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Double Time: Tutorials for 2 Socks on 2 Circs
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Double Time: Tutorials for 2 Socks on 2 Circs

In these waning hours of Socktoberfest, it has become very clear that there is just no way that a mere calendar month – even one with 31 days!can do these socks any justice. There is just so much to learn, to share, and to use!

With so much sock yarn and so many lovely patterns, we want to make socks all of the time. Unfortunately we don't have 8 arms, but there is a way we can trick the fates a little – by knitting 2 socks at the same time! How now? Thankfully, one Socktoberist has prepared a great tutorial for doing just that!

Sara at Quacking Fiber Addict uses an unconventional method and has great results! See her wonderful tutorial using a mini-circular needle, which she reports as "so much easier than DPNs"! Clover Plastic Circular

She has outlined each step of the process with great photos, and has documented it so well. Thank you, Sara, for putting this together! Click on the picture of Sara knitting away to go straight to the tutorial!

Sara's 2 Circs Tutorial


Sara notes that a knitter who wants to try 2 socks on 2 circular needles may need a little practice with circular sock knitting in the first place. A great place to help you learn how to knit socks on circular needles (one at a time) is this tutorial.

And another thanks for Mama E for pointing out this great tutorial that she uses for 2 socks on 2 circular needles!

I have not tried 2 socks on 2 circulars before, but I would love to hear from people who have! Does it "trick" your mind into thinking that you are actually knitting faster? I can see the obvious benefit of not having the dreaded "Second Sock Syndrome", and that in itself makes me want to try this method! :)

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29 Responses

  1. Dorothy B

    More great tutorials. I really need to get knitting on that sock for sure now!

  2. Yvonne

    The only unfortunate thing is that the 4s in mini circs have been discontinued. So if you really want one, make sure to get one quick before they sell out.

  3. Jeannie

    Cool, more tutorials. I’ve always wanted to try the mini-circulars. I usually make all of my plain socks 2 at a time. If there is lace, colorwork, or any shifting of stitches, then I just do one at a time. I think knitting 2 socks at a time does save time because I don’t have to constantly count rows. Both socks will end up the same.

  4. mama-e

    thanks lolly girl!!!!
    You rock the socktober sistah!!

  5. Stacey

    Thanks for the tut’s! Great info!!!! You should put together a page for future reference of all this great sock stuff!

    I like knitting 2 on 1 circular magic loop style – for boring patterns, it does make it feel like it goes quicker. And, you ensure both socks will be the same!

  6. elizabeth

    Two socks on two circs is great for when you need your socks to be exactly the same and don’t want to count rows, take notes, etc. I find it slows me down, though. Something about having to do every row twice all at once.

    Thanks for everything you’ve done for Socktober! It’s been fabulous.

  7. Adam

    Awesome tutorial, thanks Lolly! I’ve been considering trying 2 socks on 2 circs, but I do love my Magic Loop so much…

  8. Claire

    I use the 2 socks on 2 circs method, and love it. It actually seems slower to me, because I’m not getting as much progress as I would on a single sock. I started using this method as a very new knitter, because my first pair of socks came out uneven. One was a little longer than the other! So starting with my second pair of socks ever, I have been using this 2 socks at a time method. That way, I know my socks are identical, without having to count a bajillion rows.

  9. Jody

    I just took a class on this at Woolwinders! Thanks for a different perspective!

    I found it awkward and messy at first – because my yarns kept getting twisted – but I think I will give the technique another chance.

    thanks for posting!

  10. gleek

    that little circular needle she uses is so cute! i tried two socks on two circs and i have to admit that i didn’t like it :( it felt like i was getting nowhere. i went back to one sock on two circs. it works well for lots of people though!

  11. Rebecca

    I took the same class as Jody (above) and agree completely! I’ll definitely give it another try, though, because the idea of having two socks done at the same time is awesome!

  12. --Deb

    I’d be remiss if I didn’t point you (if you didn’t know already) to this site (http://mysite.verizon.net/vze8mnnp/toesheels.html) which has the most thorough collection of sock tutorials I’ve ever seen. Basically, if you can use it for a sock, it’s on the page. It’s amazing!

  13. Coleen

    I like the two socks on one circ myself! Too bad I didn’t do my latest socks like that, because I’m already feeling the second sock syndrome and I haven’t even finished the first one yet!

    Thanks for all the Socktober fun Lolly! It’s been good fun!

