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Customize: Tutorials for Unique Socks
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Customize: Tutorials for Unique Socks

So you have knit some sock patterns here and there, but you want something truly unique, something customized to your own aesthetic and style, whether you choose a whole new pattern, or build off an existing one. Here are some tutorials from Socktoberists that have done just that… and they give you tips on how you can do it too!

Stacey took the well-known DNA cabled scarf pattern and adapted the cables to socks! She did lots of knitty math and came out with a beautiful sock for her sister, who works in the medical field. She kept copious notes and shares them all on a TUTORIAL on her blog! Check it out!

Kristi at Fiber Fool is pretty darn amazing. This girl writes some stellar patterns, and knits and spins up a storm. She recently reposted a tutorial she wrote last year on how to make CLOG SOCKS. She has a thorough write-up, and some very helpful diagrams on her blog. Go over to her site and see the tutorial and her lovely patterns!

Donna prepared a wonderful sock beading tutorial, and she has shared it with us in Socktoberfest! See her lovely work?

Donna's Beaded Sock

Click on the picture to take you to the photo tutorial!


…and Maia has completely out done herself. She has created not only one tutorial – but THREE! – about how to design your own sock pattern. Each of the tutorials have detailed illustrations and photos like the one here, seen in her Part I tutorial:

Maia's Sock Tutorial

Part I: How to Design a Sock

Part II: Design a Cable Sock

Part III: Design a Lace Sock


All of these ladies have worked so hard to provide wonderful tutorials, and I want to thank you so much for doing so! You can thank them too by visiting their blog and commenting on their hard work! :)



PS–Loving this "future" blogging feature in WordPress! I can edit the timestamp and make the blog post whever I want! I wrote up this post about tutorials on Wednesday, and I am posting it on Friday! Live blogging will return after my exams are over! (Saturday evening)

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  1. Mouse

    I just moved from Blogger to WordPress and am just starting to learn my way around the new system.. so far it looks pretty cool. Great list of tutorials.. I’m definitely going to have to bookmark them and check them out later!

  2. Jennifer

    What great tutorials!

  3. pippi

    thanks for keepin these commin!
    i’ve been enjoying maya’s tutorials very much over the past few & so very happy to see that they have made their way over here!!!

  4. hpny knits

    the great articles keep coming! thanks for putting it all together on top of having exams! good luck.

  5. Amanda

    All these tutorials are very inspiring to me. I’m crocheted my Socktoberfest socks, but I’m also planning to learn to knit on DPNs so that I can knit socks too. Thanks everybody!

  6. Jen

    Thanks for posting links to these tutorials! And good luck with exams!

  7. Dorothy B

    Great tutorials. Adapting a stitch pattern for a sock was a really good one since I’m trying to make my sock up as I go.

    I found uploading and resizing pictures in WordPress too fiddly for my taste, but I did like most of the other features.

    I hope your exams are going well.

  8. Tamar

    These are wonderful – I am loving the tutorial feature of Sockotberfest 2006! I also wanted to wish your lots of luck (though I’m sure you don’t need it!!) with your comps – as a fellow academic I understand the stress and that “just gotta make it to Saturday” feeling. :)

  9. LunarAwe

    Thanks so much for these fabulous tutorials. And best of luck on all the exams!

  10. Catrin

    Great tutorials. And best of luck on all the exams!

  11. Mama Bear

    These are great! Good luck with your exams and thanks for Socktoberfest!

  12. Susan

    Good luck on the Exams. Live or not, thank you for the tutorial links!

  13. Maya

    Thank you !! This is wodnerfull !! But, is there any store for buying time ?? I don’t know if I will knit everything I want in just one life ……. :)

  14. melissa

    hope the exams are going well! i’m loving all the tutorials everyone has shared. they are all wonderful!

  15. Jenna

    It’s great that people are using this time to explore different ways to create their own socks. I’m especially glad to see the explanation of the DNA socks, I love them! Hope the exams went well!

  16. cookie

    Awesome tutorials! Soctoberfest is a wealth of information, and I’m loving it.

  17. Cheryl

    From the old librarian to the young one:
    Here’s hoping you did well on your comps! I am sure you did fantastically, as anyone who blogs as comprehensively and knits as passionately as you should have no real problems with silly old tests.

  18. keri

    Wow, thank you for the tutorials!

  19. Karin

    I love all the links and tutorials and interviews. You have (once again) done a tremendous job at making this a really pleasant experience. So, even though I only knit one pair of socks (for My Guy) I started a bunch more and will be coming back to the ideas presented here for more.

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