash for this one.

Tweeding Along knitalong

When I saw Claudia mention this one on her blog, I immediately signed up.  Rich tweedy yarns conjure up images of winter wonderlands, fireplaces, and magnificent knit creations – it is the quintessential winter wool for me! (Yes, I like to wax poetic about yarn…) I have a lot of tweed in the stash, and I have one finished tweedy cardigan to my name. 

Durrow's Back The Durrow pullover is a "two-fer": it is knit in the amazing tweedy Dale of Norway Sisik yarn, and it has cables galore up the sleeves. I am currently working the armholes on the back of this one.

This knitalong goes all winter, so I hoping to fit in some other tweedy accessories, specifically hats and mittens, and if I can really get going?  Maybe the V-neck pullover in the red Sisik

Warm Hands knitalong

I recently posted about my desire to jump right into color work and Fair Isle.  I received some wonderful tips from you all, and I think I am going to use Sandy's knitalong to experiment! Mittens seem like a great place to start.  Over the past few months, I have picked up two books that have great technical advice, as well as beautiful patterns:

Folk Mittens: Techniques and Patterns for Handknitted Mittens Knit Mittens!: 15 Cool Patterns to Keep You Warm (Knit)

Folk Mittens features traditional designs from many cold-weather countries. I love the folk aspect of this book, and as I improve as a knitter, I hope to have many of these mittens in my collection. The Knit Mittens! book contains some helpful diagrams and pictures, as well as several cute patterns. Techniques inside include colorwork, needle felting, and cables. There are also patterns specifically for children. Now the problem is choosing where to start…

Finally, the last knitalong that I joined is a great way to combine all of the knitalongs into one… all you have to do is watch movies and knit (or crochet, or spin!) while watching a movie!


Fiberflix is another brilliant idea from Craftylily Jennifer! The concept is simple: each month, the group chooses a theme and a corresponding movie.  Next month's theme will be film noir, and the voting is going on right now – go join and put in your vote! (I say Strangers on a Train…)  We will have an ongoing discussion about the movie throughout the month, as well as share the projects we work on while watching the movie. 

And have you heard about this other project?  a month-long sock celebration?  Sounds pretty fun! ;)

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53 Responses

  1. scout

    Goodness. How will you do it all!

  2. Amber

    I just finished a pair of cabled socks (Badcaul), so I can’t really be in the knitalong, but I still love them. My first cabling project!

  3. Claudia

    You have great projects in store – I can’t wait to see their progress – and that durrow sweater is looking fantastic! I love the pattern and the blue tweed is beautiful!! I’m going to check out the fiberflix KAL now! :-)

  4. Laura

    Haha, Strangers On A Train is in my queue right now! Oddly enough, I don’t have anything cabley going on right now. Just lace and ribs. I love all the sweaters you pictured, but I know I won’t have time to make a sweater before winter’s over. Good luck!

  5. Coleen

    You are going to be one busy knitter! Can you bring the folk mitten book with you on Monday? I would love to take a peek at it. Miss you!

  6. Debi

    Your Durrow is gonna be spetacular and that color will look amazing on Kris! I love Stephanie’s Green Cables too, the eggplant will look gorgeous on you!

    I miss warm winter knits :(

  7. not an artist

    Wow, you are definitely ambitious there! And here I thought I was doing alright with just Soctoberfest…

  8. heather

    very ambitious…you are putting me to shame with all those cabledy dreams!

    I’m loving that we’re on the same wavelength…I’m also doing Fair Isle and cables and we’ll be able to talk twists and stranding!

  9. hillary

    That’s an incredibly ambitious plan you have. I’m overwhelmed just thinking about it.

  10. *karen

    The paton’s hoodie looks positively luscious. Hurry up and start it so I can ooh and ah and be envious. :o ) I’m currently knitting Mariah from Knitty in Paton’s Classic Merino and I love this yarn. It’s very snuggle-worthy. I didn’t realize there were so many knit-alongs in progress.

