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Socks on the Street
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Socks on the Street

I got an email early in Socktoberfest from blogless Leslie (who I am hoping to meet in San Francisco in a few days!), about how to work your handcrafted socks into your day-to-day fashion:

I would love to see photos of how people WEAR their socks. That is, I have been making socks in all kinds of beautiful yarns and sometimes bright colors… Once I'm done, I wonder, "What in the world am I going to wear these with?" … I absolutely love these socks but I wonder what in the world I'm going to wear them with. My loafers are black and brown. Could I wear them with white tennis shoes in the cold weather? Anyway, I'd love to see not just photos of people's socks but also photos of people's socks on their feet with the SHOES they wear them with. I love knitting with colors like that but I'd love photos of how people really wear them.

Leslie's question was also echoed in the Socktoberfest Flickr group discussions, so the question, how do you wear your socks?

I wear my handknit socks often, but unfortunately, I do not always photograph how I wear them… of the ones I have captured, here are a few of the ways I actually wear my socks!

Socks with Shoes
1. Opal Magic with Birks, 2. Trekking XXL with sneakers, 3. Koigu socks in the wild, 4. Lace (Not So) Knee Highs, 5. Blue socks!, 6. Trekking XXL #101 with Birks

Sneakers, clogs, and Mary Janes! I also wear my Dublin Bay socks with a small kitten-heel dress shoe for work – they look pretty good that way (I think!)

Now it's your turn! How do you wear your handcrafted socks??



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  1. The Purloined Letter

    I love mine with Dansko clogs–and with my delicate Earth shoe mary-janes!

  2. heather

    hehe. I see my docs!

    I love wearinig mine with my doc maryjanes too!


  3. Marisol

    I wear mine around the house. My first pair that is. I’ve made one other complete pair and have several in the works. The second pair I made I gifted for summer of socks:)

  4. Jenn

    I have to wear my socks with boring old tennis shoes, as I’m under a doctor’s care for foot problems and am only allowed to wear tennis shoes. Bah!

  5. Dee

    I live a very casual life. I wear mostly jeans (black, khaki or blue) with Clarke clogs (brown or black) and very vivid and varied socks.

    Sometimes I wear my socks with sneakers, but not very often. I prefer my clogs.

  6. Dave Daniels

    Well, speaking for the guys, I am wearing my pair of hand knit Pumpkin Socks with my dressy Skechers at work today. They don’t get seen much, except for those times I’m in a meeting and I cross my legs. (Like this morning.)

  7. Cookie

    I wore my SocktoberFest socks with Keds and brown capris a couple of weekends ago.

  8. Mia

    I wear mine with clogs. I wear Dansko clogs and I own several pairs. I am thinking about wearing a plain pair with my hiking boots. I have actually worn a pair of hand knit socks inside my fire boots though!! I try to make sure that I don’t do that though. But I wear them with what ever I want to. My fashion sense is very unique!

  9. Ann

    I wear mine at the end of each day. I come home, kick off the work clothes and heels and immediately put on a pair of my handknit socks. It’s a total ritual for me — I hate having cold feet, and the softness signals to my brain that it’s time to relax.

  10. LunarAwe

    I tend to also wear hand knit socks at home, though I put on the bright stripey ones under simple black shoes. They were quite lovely. :)

  11. erica

    I wear all of the socks I’ve made as much as I possibly can. Recently, I bought a new pair of Dansko Mary Janes just to show off my handknit socks. I try to match them with what I’m wearing but if not, no big deal at least I’m wearing my socks.

  12. Karen

    I have a pair of black clogs and a pair of brown clogs and I wear all my socks with one or the other. I try to match what I am wearing somewhat…but for the most part I don’t really care anymore. Shame on me. :)

  13. Glenna

    I wear my socks everywhere! I have a pair of slip-on mary janes that function as my fall everyday shoes, and they show off my knitted socks pretty well since most of the time my jeans or pants cover everything up to the ankle. I figure socks are meant to be worn! I show ‘em off! :)

  14. Whitney

    I love to wear my handknit socks with my maryjanes (as you can see pictures of on my blog), but I also wear them with sneakers a lot, too (my sneakers even perfectly match one of the pairs of socks that I knit!), and sometimes with my clogs…but I don’t really have very many shoes, so I don’t particularly have many options for showing off my socks!

