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Lace Leaves
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Lace Leaves

Lace (Not So) Knee Highs

Lace (Not-So) Knee Highs Done! Lace cuff detail

Lace (Not So) Knee Highs

Lace cuff detail II Lace (Not So) Knee Highs


Yarn: Three Waters Farm Merino in "Etudes in Brown" colorway
Source: Maryland Sheep and Wool 2006 purchase
Pattern: "Lace Knee Highs" from Interweave Knits, Winter 2004
Needles: Inox size 2.5mm (US 1.5) metal
Notes: Features and inspiration noted here

I love these socks. They are probably the most intricate thing I have made – and I am proud of myself for going through with it. They took me some time to complete – I started them in late July – but it is completely worth it now (Well actually, sock one took several months; sock two only took about 2 weeks). The weather is perfect to wear these out and about with my Mary Janes and my boots. They did not turn out to be the knee highs that I originally planned them to be, (there was no calf shaping in the pattern!) but I love them all the same.

These were my first real lace chart, and I really enjoyed the process. The repeat was small, and I could handle watching TV at the same time (and that is really the true test for me). I can say that there will be more lace in my future. I don't know exactly what shape it will take, but I am looking forward to it. I have enough leftover of this glorious yarn, purchased at Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival this past May, to make a lace shawl or scarf, and I just may give that a try.

The yarn was similar in ply and texture to Koigu or Louet: soft, with a subtle shine. The colors mesmerized me from the moment I saw them at the booth – I believe Amy and Stacey were with me – and they bought some too! They were the quintessential autumn colors – and now I can wear them on my feet whilst the beautiful trees peak around me!


These socks will be my *good luck charms* as I am planning to wear them tomorrow morning / afternoon during my graduate school comprehensive examinations.

~Please think good thoughts for me!~

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  1. Dave

    Whoa, those are gorgeous — well done! What a wonderful marriage of pattern and yarn.

    There’s another tutorial, in 9 parts, at http://katherinemisegades.wordpress.com/sock-workshop/

    (Subsequent links at bottom left)

  2. Rossana

    Best of luck on your comps! I know you’ll ace them!

  3. Karma

    Beautiful socks! Good luck tomorrow, dear.

    PS Where did you get those cute shoes? :)

  4. pinky

    Your socks look great! I hope they carried you successfully through your exams.

  5. Chris

    Gorgeous fall socks – hopefully they’re lucky exam socks!

  6. kristin

    I love that first picture of the socks, shoes & leaves. Very professional looking. Love love love the socks & the shoes!

  7. Miss Scarlett

    I love your shoes! Your socks are fabulous too, but those shoes!

  8. Scribbles & Bits

    They’re beautiful! Congratulations and good luck!!!!

  9. Maritza

    Those socks are gorgeous! Great pattern you chose. I love ‘em.

  10. erin

    beautiful socks. I LOVE THOSE SHOES!!!!!

  11. Siri

    Those are, hands down, my favorite pair of Socktoberfest socks that I’ve seen all month. They’re gorgeous! I’m going to have to give that pattern a go some day when I find the right yarn for it. The pictures are great, too. The shoes, the shoes! SUCH cute shoes. A perfect match of socks and shoes.
    Thank you again for another great Socktoberfest! It went by too fast.
    I hope the exams went well.

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