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Saturday Scrapbook
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Saturday Scrapbook

The weekend went by entirely too quickly, but thankfully I have some nice memories of the events that occurred…

Kathy and I made plans in early November to meet up – once and for all. She and I have been blog friends for two years, and she lives only 20 miles north of me, but until this weekend, we had never met! We missed each other year after year at Maryland Sheep and Wool, and despite our best efforts, we also missed each other at this year's Stitches show. So, we resolved to set a definite place and time for a meeting, and it finally happened!

Kathy invited me to her Baltimore home on Saturday, and we chat, drank delicious tea, and even knit a bit for the entire afternoon! It was a wonderful time, and we hope that two years do not pass before it happens again!

Kathy and Lolly

As you may recall, Kathy was the leader of the Norovember knitalong. She has created some lovely Noro garments and accessories herself, and was even working on a beautiful scarf while we were chatting. She presented me with the lovely Noro Shinano yarn that I won during the Norovember contest. I am thrilled with this colorway, and thought it would make a great Edgar or a Wavy (like Caro's), and possibly some wristlets.

Noro Shinano!

Thank you, Kathy!

Saturday's crafting involved scrapping things together… literally! I went through my stash, gathered up my leftovers, and samples from Yarn of the Month Club packets, and decided to make another version of the Rapunzel scarf (inspired by Anthropologie's Winter '05 collection – I guess I am behind the times?). I made version one for Project Spectrum March – a nice mix of pinks, and reds. Version two was not color specific, so I threw in ribbons, leftovers from finished objects, and samples of all colors. I love the results!

Braided Scarf

Braided Scarf Detail

The tassels are long, unruly and kind of messy, but it is a fun and funky scarf, so it goes with that aesthetic.

Can you identify any of the yarns in the scarf? (click to see larger)

Braid Scarf Tassels

I measured the threads and leftovers to about 6.5 feet. The cutting and measuring took about one hour. I tied a huge knot in one end, and Kris held it while I made the big braid. The hardest part, just like braiding hair, is getting out the knots and the tangles. A wide toothed comb came in handy! Next time I do this, I will probably avoid the mohair leftovers, as they tend to tangle into everything else, and cause some problems. Word to the wise…

There are so many ways to use up your leftover yarns, and to recycle ribbons, embroidery floss, etc., It is like an oversized friendship bracelet! It also makes for a quick and unique gift. If you decide to make one too, let me know! :)



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36 Responses

  1. Nanc

    ha ha – Glad to see you had fun. That Kathy is a hoot, and clever, ta’ boot! (Tee hee – it rhymes.) I lucked out this year and was able to meet up with her at MSWF.

    I like your Rapunzle v2.0 scarf. Very creative!

  2. Leslie

    That scarf is SO PRETTY. Remember when we talked in SF about using up leftovers?! You’ve inspired me. So pretty!!!

  3. Dorothy B

    A very interesting scarf. I think I need to build up some leftovers longer than a few inches.

    Sounds like a good weekend. Isn’t it funny that the people geographically closest to us are the ones we see the least?

  4. Jenna

    I’m glad you had a nice meet-up, it’s always good to make more blog friends. Plus, you got free Noro, which definitely makes for a worthwhile trip.

    The scarf looks great! I love the mixture of color and textures. Creative use of leftovers.

  5. hpny knits

    what a fun way to use up stuff!!

  6. Zarah

    What a cool idea for a scarf – I guess I missed your first one! Plus, no weaving in the ends… fabulous.

  7. sarah

    Oh, I am *definitely* making one of these now! Brilliant idea! Thanks for the heads-up on the best way I’ve seen yet of using up leftovers! : )

  8. Heather

    That looks like a fun project – and great idea for all my ends too short for anything else. Are you going to wear it? Let us know how you like it.

  9. Kathy

    Ahhh…so that’s the scarf you were talking about! That is a good way to use up leftovers, and I’ll have to keep that in mind next time I get a good pile of scraps together!

    I had fun on Saturday! Thanks for visiting with me!

  10. hillary

    That scarf is so cool. Thanks for another idea for my leftovers.

  11. Kara

    ooh i love the idea of that rapunzel scarf! you clever girl.

  12. Amy

    Sounds like an all around lovely weekend! The scarf looks like a lot of fun!

  13. scout

    Such fun! She’s the sweetest isn’t she!?

  14. Kelly

    Sounds like you both had a great afternoon. The noro yarn is gorgeous and so isn’t your scarf!

  15. Adam

    Great scarf idea, what a cool way to use up leftover yarn :)

  16. Terra

    Super fun scarf, and aptly named as well. I’m definitely keeping this in mind for when I have enoug leftovers (I’ll definitely start keeping more now)

  17. Meredith

    I love the scarf! I’ll have to go through my leftovers sometime and see if I have enough.

  18. maryse

    your new rapunzel came out great … it looks just like some berroco yarn i have in my stash http://www.berroco.com/yarns/optik.html

    oh and a project specifically designed for the shinano is this one:


    it’s on my list with the shinano that i have (that is now discontinued by the way).

  19. chris

    Ohhhhh, what a GREAT idea! Love it!!

    And lucky you getting to hang out with Kathy! I wish I lived closer . . .

  20. Christy

    Yep, pulled out a scarf in progress and added some stuff from the stash. I’ll post a photo soon! Thanks for the idea!

  21. Vicki

    I love it! Don’t know if I can pull of something that funky (good funky of course), but I’m willing to try :)

  22. mrspao

    Kathy’s really lovely and encouraging :) Lucky you – that Noro is gorgeous.

  23. Miss Scarlett

    What a cool idea. You need to post a pic of it on. I love it.

  24. Laura

    Bitchin’ scarf! I’ve always wanted to do a yarn “remix” (a la Suss Cousins) with a few of my favorites and then knit something out of them. But this is even better!

  25. Stacey

    What a great idea for a quick gift!

  26. Jennifer

    Love the scarf! I saw a store scarf the other day that was made totally of yarn pom-poms. I bet one could take a whole bunch of leftover yarns and make pom-poms for a funky scarf.

  27. Lain

    What a great idea for the leftover yarn! Mine is just in a box under my bed… hmmm… ideas!

  28. Amber

    What a great idea for leftovers! :) Nice job!

  29. Jody

    Awesome – I may have to try that. I am accumulating quite a stash of leftover yarn that I really can’t do anything with. I was thinking patchwork afghan – but this seems much easier and quicker too!

  30. stacey

    That is great! I love the scarf. I am building a collection of scraps so now I have something to look forward to making with them!

  31. Jessica

    Wow, what a cool way to use up leftovers! I’m so glad you did this, I’d never have thought of such a thing–and it’s beautiful!

  32. Elinor

    That scarf looks awesome. I did a mini version for the tassel on top of a hat, and I love the way braided yarn looks. Yay!

  33. Theresa

    Great scarf! And wow! two sweaters in a month (can you tell I am catching up on my blog reading?). They are both lovely on you.

  34. carrie m

    so much to comment on. i think i see some white homespun in the rapunzel scarf. and i LOVE your cherie sweater. and the mel-norah almost made me pee my pants.

  35. chooiwah

    awesome!! interesting and funky..I love leftover yarn project, I’m saving my leftover yarn for a shawl.

  36. beth

    hey lolly, thanks for this! i made my own, (and today i also created my own blog…) check out both. :)

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