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Socktoberfest kicks off bright and early Sunday morning!

Socktoberfest Button

Start your hooks and needles!

And wouldn't you know? I am planning ahead too! (I seem to have way too many plans of late…) So, I made some attainable goals for Socktoberfest:

Lace Sock

Browns Palette

Finish the Lace (Not So) Knee Highs, which really don't photograph well, but are amazingly beautiful – trust me!

…finish sock one and move onto sock two…

Since these knee socks did not really work the way I was hoping (but I still love them!), I am planning to try another pair, following Cara and Yahaira's lead on customized knee socks.

YarnPirate Blue closeup

Winding her up

As I was winding my skein of this lovely Yarn Pirate sock yarn, my eyes wandered over to one of my art books on Hokusai's Japanese woodblocks. It amazed me to see that the colorway "Cannon Beach" is so similar to the color palette in the 18th-century prints. The woodblock prints have been an artistic inspiration for me, and now I am feeling super great and inspired to work on these new socks!

Yarn Pirate and Hokusai

Hokusai is probably best known for his woodblock print, In the Hollow of a Wave off the Coast at Kanagawa, which also has the same colors as my new yarn!

Hokusai's Great Wave


What plans do you have for Socktoberfest?

Looking for some inspiration of the sock kind? Check out some of the blogs on the Socktoberfest Participant List, and there is always the Socktoberfest Flickr group (which also has some great discussions topics started up!)

Can you feel the excitement? :)

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69 Responses

  1. Dave Daniels

    Lolly, I can’t believe how many people have signed up already, over 1200 so far. Congratulatoins. I’m geared up for Socktoberfest, my first time. (Missed it last year, and was SO envious!)

  2. Jenn

    For my first act of Socktoberfest, I am going to finish my poor neglected Trekking socks. I’m so close, I’m almost done with the gussets! From the gussets down, it’s a quick knit.

    After those (I started them in JULY, poor socks) I’m either going to work on Falling Leaves from Knitty or maybe Dublin Bay? I guess it depends on how ambitious I can be.

    I’m still chugging away on my poor husband’s cabled sweater. Poor guy. I hope it’ll be done by Christmas! ;)

  3. Allison

    I have so many sock projects planned for October- mostly gearing up for holiday gifts! In December, I always come up short on the knitted gifts, so this year I’m starting early!

  4. Brandy

    I am slowly working on my first pair of socks… I will complete them even if it takes me all month to do it… I think with the size 1 needles it will too!! If I get them done I have another pattern picked out for socks… Cant wait to start them!!

  5. georgia

    I am really excited you’re using my yarn for Socktoberfest socks! That Cannon Beach colorway is one of my favorites–Hubby and I went to Cannon Beach for our honeymoon.

    It’s so cool to see it next to your Japanese woodcut art…I’m feeling very inspired by Japanese art these days.

  6. Isela

    I love that colourway by Yarn Pirate. Yay! Socks everywhere soon :)

  7. LaurieM

    I’m designing a sock in honour of Socktoberfest and I will post the pattern on my blog. I’m putting a twist into the write up but you’ll just have to wait and see what it is. ;-)

  8. Jen

    I’m working on only my fourth pair of socks, but it’s my first toe-up. So far, I really like how they’re going!

  9. Stacie

    I am a sufferer of SSS, and I am hoping Socktoberfest will break me of my habit of throwing in the ball! I LOVE the colorway, and the prints, just lovely!

  10. Dorothy B

    One of these days, I’m going to keep some of the yarn I dye and knit me a pair of socks.

  11. Leah

    I’m working on knee highs too! It’s the substitute lederhosen for socktoberfest!!

    Yahaira & Cara are in all the knit bloggers brains I tell ya!!

    That colorway is really fantastic with those prints! Thanks for pointing that out!

  12. beth

    I am TOTALLY excited about Socktoberfest! Beautiful sock yarn too:)

  13. kelp!

    I’ll be knitting up some Yarn Pirate for Socktoberfest, too! I haven’t decided on a pattern yet, though…

  14. Wendy

    I was going to do Eunny’s Bavarian Twist socks, because they are calling my name. But I would have to buy yarn and I’m spinning faster than I can knit it up as it is. So I have found two different but related skeins of handspun, a la Twisted Sisters, and I will knit socks changing yarns whenever they have a common spot. They are purple and green mostly, but that doesn’t sound very pretty! I will post a photo when we begin. Looking forward to it!

