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New Year’s Eve Ramblings

 Today was a landmark day – I actually ventured out of the house! I met up with my good friend Becca for brunch. It was the change of pace that I needed the most. Since we last spoke, I developed [...]

Recovery and TLC

Thank you so much for your kind words. The surgery itself went well. I had not experienced being "under" anesthesia before, and it was a very strange ordeal. One minute laughing with the nurses, and then suddenly Kris was there [...]

None the Wiser

Wisdom teeth – who needs them? Evidently I don't. They are coming out today, and I am a little nervous. The dentist made an audible wincing noise when he looked in my mouth and saw my wisdom teeth… and then [...]

Handknit Holiday

Well, the holiday was not completely handknit… I didn't finish my mom's present, so I worked out a little surrogate gift… and I didn't make anything for dad, but I am already thinking about next year's, and I still have [...]

Project Spectrum Percolation

When Project Spectrum ended last August, I received lots of feedback about what to do (and when to do) the second round. I knew that I needed some time off to focus on my last semester of school, and to [...]