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What You Make It
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What You Make It

Do you want to…

    …personally challenge yourself to make as many socks as you can? 
    …work through your yarn stash and rediscover the beauty of what you already have?  
    …finish some socks that have lingered on the needles too long?
    …try a new technique to enhance your sock making repetoire? 
    …simply enjoy the process of creating socks and sharing your passion with others from all over the world?
    …devote the month to make socks for your holiday gifts, or donate your finished socks to a certain charity? 

It's all possible with Socktoberfest!

I am planning to work with some lovely yarns from the stash, and to finish up some "linger" knits that have been on the needles for too long.  I am also planning to use some stash yarns to contribute socks for charity causes.  I have heard about several worthy charitable organizations that can use our sock making skills. I am compiling a list with more details on the different organization, and I will publish this straight away. 

In the meantime…

Yarn Pirate Closeup

The lovely Yarn Pirate handpainted yarn is all balled up and ready to go.  I did not waste any time, either.  As soon as I did all of the math involved for the customized knee sock pattern, I started on these babies.

Knee High Cast on

Look!  No pooling!

I am officially calling these knee socks my "Hokusai" socks, after the amazing woodblock prints by the Japanese artist.  And in some spare moments yesterday, I wound up the second ball of my Three Waters Farm handpaint for my second Lace (Not So) Knee Highs…

On the Winder

 It's going to be a great month, my friends!

Thank you so much for joining in the festivities!

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56 Responses

  1. Ann

    Hokusai! I know ALL about Hokusai these days, thanks to my fabby visit to the Smithsonian this spring when I got to meet YOU at Politics and Prose.

    Congratulations on Socktoberfest–I’m feeling a little socky myself.

  2. laurie in maine

    I’ve posted my first Socktoberfest efforts on my blog :)

    My goals:
    *Stretch knitting know-how beyond basic socks.
    *Use up yarn stash. (so I can buy BETTER yarn!)
    *Finish previous socks underway. CHECK!! (now 2 more are started) :)

    Got off to a good start thanks to Amazing Lace (first ever YO’s to make holes on purpose!) and have just finished a pair “I designed” using Barbara Walker’s book 1.

    What are the rules for naming a design – I didn’t make up the stitches – just decided where to put them?! How do you credit stitches used in a “stitch book”?

    Looking for advice on stitch patterns translated to socks – knitting in the round. Visit my blog if you have answers to the Multiple of 6 PLUS 3 thing.

    Keep the plus 3 or leave it out when casting on?!

  3. Emma

    Very excited about Socktoberfect and the progress I have made in the last two days on my Fleece Artist ‘Unst’ socks. They’re going to be gorgeous, and definitely completed during the month of Socktober!

  4. Satu U

    My first Socktober socks are posted on by blog…. They are made for my one-year-old son.

  5. Amber

    I am looking forward to my first socktober fest. My goal is to finish my Ireland socks and hopefully try out my trekking. :)

  6. Heather

    Wow, that blue yarn up top is just luscious. I am getting a late start, but hoping to finish at least one pair. If I am super industrious the next couple weeks, maybe I’ll end up with more!

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