  15. ellie

    Yay! I’m excited.

  16. Cookie

    I love the knee socks!

    I finished the weird neon socks I’ve been working on tonight. Now the decks are clear for Socktoberfest! I have three patterns in mind. Good thing I have a couple of days to think about it. ;^)

  17. Melissa

    First, I am going to finish my unending lace socks that I started back in, like, May or June. I have already turned the heel on the second sock, but finishing the last few inches has been torturous! Then, I am going to make some easy toe-up self striping socks in one of those great Regia Crazy Color colorways. If I can finish those two pairs of socks I will consider myself successful, but I have a craaaazy amount of sock yarn in the stash, so we’ll see what else I can do! :D

  18. Rachel

    I love how the yarn matches so well with the woodblock print! Those will be some lovely knee socks. I can’t wait to see all of the fabulous socks the Socktoberfest participants crank out.

  19. Noémie

    Lovely yarn!
    My plans for Socktoberfest: knit the second socks for two pairs started in june, work on Eunny Bayerische sock (really adequate for a socktoberfest, don’t you think?) and maybe start a tiny pair for my godson with leftovers of Opal and Cablenyl (french sock wool, plain and scratchy!)

  20. Wendie

    The colors in that sock yarn are gorgeous!

    My plans for Socktoberfest involve finishing my first pair of toe-ups and buying lots of sock yarn :) Oh yeah, and knitting some more socks!

  21. Whitney

    This is my first Socktoberfest, and I’ve already gotten a head-start knitting a pair of “Candy Corn” socks out of some Yarntini sock yarn in “Mimosa”. I’m knitting so fast on them that I may well end up starting a second pair before Socktoberfest is even half-over!

    I love the yarn you’re using for your knee-highs! That’s one of my favorite color combos, the blues and browns, and it does go with the woodblock so very well. My husband and I are both really into Hokusai’s work. I got him a beautiful book full of woodblock prints for his birthday last year, and we’ve got our hearts set on getting an art calendar of his prints for next year, as soon as we can scrounge up the money to do so.

  22. Karen

    I love the colors in your new Yarn Pirate yarn, and can’t wait to see how pretty it will look all knit up!! My goals for Socktoberfest are – finish more than one pair of socks this month (I’ve never done that before) – give Magic Loop a try and – work up the courage to attempt a pattern from Knitting on the Road. I’ve admired them often, but always feel intimidated by the intricacy of most of them.

    Hurray for Socktoberfest!! I’ve been counting down all year! Thank you so much for doing it again!!!

  23. Tammany

    I’ve already got a head start on Socktoberfest. I have one sock done of a pair for my brother using Lang Jawoll in the color Jacquard. There are several mor e pairs of socks on the holiday list too, so I should have plenty to do. I’m looking forward to it!

  24. LaBean

    I just signed up. I love the whole idea! Even though I have a bunch of other WIPs going, I can surely make time for my favorite knit item, socks! ThangQ for hosting this!!

  25. gray la gran

    i’m afraid i might go into sensory overload and blow a fuse! i wanted to start a new pair of socks yesterday, but i kinda freaked out and ran back to an abandoned pair. weird. i know it sounds like some kind of knitting psychosis, but the good part is i got to the toe of a misguided sock :)

  26. Carole

    I’m always excited about sock knitting! This year, for Socktoberfest, I’m knitting socks for Dale.

  27. kelly

    I love that new yarn! It’s gorgeous!
    I’m excited for Socktoberfest… I missed it last year, but will be signing up today!

  28. heather

    holy crap in a can batwoman…this is a huge month for socks! Remember when we were sock virgins…and turning the heel was mystic? yah…now look at ya. wowie zowie.

    I love that wave print. I want that for my bathroom. great…more lost time to google!
    :) thanks! 2 days and counting. :)

  29. Laura

    woo-hoo! 1200+ sockobterists! :)

    i have two pairs of socks that have been languishing on the needles that i plan to finish. my mother has requested a pair of socks (“why don’t you make ME a pair of socks, laura?”) and i’ll be making her some of karen’s sugar-free socks in cashmerino. yum. also i plan to pull out my scarily-growing stash of sock yarn on a regular basis, look at it adoringly, and sigh.

  30. Gracie

    Socktoberfest is everywhere! I’m excited for it to start! And, I decided that I am making socks for me! I don’t think I’ve made a pair for myself in awhile! And, I figure I need some cute socks to wear in the hospital.