  11. Cookie

    You’re going to be busy. :D I just finished my first cabled project. Timing is everything and mine is faulty. *L*

  12. Sourire11

    Wow! that’s alot of knit alongs! thanks for posting all of the links – I’m probably going to jump on the bandwagon of at least a few of those!

  13. isel

    My brain just went into overload from reading this post, Lolly!
    Are you insane?

    Please pray for some art history in my near future. ;)

  14. Lyndsey-Jane

    I am about to cast on my second cable sock (denmark from Knitting on the road by Nancy Bush) and have just finished a Rowan Cable jumper.

  15. Sandy

    Um, Ms. Lolly? Can you help a doofus out? I registered twice for Socktoberfest! Doh! This is only knit-along I’m joining. I love a no-pressure have fun KAL.


  16. Jody

    I’m working on a cabled bag right now and I am dying to make a cabled sweater! I think I will join that cable KAL – thanks for posting!

    I miss you guys at sit and knit! I’ll be traveling in October – but hopefully in November – I may be able to go again!

  17. Jen

    I have “something cabled” on the to-do list, once I thin out the active projects list. I know I’m going to make one of the sweaters from Elsebeth Lavold’s Viking Knits, but I haven’t narrowed down which one. :) I’ll have to remember the cable KAL for when I start!

  18. Skylar

    Wow, you are certainly aiming high! And I thought I was a joiner! I will be rooting you on, especially with the cabled sweaters. I am nuts about them right now and would love to have massive amounts of time to devote strictly to knitting cabled cardis. I must check out my local craft stores for some Patons Merino, as well. Looks like a nice yarn for a cabled cardi.

  19. jessie

    The Durrow sweater is beautiful. I love those cables!

    I have the Knit Mittens book, and I’m not sure why but I have never made a single mitten from it. Seems like I never have the correct weight yarn for the pattern I want. It seems like the way the patterns are laid out would be very easy to read. Too bad I haven’t found out!

  20. Jen

    I love cables AND tweed!! Thanks for the links!!

  21. Kate

    I love cable sweaters! That middle one is going to have to go on my list… I even have yarn in the stash to use. The Glampyre sweater has definitely caught my eye more than once!
    Mmmmm… I love all the cabley goodness!

  22. Sangeeta

    I am planning on making the cable cardi out of Fall Simple Knits. I think it’s gorgeous. Would love to make it out of the Blue Skyes Hand Dyed but at $18 per skein, who can afford it? Instead, I will probably combine your KALs and make it out of the Rowan Harris Aran…which is a tweedy wool. I have gobs of it. Will probably make it out of Navy Blue. That’s probably more than you needed or wanted to know.

  23. Gracie

    Fun fun!! I think I may have to join the cable KAL.

    So, this morning I got an email from a LYS in Atlanta that I have visited while I was home and they are celebrating Soctoberfest this October as well. How funny is that? They didn’t mention the KAL on the internet, so I wonder if they came up with the idea from you or not!

  24. Annie

    There is a great pattern for cable and rib socks in the Fall ’05 IK bu Nancy Bush that I am currently doing, and loving. That would be another two-fer;your cables and your socktoberfest socks!

  25. gray la gran

    good grief, lolly! i can’t wait to see your tweedy cabled socks!

  26. keri

    What fun, I love all the cabley ideas!

    I have the folk mittens book and it has a lot of great ideas and fun historical knowledge. If you don’t already have a pattern and yarn picked out I recommend the Nordic fiber arts kits (http://www.nordicfiberarts.com/mittens_pg2.html) =) Just to give you more to drool over!

  27. Beth

    You’ll be very busy! I’m knitting the cabled Central Park Hoodie from the recent KnitScene magazine. There’s a KAL for it, too. I was knitting the Boogie vest until last night when I ripped it out. That’s one way to finish a WIP!

  28. Liz

    Lots of great projects in your future. I especially love all of the cable-y sweaters.

