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More *Highlights*
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More *Highlights*

The first *Highlights* post got a great response, so I just had to show you more of the lovely socks being created by your fellow Socktoberists! Any questions you have about patterns, yarn, etc., please forward to the sock creator (the link under the socks).

Enjoy! and be inspired! :)


Disco Socks
From Alyssa
From Annkari

Red Socks
From Cathy

Halloween socks done!
From El Arte
Grandma Rita's Socks
From Nikki
Mountain Color Bearfoot socks
From Claudia
Socktoberfest Finished Socks
From Karin

mmm, those smell like sheep
From Adam

shoes by
From Georgia
Knee highs in action!
From LeahBear
From Zallah
finished pumpkin socks
From CutoutWitch

From IndyChick_UK

Bayerische socks, finished (3)
From betty.
Chocolate Donut Socks
From Chawne
From Fawn Pea
Hedera and Tarek
From Mostacillas
Dreamcatcher Socks
From Vera
From Knitorpurt

Socktobersfest socks finished!
From Mevrouw Walvis

Finished Socktober Fest Knee Socks
From Laurel717
Brenda's Socks
From Brenda
Waving Lace socks, fin
From ShizzKnits
Socktoberfest visitation
From Hsarik
Classy Slip Ups for Tiennie's Matt
From Tiennie
kneesocks done
From Sinivillaa

Toe up heel / Autumn
From AnnaKika


All pictures were seen via the Socktoberfest Flickr Group.

There are many many more beautiful socks being created out there – take a random stroll through the Socktoberfest list and see what your fellows are cooking up!  ;)

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40 Responses

  1. ellie

    Thanks Lolly! I am inspired. I think when I get back to my Wyverns I’m going to make them knee highs!

  2. Debbi

    I am so inspired to knit a pair of socks. My mom was an outstanding knitter and I have all of her knitting supplies. Mom made slipper but not socks. This weekend I will be on the hunt for a easy sock pattern.

  3. Jen

    Love them all, how inspirational!!!!!!!!!

  4. cathy

    I’m having such fun with Socktoberfest! Thanks for posting the great inspirational photos.

  5. Jenna

    I’ve been cruising the flickr group quite a bit myself as there are so many cool socks there. You’ve attracted a myriad of talented sock knitters.

  6. Kelly

    Great sock pictures!

  7. Cookie

    I LOVE zallah’s pink knee highs! And I still can’t get over how on top of all the sock news you are!

  8. Kate

    The Colours! The Patterns! The Style! The Flair! The Yarn Lust! *must turn envy into feverishly flickering needles*

  9. Vera

    What a delight to see my Opal Dreamcatcher Socks in your post. I’m really enjoying Soctoberfest! Looking at all these lovely socks is such a great inspiration.

  10. Martha

    The sight of those socks is inspiring!

    The reason I’m writing is that my mom has Lymphoma and I’m running a contest on my blog to help get blood donations. She was in dire need of blood and we had to wait DAYS for her blood type to be located and transported. Simply, I need your help to get the word out. Please help.


  11. Madge

    Bee yoo tee ful! I’m gearing up to attempt my first pair o’ socks, and these photos are an inspiration!

  12. Ann

    So COOL! So many socks! Loving the Socktoberfest!!!!!!

  13. Susan

    WOW! Sockporn!!! My favorite!

  14. lorinda

    Wow!! Thanks Lolly for that amazing feast!

  15. gina

    Gee, thanks! With mine, the magic is all in the Trekking.

  16. Shayna

    Those socks are amazing, I feel so lame with my one plain sock, but they do give me something to aspire to! Good luck with comps!

  17. Tracey

    I am in awe of all the perfect show-of-your-knit-sock-shoes out there!

  18. Dorothy B

    So many pretty socks. I really need to knit some more on mine.

  19. tiennie

    Oooohhh! My hubby’s feet are on your site! Great socks from everyone. Thanks for all the work and hosting Lolly!

  20. Rain

    oh WOW…I’ve nothing else to say. I better get cracking on finishing my practice pair soon.

  21. betty

    thank you for highlighting my socks! i’m very flattered to be among such beauties!

  22. Jenneke

    Thanks for posting these great sock pictures! I’m allmost done with the socks I started earlier this month – it was my goal to finish these. Just 27 rows and a toe left. I’ll have it done in time for the sockparade next week.

  23. Dawn

    Lollygirl you are da bomb!! I am digging the pictures!

    I wonder if anyone has finished some socks in the Scout Socktoberfest yarn……I would love to see how that knits up!

    I am loving Socktoberfest!!

  24. Mom

    Nice blog post! IndyChick’s socks look like the ones that you made for my birthday. I sure am enjoying them!

    I love Adam’s doggie. What a cutie! XXOO

  25. Karin

    Thanks Lolly! Iam chuffed! What talented and inspiring company to be in with – I’ve found lots more ideas to get going on :) !

  26. Maya

    I really enjoined looking these pictures !!! What a great colors, what a great patterns !! And shoes, oh shoes….. Really a Fest !!!

  27. sheila

    Oh my word…… the vibrant colors… jeez… I wish I could knit… I wonder if I can create socks on my knitting loom…. or I guess I should crochet some socks… they are so inspiring.

  28. AnnaKika

    Thank you for this Socktoberfest!

  29. Carol


  30. Alyssa

    Thanks for posting mine! I do love them:) It’s been such a fantastic Socktober. Thank you for hosting such a wonderful event!

  31. michelle

    wow!! really. i’m jealous.

    maybe all these will help me get my sock mojo in order. i just ripped out my only one of the month and am feeling like a socktober failure :(

  32. fawn

    The Socktoberfest Flickr group is my favorite daily distraction. Y’all are so talented!

  33. Chris

    Thanks for sharing these! They’re so inspiring.

  34. Janelle

    Gorgeous – thank you!

    How about a post about SHOES that go well with handknit socks? I have the hardest time finding ones that fit over my socks, are comfortable, and also look great.

  35. chawne

    Thanks for showing my donut socks. These are some wonderfully inspiring knits.

  36. Leah

    Thanks for sharing my socks on bike pic Lolly! I really love these updates!! :)

  37. Jennifer

    Beautiful socks, all! I just finished up my socktoberfest contribution and posted them on my blog. I’m no where near the photographer as some of these ladies and gentlemen though!

  38. Hawkesley

    So many beautiful socks. Gorgeous yarns and patterns. I now have so many sock patterns I want to try and so many more yarns I’d like to buy. I love looking at the photos of all the different socks.

  39. asweetp

    WOW! These are some awesome sock pictures! I’m loving Socktoberfest, thanks for hosting this event!!

  40. zallaah

    oooooh my socks *blush*

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