  31. BethC

    I have a number of pairs of baby socks that I hope to work on. In addition, a stocking for my little boy. Does that count?

  32. gleek

    i love hokusai though he did some other not-so-famous incredibly-creepy block prints too that aren’t widely known.

    i’m also going to try making knee highs like cara’s once i’m done with my current socks! socktoberfest is on its way!

  33. Denise

    For Soctoberfest I will start all over again on my Jaywalker and I plan to have another pair of sock on the needles at the same time, the Broadripple socks. It’s fantastic that there is so many participants in this Socktoberfest!

  34. aquaknits

    Wow, the yarn really does resemble the Hokusai pic. I love all kinds of Asian art, such graphic styles.

    Two more days, woo-hoo!

  35. hillary

    I really love those Japanese prints. The colors coordinate with the yarn beautifully. I’m very excited for Socktoberfest.

  36. Zarah

    Your sock plans sound great, and very acheivable! I love how the colors of your new yarn coordinate with the woodcuts. I think one of my Socktoberfest plans will include teaching someone to knit socks!

  37. KnittyOtter

    I can’t wait!!!! I even dyed my own yarn for my socks. :D

  38. Alison

    Wow, I can’t believe how many participants! I am starting off right; I have one pair that will probably be finished exactly on Sunday (since I’m also trying to finish up something else) and I have some lovely new sock yarn on its way!

  39. Lara

    I have started Arrr-gyle socks for my husband, and now that I’m kind of in the swing of things on that, I think I may be able to finish them.

    I owe my youngest two kiddos socks, so I plan to make those, and I hope I can at least start another pair for myself.

  40. Ginger

    I’m having a contest at my blog to kick off Socktoberfest, and the prize is . . . SockYarn!

    Plans for Socktoberfest? Well, knitting socks, you silly! I’m planning on knitting 3 pair for holiday gifts. Then, who knows.

  41. Raychill Canuck

    I guess I need to add sock yarn shopping to my list for Saturday if I want to start this properly. I think I’m going to try a different pattern this time. It’s my third pair of socks, the first exactly according to pattern, the second with some intentional and non-intentional tweaking to make it fit better, now I think it’s time to start something new.

  42. Avice

    So my Socktoberfest goals are to 1) finish the gray & white Jawoll socks that represent by first attempt at knitting on two circular needles; 2) complete the “Circle of Friendship” socks for my sister Rebecca in Lorna’s Shepherd Sock (the icehouse colorway) that I began on double points and am finishing on circulars; 3) work through the stash to make Christmas socks in Mountain Colors bearfoot for my niece Claire & my friend Starling; 4) start the belated birthday socks for my sister Moira (Lorna’s pinstripe); 5) contemplate starting the “tractor socks” from Lucy Neatby. It makes me very dizzy. I hope to win the battle against SSS.

  43. Melissa

    i finished my very fist sock last night – and it even fits! so my goal is to finish the second one and get started on a second pair. and my other goal will be an easy one – buy more sock yarn!

  44. jacey (from  insubordiknit)

    socktoberfest goals –

    1. start and finish bill a pair of socks, I’ve got the yarn, I dyed it in the olive/brown/orange colors that he choose. He wants just a plain ribbed sock, bah.
    2. start and finish the 2nd sock of a random slipstich sock I knit last year, there’s no way it’ll be exact because I didn’t write a thing down, but i’m gonna do it anyway.
    3. knit the little bit a pair of socks, toe up, never done that before.
    4. knit me a fancy pair out of whatever yarn scout sends for my first indie swag month, cables? lace? who know…

    those are my 4 pairs of socks I want to get done. heh. plus the other 4 project on the needles.

  45. Amanda Cathleen

    I can’t wait! Love your yarn pirate yarn,great colors : )

  46. Claudia

    This is so exciting! I can’t wait for all the sock brainstorming and parade of photos!!!!!

  47. Heather

    Oh. Yes. I am signed up. Awesome.

  48. Moni

    That is a really pretty colorway!

    I love those prints, too :)

  49. Jennifer

    Go go socks! Your yarn does match that lovely print very well. I’ve got yarn wound and pattern primed. I’m ready…

  50. Marie

    My first plan for Socktoberfest is to dye and knit some very special heritage yarn I just got. Check out my blog for more information about this special yarn. I’m really, really looking forward to this!

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