  29. francoise

    Great new projects and KALs Lolly. I am particularly looking forward to your colourful mittens!

  30. Dorothy B

    So many great KAL’s so little time. I can’t join any now, but I’m going to live these vicariously through you.

  31. Karen

    Well you have plenty to keep you busy this fall. I look forward to watching your progress on all of them. I pulled out some Sisik from the stash the other day just to fondle it. I love that yarn!

  32. Beth

    You’re so right about cables being “in” right now. I’ve knitting this http://www.knitscene.com/photos/2006/project13.asp. I hope it turns out alright. I’m using Karabella’s Aurora 8 instead of the yarn that the pattern calls for. Good luck with your pattern. :)

  33. Jennifer

    There’s nothing like a great KAL! I’m glad you found your way to Christie and my Cable one and Fiberflix! I’m rooting for Strangers on a Train too. I love that movie.

  34. Barb

    I love cables. Looking forward to see your results. You have some great projects on your list!

  35. Judy P

    I am hosting a cable cardi KAL starting Oct 1 Check out BWAKerryKAL at yahoo groups. This is a great cardi and even better in tweed. We have almost 100 knitters to date.

  36. Moni

    knits well with others, indeed! look at you go, girl! I am loooving the cabled hoodie pattern, the cream colored one! Very cute! I’ll be lucky if i can knock out my cabled socks :P

  37. Maxi

    Ok I have about 4 different thougts at once…ummm can somebody go in and do my day job so I can just knit along – all of them are so great! :) I’m fully committed to Socktoberfest!

  38. ellie

    I was thinking about jumping on the cable train with Wandering Aran Fields, but I need to get Drunken Argyle finished before I take on any other big projects. We’ll see how things are going after a few weeks…

  39. Brandy

    Hi.. I joined your socktoberfest… That cable one would be right up my alley. I may have to check it out considering I am doing a cable afghan right now!! Still new to knitting but I am really loving it!! Cant wait to see you sweater that you are doing done. I will eventually get a sweater made!!

  40. Christie

    You are going to be very busy! Thanks for the Cable KAL shout out…you are quite an influence on knitters all over!

  41. Jenna

    Ha, cables ARE so hot right now! I’m considering making something cabled with the blue yarn I got at S&W, we’ll see. Fiberflix definitely sounds fun, I love checking out new movies.

    I’ll check in with you this week. Consider us on for Sunday, ok?

  42. Suz

    Eeek! More KAL’s? Oh, the pressure!! Hmmm, sounds like some tweedy-cabled-mittens are in store…and then maybe some tweedy-cabled-socks. LOL!!

    I dunno about the flix. I can’t seem to keep myself from “watching” Harry Potter and Sandra Bullock movies while knitting. Same ones, over and over…Deb thinks i’ve gone nutty!!

    I’ve yet to knit an adult sized sweater, you’re so brave!!!


  43. Amber

    Thanks for letting us know about the FiberFlix KAL! That looks like a lot of fun and it will give me a chance to use my netflix account! :) How is your scarf for you pal coming along? I am about halfway done and I am working hard to get it done on time! :)

  44. Kelly

    Wow youd did go on a joining spree! Love those cabled knits.

  45. Elizabeth

    Thanks for all the links, photos, and ideas. I love that Patons classic hoodie – but I sooo don’t need it! So I will have to live vicariously through you as you knit it. :)

  46. beth

    I have already joined three other KALs. Why must you tempt me with more? I’ll never keep up. Must – Stay – Strong

  47. Stacey

    I’m all about the cables this fall/winter!!!!!! (and the socks of course!)

  48. Amy Lu

    Maybe if I start working out I’ll have as much knitting-energy as you!

  49. Isabelle

    Thank you for all those great links and KALs, Lolly! :-)
    I signed up to Fall Cable KAL and Tweeding Along!

    Isabelle aka Tricotine

  50. Zarah

    I know the librarian in you just loves cataloging all the fiber fun you’re going to have this fall!

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