  14. Liz

    I’m doing it for the first time right now and yeah, it feels all kind of slow. It’s also depressing because my pattern isn’t working and I’m gonna have to frog, so instead of just experimenting with one until I get it right I have to work things out on both socks. But I like having both socks right there and knowing that they’ll match perfectly and that I’m using every last scrap of this yarn!

  15. Jen

    I recently knit 2 socks on 2 circs (Cookie’s Baudelaire socks) and while it was immensely gratifying to be finished with both socks at the same time, the knitting did seem excruciatingly slow. To be fair, the pattern is pretty complex, and plain socks would have to be quicker, but I’m not planning on repeating the 2 on 2 method again anytime soon.

  16. LaurieM

    I prefer DPNs above all other methods. Socks are my travel knitting and I often carry the first sock along when making the second so I can “read” my knitting and match up my work.

    I can’t imagine that I would every enjoy knitting socks in any other manner. But I do know how to magic loop and to knit on two circs. I use those techniques for hats or sleeves when DPNs are just too small.

  17. Kelly

    Thanks for the great tutorial and for socktoberfest. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot!

  18. Michelle

    Thanks so much for everything this month, Lolly. What with your exams and everything, it’s doubly appreciated. I’ve learned so much, seen so many things I want to try, and can’t wait for the next Socktoberfest!

  19. mrsbee

    I LOVE knitting socks on two circs! For now, I find it a little easier to knit each sock on its own set of needles, but do them at the same time. I am a definite SSS candidate, so doing both at once is great—when I’m done, I have TWO socks! I have done dpn’s & magic loop also, but think 2 circs really is faster for me. And if you like to just throw your needles with sock in progress in your bag and take with you, no worries about WIP slipping off!

    Lolly, you should try it! Once you get the hang of it, I think you might like it! Thanks so much also for all of the Socktoberfest fun… really loved it! Best wishes on your exams…

  20. Sara

    I think I do get a pair done faster, usually in a week, if only because I don’t suffer from SSS ;D

  21. Tania

    I’m a dpn girl, though I’ve never tried magic loop. I tried to do the 2 -2 method with the Conwy pattern from Nancy Bush’s NOTR and it just seemed to go so slowly. Something was always getting tangled. I’ve also tried doing one sock on two circulars, which was alright except for having to manuever the stitches over the joins. When I do fair isle it will probably be on 2 circs though (although now I can’t think of a good reason why…).

    Thanks for all the interesting info this month!

  22. Leah

    I’ve always wondered about those shorty circ’s! Thanks for the tute! :)

  23. Nonnahs

    I love my DPNs, but I might give 2 circs another try if if I can do the 2 socks at once. Thanks for the tutorial!

  24. Molly

    I’ve not done the 2 circs thing, but I just finished my first pair of socks EVER, 2 at once on one circ using magic loop. I know me, and I know I’d have major SSS, so 2 at once is the way to go. If I could do it for my first pair of socks, anyone can.
    I just cast on a pair of toe-up jaywalkers 2 at once on magic loop. So far so gooo!

  25. Heather

    My mom has done two on one circ with Magic Loop, but I use Magic Loop for singles, or dpns… I don’t mind the second sock, though sometimes it can be a pain, like when I go away for the weekend and leave the first one behind and don’t have any measurements with me…

  26. maryse

    gah! not another technique!

    actually i gave the long magic loop a try again today and i think it’s working. so far, i’m liking it better than dpns. let’s see what happens when i get to the heel.

    since i don’t suffer from SSS i don’t think i’ll need to change things. plus, tangling yarn bugs the crap out of me.

  27. beverly

    I like two socks on two circs for the satisfaction of finishing all at once. I’m a little scattered when it comes to wanting to start on new projects, so SSS gets fooled with 2×2! The tangled yarn can be a pain, but I love binding off a pair.

    Thanks for Socktoberfest, Lolly! I finally got my 2×2 toe ups started. xx

  28. keri

    I tried the two circs thing but didn’t like it, too many yarn ends tangling made me crazy. However I may have to give it another try with this tutorial.

    Thank you for being such a lovely hostess this month, I really enjoyed knitting along even though I didn’t finish a pair of socks.

  29. Karin

    I have tried this and I do it for sleeves, but for socks it defies the mindless round and round that I love about socks because you are for ever switching yarn or needles.

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