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So Called Knitting
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So Called Knitting

My So Called Scarf
1. All Rolled Up, 2. Scarf Complete,
3. Scarf Complete 2, 4. Scarf and Leftover

"My So Called Scarf"
Pattern: Sheep in the City adaptation
Yarn: Malabrigo Wool in "Forest" colorway (approximately 1.25 skeins)
Source: Kaleidoscope Yarns (online order)
Needles: Size US 10.5 Clover bamboo

There have been several versions of this scarf, and each time I see it, I marvel at the texture and the way that it brings out beautiful variegated yarn. The herringbone stitch is only on one side, and the other side has purl bumps, like reverse stockinette. I did a regular cast-on (long tail) and my standard crochet bind off. I did not feel the need to do a fancy bind off, as the one I did worked well with the pattern.

I chose this simple yet elegant pattern for my pal in the International Scarf Exchange. I sure hope she likes it as much as I do! The Malabrigo was near perfection – and I am not being overdramatic! It is the softest of the all of the kettle-dyed Uruguayan wools – not scratchy at all, and very comfortable to wear around the neck. The colors were so saturated and beautiful. My pal identified her favorite colors as blue and green, and from the online picture on Kaleidoscope, this yarn looked like the perfect match. When I received it though, I found it to be much heavier on the green, but I think she will still like it. 

My pal noted that she liked medium-sized scarves, and since this is basically a relative size, I chose to make the scarf about 6 feet long, enough to wrap around once, maybe twice, and have enough drape. I had plenty of leftover yarn from the second ball: enough for matching wristlets or a headband.

This was also my first time knitting for a swap, and I was a little nervous. I hope that all my ends stay woven in, and that it does not curl! Scarf exchanges seem to be a good match for me, they are easier to "fit" – I have never tried a sock exchange, but I would just be too nervous! I would constantly worry that my pal's socks would not fit. And I would worry that the person knitting my socks would be cursing me because of my big long feet!

I mailed this scarf and a few other goodies off to Canada this morning – my pal lives in Ontario, and she is cold right now with all of the recent snowfall! I hope this scarf warms her up ;)



PS- Bloglines is playing games with my feeds! Take some and leave others… so, if you didn't see it, check yesterday's post to see my sock progress, as well as this week's questions! Check back tomorrow (whether my feed is picked up or not!) to get LOADS of links for sock knitting tutorials prepared and hosted by many fellow Socktoberists!



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43 Responses

  1. Cookie

    Lovely scarf, Lolly!

    At least, bloglines is back online. They were down for a while this morning. o.0

  2. Nonnahs

    I love the colors! Your swap pal is going to love her scarf!

  3. Rossana

    That scarf is so pretty! I think you need one in blue for yourself, if you’ve not already knit one. =)

  4. ellie

    Oooh, your scarf looks so nice! I need to get my act together on Shawn’s.

  5. Cyndi

    I just finished a so-called scarf too – what a fabulous stitch pattern!

    I have to ask… what kind of software did you use to make the 4-in-1 picture? Those are all great pics, and I love how you put them all together.

  6. Vicki

    So gorgeous – llucky exchange partner!!

  7. elizabooth

    Ooooh, it looks so soft, I can’t even imagine how cozy it is in real life. And yes, it’s already getting cold here in Canada, so I’m sure your pal will be happy to find it in the mail.

  8. ~Kristie

    LOVE YOUR SCARF! You can really tell when someone knits with high quality yarn, because I just cast off mine last night & it doesn’t look half as good as yours (probably because I used Lion Brand Yarn).

    I’ve also never tried a KAL because I’m nervous that the recipient either won’t like the finished object, or the first time they wash it, all the ends come unweaved. Maybe I should try a scarf exchange too.

  9. francoise

    I am sure your pal will love this scarf Lolly! Swaps are great fun and I hope it won’t be your last!…

  10. Nery

    Very nice!! After seeing your scarf (I had admired the pattern b4) I had to make one so I purchased the Malabrigo in Stonechat. I can’t wait to cast on! You should receive commission for all of the yarn I buy after reading your blog. :0) Your scarf pal is going to love it! I will join next year. I was too nervous to do it this year. I can’t believe you were nervous, who wouldn’t like to receive something from you!

  11. meg

    that scarf looks fab! great colors and love that pattern. must add to my “to knit” list. i have some malabrigio calling out to me.