  15. Specs

    I, personally (it works for other people, it really does!) don’t like wearing socks with clogs or sandals. I tend to knit dark colored socks so I can wear them with loafers or my sneakers just as I’d wear black socks (which I wear most other days).

    I hope to work up the courage to wear my Pomatomi with my mary janes. These socks are just too pretty not to show off once.

  16. Rachel

    I tried and tried and tried to keep my focus on socks this month, but it didn’t happen until this past weekend. I FINALLY finished a pair of socktoberfest socks, phew! I’ve already started on another pair and have a few waiting in the wings to get going on, but I guess they will have to wait for sock-vember-fest (heehee). Let the sock party begin! Er, continue!

  17. Amanda

    Thank you, Lolly, for putting together such a spectacular Socktoberfest. Your time and effort has not went unnoticed. I can’t wait for next October, so it can be Socktoberfest all over again! Thank you so much!

  18. Carla

    You did a rockin good job with Socktoberfest. I knit socks all the time- however I only finished 2 prs. and have lots of singles started! Thanks for the fun!-Carla

  19. lisa

    socks and crocs, baby!

  20. Julie

    I wore my first pair of finished socks to Rhinebeck with a pair of Timberlands. Enough of the sock peeped over the tops so that everyone who saw them said “Oh, Jaywalkers! I know that pattern!” I’m thinking I need to get some Mary Janes to really show them off, though. Or start wearing my fleecy clogs to work…

    Lolly, I just had to thank you for Socktoberfest. You inspired me to actually finish a pair of socks, and I think you’ve inspired a sock addiction. Thank you so much for a great idea and a wonderful opportunity.

  21. Elinor

    I wear mine in my sneakers where no one can see them (>.>), in my Roman sandals (very stylish, everyone can see them), and occasionally to bed when my toes get cold. I used to dislike wool things, but now I can’t find anything I appreciate wearing more than my handknit wool socks. =D

  22. Judy P

    I usually wear my socks with clogs. Also have some Merril Mary Janes that look good with socks. I updated my progress on my blog BUT no photos. they just weren’t uploading. I have to pack for Stitches East. I will be in the Black Water Abbey booth if you want to say hi, I’d love to meet you in person. Thanks for a fun month of socks

  23. Suz

    Oooh. Great question! How fun!

    I wear my socks with my Birki Boston Clogs…or Birki Florida Sandals. These are the only shoes i can wear for comfort and due to the lymphedema in my legs.

    Until i was able to make my own socks, the only socks that fit me were a slouch sock that i can only get at Jc Penny’s…they come in Navy, Black, White, Off-white, Gray and a Dusty Blue. So boring!!!


  24. Sourire11

    Hey I just wanted to stop by and say Happy Halloween and thanks for a wonderful Socktoberfest! I really really enjoyed being a part of it!

  25. Leslie

    Wow! What a treat to see my question as part of Socktoberfest. I feel famous or something! :) THANKS for the great pictures and the interesting answers from you and your readers!!!

  26. Marlyce Swinnerton

    I wear my socks with SAS oxford style shoes with orthotics inside. If I knit the socks then I also knit narrow I-cord laces with the leftover yarn. It’s a bit of a chore to lace them into the eyelets as there is no aglet on the end, however perseverance wins out.

  27. Karin

    I wear my socks around the house instead of slippers (sometimes more than one layer if it’s especially cold) and during winter I wear them in my hinking boots as everyday wear. Now I work in a casual environment where I can keep those boots on, but otherwise you would still find me wearing them and changing shoes at work (did that in the past). I wear my socks to bed on cold nights, too.

  28. Jennifer

    Well, I wear my sock with sneakers or my red Mary Janes only occasionally. I don’t know what I’m doing, saving them for posterity I guess.

  29. Miss Dottie

    Oh! For a second I thought you meant me! I’m Leslie and I live in San Francisco! hee hee! If you need any recommendations for SF fun, just let me know. Unfortunately, I’m travelling all of next week and a mer 18 days from my wedding, or I would extend an invitation to take you out to a healthy vegetarian dinner–like at Greens in Fort Mason–yummy!

    I wear my socks whenever I can. But I must say, they look particularly charming in my dansko clogs.

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