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Stitches Loot
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Stitches Loot

I told you I got a lot at the Stitches Market. I stuck to my project list though, and bought yarns with certain knits in mind.  Long post ahead!

Here's what I got:

Noro Kochoran

Five skeins of Noro Kochoran #17 for the Kolsva cowl pullover

I saw the discounted Noro the minute I walked in the door at Stitches.  WEBS had many of their Noro yarns deeply discounted – it was about 40% off the regular price, and that was enough for me to take the plunge.  Suzanne helped me decide on a colorway, and I made my first purchase after being there for only 5 minutes.  Can I possibly fit this project in this month for the celebration of Norovember?  I am working diligently on my Cherie right now, but I have to say that all of this yarn is really calling to me!

Sock Yarns

New sock yarn (suprise surprise!)

I had my mind set on some Tess sock yarn, as it is probably my favorite sock yarn out there – I made my Dublin Bay socks with it, and have some others in the stash for various projects.  I added the three yarns on the bottom – red, green, and blue – for various patterned socks I have in mind.  The gorgeous pink and brown hank was a incredibly generous gift from my friend Georgia at Yarn Pirate.  She sent this colorway (PureKnits) as a gift for Socktoberfest, and sent me a double skein – that is nearly 1000 yds!  So, I am thinking about trying a lace stole pattern, as well as some socks with it! :)   The burgundy tweed is another WEBS find – Regia tweed, possibly for these Kilt Hose.

Edie Cardigan

WEBS was also running a super-duper sale on their Araucania Nature Wool, which I really enjoyed working with for my sister's cabled scarfStacey and I bought very similar colors of this yarn, so we just may be twinsies!  I bought enough for the lovely Edie cardigan, from Shobhana's great new book, Yarnplay.  The pattern calls for a much more expensive yarn, but I have worked with this one, and I really like the quality, so it will be a great match! 

Red Sportweight Wool

Street Smart Hoodie

Both of these lovely yarns are from Cottage Craft, whose owners were so kind and friendly, they made me want to visit their shop in New Brunswick straightaway! Their color palette was so beautiful and natural, and their prices were so good that I decided to stock up. Mom also bought some beautiful colorways for a felted bag pattern, as well as a shawl. I bought the red single with this shawl pattern in mind. The blue worsted yarn was a substitute buy for the Street Smart hoodie that I have been planning for years now… I originally bought some Patons wool for it, but I heard a nasty rumor from Liz that it pills terribly, and I didn't want to be picking pills out of the bobbles and cables for the rest of my life! So, I decided that another yarn would be better-suited for this patterning. I loved this sky blue color the moment I saw it, and I got about 1600 yds of the yarn for a little over $20!

Pink Chunky Wool

The Mannings had a big booth, mainly filled with books and accessories, but towards the back, they had some great wools and sock yarns. I picked up this pink chunky wool to try my hand at this modification of a Vogue 2005 pattern. The pink is actually not as bright as it appears in this picture, and has some heathery tones in it that are also not evident. The wool was reasonably priced, and I saw many people buying it. My mom picked up some browns and purples of the same wool.

Patterns from Stitches New books from Stitches

Books. My other obsession, clearly ;) I picked up Michael's great new book, Knitting With Balls, and he signed it for me. There are some very nice designs in the book, and Michael mentioned that he is also working on another book right now. It was a real pleasure to meet him, and he was working on a beautiful sock!

My other real find was the LAST book to complete my Nancy Bush collection, Folk Knitting in Estonia. It is available through her store and some other venues, but Amazon does not carry it, and neither does the bookstore in my area. I even happened upon a signed copy! I also bought the Holiday 2006 Vogue, and two patterns from different vendors. I played with the floor sample of that wrap shrug for way too long, so I decided to buy it. It is made with qiviut, one of the most expensive fibers in the world (it is musk ox fiber) and it was a dream to touch, but I think it would be very nice in an alpaca or merino as well. Click to make the picture bigger, and to notice the ruching on the sleeves! The second pattern is a cute felted bag from Two Old Bags.

And in other book news, I spotted Norah Gaughan, one of my favorite designers, on Saturday.  I stopped and introduced myself, and asked if she would be there the next day, as I wanted to bring my copy of Knitting Nature for her to sign. She was very nice and agreed to sign the book. So, on Sunday, I was back with my book, and she personalized it too!

Norah Gaughan

…and last but not least, a gift from my mother…

All day Saturday I was looking at the laceweight yarns.  I am not ready to jump into a large lace project -I don't think I have the patience!- but I am quite intrigued with the lovely scarves I have seen.  The laceweight that kept drawing me back in was the beautiful silk/merino blend in the JaggerSpun Zephyr.  And on Sunday, my mom slipped away and bought these three gorgeous colors for me as an early birthday present!  I am thrilled!

Jaggerspun Zephyr Laceweight

Now you see why I had a ridiculous grin on my face, right?

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  1. moirae

    I will be interested to see what you knit with the Zephyr. I have a couple beautiful skeins myself and want to figure out something I can do with just one skein.

  2. claudine

    What great purchases!! I’m so jealous :)

  3. carrie m

    wow, i don’t even know what to say! such beautiful loot and lotsa great books. that blue cardigan is heavenly.

  4. MJ

    WOW! Beautiful stash enhancements!

  5. Nonnahs

    Geez Louise, girl! I am very impressed! Very nice haul!

  6. Wanda

    Man, you really went to town with the shopping! It all looks great. The Cottage Craft yarn looks so yummy. I’m so jealous you got to meet Norah Gaughan! I love all her stuff. So cool. Glad you got some great yarns. Hope you enjoy your trip to SF.

  7. Rain


    Yeah thats all I got to say…

  8. Kelly

    What a great haul Lolly! I love the colorway you picked for your noro sweater.

  9. Kate

    I started working lace by knitting a shawl for my ISE pal and it was so easy that I’m now working on a piece twice that size as a christmas gift for my mother. Lace moves quickly and offers beautiful results. The only suggestion I would offer is that I found lace knitting to be much less complicated when I knew I could read the stitchs (that is, look at them and know what was going on). This has allowed me to fix endless mistakes without hassle.

    So, I guess what I’m trying to say is “go for it girl”! You will rock the lace knitting.

    Oh, and as the daughter of a mother daughter knitting team myself, I have to say that your mom is awesome. What a great gift! My mother always manages to do a similar thing when we go shopping and as someone who only managed to get out of the school routine in the last year (with major debts) I’m always greatful. Yay for Moms!

  10. J Strizzy

    I love Jaggerspun Zephyr — probably one of my favorite yarns, and i’ve only finished one project with it so far. It’s fantastic both to knit with and to wear. And that raspberry color is beautiful!

  11. Allison

    ACK! So much fun new stuff- it’s almost overwhelming, isn’t it?!? Cool signed book.

  12. Staci

    What a great haul!

  13. beth

    I am so jealous right now and can’t even look at your blog:b Just kidding, looks like you got some awesome purchases, I’d have a big grin too!

  14. shobhana

    yay, edie! woo-hoo! can’t wait to see your progress!

  15. Nell

    Beautiful yarn! Norah Gaughan! I envy you! Out of curiosity, what is the color number of the lovely blue Nature Wool you bought?

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