  12. Zarah

    It looks great… your pal is so lucky! (And if you’re really concerned about the color, you could always give it a quick dunk in a low-dye dye bath for just a tint of blue.)

  13. Kelly

    Gorgeous scarf. I’m sure your pal will love it! The malabrigio yarn so soft and comforting to knit with.

  14. aquaknits

    The scarf turned out just beautiful, lucky pal!! Can’t wait to see all the tutorials posted!

  15. Amy

    Malabrigo is one of our best sellers at the shop. It is devine. Your pal will love it.


  16. Barb

    Malabrigo! So soft and lush. Lucky you!

  17. Cathy

    The scarf looks great! I really like that pattern – thanks for the link, it is definately getting to be scarf weather here in New England :)

    I also, finally managed to do your Socktoberfest questions and posted them on my blog. http://tightlywoundlooselyknit.blogspot.com/2006/10/socktoberfest-post.html

  18. tiennie

    Beautiful green scarf Lolly! Love the color.

  19. gleek

    ooo, i just love the texture of the malabrigo and herrigbone pattern. very lovely!

  20. melissa

    i love your scarf!

  21. Jenna

    First off, my advice for everyone is to SWTICH TO NEWSGATOR!!!! It’s so much better than bloglines. Secondly, love the scarf, the color is so earthy and soothing. No need to be anxious, I’m sure that your pal will love it.
    Looking forward to some tutorials!

  22. molly!

    That is a great scarf! It looks perfect, I’m sure your swap partner will love it.

  23. Maureen

    So pretty! I’ve always wanted to make that and the Malabrigo is a perfect match. Your swap partner will be thrilled!!

  24. Jennifer

    Lovely, lovely scarf!

  25. Tracey

    If I were in the scarf swap, I would be praying I was your swappee right now, absolutely stunning.

  26. Dave

    It’s gorgeous. I love the colour, and the stitch pattern for that scarf is one of my favourites. I’m sure your pal will be absolutely delighted.

  27. Moni

    Lovely! She’s (or he’s) gonna love it! As I said before, I love that pattern!

  28. carrie m

    love the scarf, of course, and i’m sure your pal will too.
    i’m sorry that i haven’t been reading so often — i’ve been away from bloglines and i’m embarrassed that i’m not a sock knitter!
    will you be at rhinebeck? or maybe not?

  29. chooiwah

    Oh..the scarf are gorgeous!! the yarn and the color really show up the pattern. you pal are a lucky girl !!

  30. Chris

    Gorgeous! I hope your pal loves it. Bloglines is messing with my feeds, too. Things tend to improve if you send them a complaint/comment email.

  31. Heather O

    I love your scarf! Your pal is so lucky!

  32. Kristi aka Fiber Fool

    Your scarf is great! I love greens so it is just my style. If you pal doesn’t like it, she can send it to me! ;-)

    I’ve posted two tutorials to my blog this week if you’d like to include them in your tutorial post…

  33. Jami Howard

    are you happy about who won Project Runway?? i am :) haha … umm okay you HAVE to hear this song…its my new favorite…its by Ray LaMontagne “All The Wild Horses” … its amazing

  34. Allison

    What a lovely color! I’m sending my scarf off soon too.

  35. Jody

    MMMMM – Malabrigo is my favorite. I made my multi-directional scarf out of it and I love how soft it is.

    How are your tests coming? Study hard but leave time for knitting!!

  36. Risa

    Beautiful scarf – what a lucky pal!!

  37. heather

    wow looks fab! I have to get some of that malabrigo!

  38. Julia

    I am drooling over all that green…….. Yum!

  39. Dorothy B

    I love green and that scarf looks so pretty and cozy.

  40. weezalana

    Beautiful scarf! That’s one lucky pal. :) Hmmm, may need to knit one of these with that hpy stash…

    P.S. I just finished my very first pair of socks! And can’t wait to run home and start the next! Gooooo Socktoberfest! :)

  41. Wanda

    that is a beautiful scarf Lolly! I’m sure your pal will be very pleased to receive it.

  42. princessdeia » Perfect Companions

    [...] to catch up on my daily reading (see what you all have been up to over the weekend). And there on Lolly’s blog were images of there My So Called Scarf – the perfect pattern for my Sirdar [...]

  43. randa

    I face a problem with this pattern
    the stitches are decreased
    in row1 ,I psso…..this is like decrease,right or not?
    in row 2 I p2tog then I p 1st stitch again
    but I found that I’m loosing double the number of stitches
    where is the mistake???help me plz

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