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Get Shorty: Tutorials for Short-Row Heels
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Get Shorty: Tutorials for Short-Row Heels

I love delving into the technical details of socks – experimenting with different cast-ons, and heel and toe techniques. However, I have avoided the short-row heel after my first (holey) foray. Luckily, there are some great tutorials to help avoid the problems that short-row heels are notorious for: gaping holes and an improper fit.

Enter Jo at MisoCrafty – she has put together a STELLAR tutorial with great step-by-step photos on the whole process!

Truly beautiful to behold!


…and not to be forgotten…


Another tutorial – for those of us who need some redundancy! – CosmicPluto offers a wonderful tutorial complete with pictures of Trekking XXL!

Short-Row Tutorial...

**Click on the pics to take you right to the tutorials!**

After my first holey experience, I now have somewhere to turn! Thank you ladies for these great tips and tutorials!

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26 Responses

  1. molly!

    Yay! Those are just what I need. Maybe I will even cast on for a new pair tonight!!

  2. Karen

    Thank you!! Tutorials are the BEST!

  3. earthchick

    Thank you! I just tried short row heels for the first time, for my first pair of Socktoberfest socks. I was following a couple of other online tutes, but hadn’t seen either of these. Will check them out – I can use all the help I can get. Thanks!

  4. Sarah

    I can vouch for both of these tutorials WORKING….I used both of them as references last week when I was trying yet again to do a short row heel. This time, I got it right on the first try. No holes, no frogging, just quick, pretty heels.

  5. Amber

    Thanks for the links! I am almost finished with my Ireland socks thanks to the motivation from Socktoberfest! :)

  6. Laura

    Thanks for linking to those! I had seen cosmicpluto’s short rows a few weeks ago and shamelessly begged her to share the secret! Sicne I’m a fan of Wendy’s toe-up socks, these tutes really help!

  7. Tammany

    Thank you, thank you! Holy heels were my biggest issue with toe-up socks. Next time I cast on a pair, I am going to try this method.
    Thanks again for posting this!

  8. Kathy

    Thanks — I need to unlock the mystery of short rows!

  9. Cathy

    thanks for the links. The flap is still my favorite but I will be sure to bookmark these in the event I need to do a short row! :)

  10. Tracey

    Yay, an answer to my prayers, I have avoided short row anything. The whole process scares me. I may *gulp* be brave enough to try these.

  11. Jenna

    Hhmm, having these good instructions may inspire me to try the short rows again…but I doubt it! I love me some heel flaps.

  12. keri

    Thank you, I always have such holey short rows….I can do it this time! =)

  13. michael

    Ah, short row heels… Just remember, if you’re doing short row toes as well, they will (can be, you can change it) excatly the same length…

  14. lorinda

    Thank YOU Lauren for finding answers to the questions we are all asking.

  15. Leah

    I love Jo’s tute! It forever changed the way I knit short row heels!! :)

  16. Nonnahs

    Impeccable timing! I plan to attack my first short row heels today! Thanks!

  17. heather

    I love these tutorials…maybe I can get over my fear of the short heel!

  18. Karen

    Thanks for the SR links! *I* cannot have too many tutorials for doing sr heels. One day soon I’ll finally get it!

  19. Natalie

    Thanks for the links, they’re great. Especially for someone who has holey heels! (that would be me)

  20. LunarAwe

    These are fabulous tutorials. I definitely learned something new. I have always done short row heels, but not they way either of these two experts do. The Sock Wizard program (for those looking for another reference) has excellent instructions that result in unholey heels, but it is nice to see a few other methods. Thanks again!

  21. Suzanne

    This is awesome! Thanks for pointing them out.

  22. Paula

    Thank you! Now I’ve got to go try this.

  23. gleek

    i used the misocrafty heel directions on my short-row heels and they turned out great! i highly recommend it.

  24. Carol

    Thank YOU for sharing these!

  25. Diana

    Lolly, you are amazing! You have had tutorials on EVERYTHING I was looking to learn about socks so far(picots and short rows!)! All you are missing is toe-up how to stuff! Thanks for putting together such an awesome Socktober!

  26. Fiber Fool » Knee Highs Make Progress…

    [...] I shall have to either do short row heels (of which Lolly posted some links to great tutorials of yesterday) or probably use DPNs to do the inverted heel flap and gusset as there certainly isn’t room on these circs for all the extra gusset stitches of two socks. But I’ll tackle that problem when I get to it. I wish I could get my hands on a copy of the book, but I don’t particularly care to own it, I just want to peruse it to see what their preferred heel method is etc. and our library doesn’t have a copy. I can get one through ILL, but that could take a week or more. Oh well! [...]

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