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Shobhana is doing a good deed – and we can help.

Shobhana's Bejeweled Scarf

This is Shobhana's author photo from the back page of her awesome new book, Yarnplay. See her fetching little scarf number? Well, she recently made the pattern for this scarf available for purchase ($2.25 – less than a caramel macchiato!), and between now and December 31st, the proceeds are going to F.I.R.E., the parent organization of The Dulaan Project. The money is being earmarked for the shipping fees associated with getting all of the wonderful handmade creations to Mongolia to keep the children warm and healthy. So, you can contribute and donate money to the effort, and get this smashing scarf pattern in turn!

*Visit Shobana's blog and buy a copy!*

… and just as an added incentive? Let's knit some Bejeweled scarves together! Buy your patterns between now and December 31st – and then, we can knit along together (Shobhana will join us!) starting January 1st, 2007.

This is not a formal knitalong, and I will not be keeping a list of names. However, if you do want to take part, here are some things you can do: (any or all of them!)

  • Leave me a comment if you purchased a pattern.
  • If you have a blog, ping this blog post (just link to it!) when you make your scarf in the new year.
  • Join the Handcrafted Scarves group on Flickr and tag your picture with "bejeweled".
  • Post this button on your blog, and link it to this blog post.
Bejeweled Knitalong Button Bejeweled Knitalong Button

That way we can see all of the lovely Bejeweled knits, as well as remember the Mongolian children that your donation helped!

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81 Responses

  1. Deb

    got the pattern, now to find the perfect yarn…

  2. Janet

    Thank you for the pattern! Now I get to shop for some awesome yarn!

  3. Lisa

    Just got the pattern and can’t wait to find the perfect yarn.

  4. Vanessa

    I just purchased the pattern and can’t wait to get started. I have some fabulous Sundara yarns aran silky merino that will be perfect!

  5. Miss T

    Just bought the pattern!

  6. Valerie

    Just bought the pattern. I have 2 yarns in the stash with appropriate yardage, hopefully one of them will work out well! This scarf fits well with one of my goals for 2007, knit some lace!

  7. I.M. Knittified

    Thanks, Lolly, for another great idea! I’ve bought the pattern and posted about it on my blog. I will add the button today. I have a skein of Schaefer Helene that I think will make a beautiful Bejeweled scarf.

  8. Deb

    Got the pattern a few days ago…now to find the yarn! Thanks for the info. :)

  9. Sarah

    I bought the pattern last week and am about 1/2 through using SWTC Karaoke.

  10. Ilse

    I just purchased the pattern and will join in this knitalong. I may make this my Christmas project for next year.

  11. Amy J


    I purchased the pattern and an off to get yarn today! I can’t wait to start!

    Happy New Year Everyone!

    Amy J

  12. jennhx.com » bejeweled begun

    [...] I’m early on the Bejeweled Knitalong! If you haven’t heard of this new KAL for 2007, check it out on Lolly’s blog. Proceeds for the pattern purchase go towards the charity-knitting Mongolia Project, so go ahead and grab the pattern on Shobhana’s site! You know you deserve just one more little Christmas present for yourself, and it’s for a good cause to boot. [...]

  13. stacey

    Thank you for hosting another great KAL – I just purchased my pattern – sign me up!!:)

  14. Chelle

    I’m definately in, I purchased the pattern a few weeks ago. Now time to find hunt through my stash for the perfect yarn…. I think this will be a great pattern to try lace, wish me luck!

    Happy Knitting :-D

  15. Bert(ie)

    I sign in for the knitalong. Purchased the pattern last week.

  16. Cindy

    Just bought the pattern at 8:23 pm on New Year’s Eve. I may have procrastinated till the last minute, but at lease I didn’t miss the deadline!! I’m not sure what yarn I will be using yet, but I am hoping to find something fabulous.

  17. Cheryl

    At work, trying to cast on, Happy New Year

  18. Sarah

    Bought the pattern Friday and am happily knitting along right now!

  19. edie

    bought the pattern last week, too! gonna make it after my socks are done! got the yarn, some yummy Mango Moon Hand Dyed which fittingly enough proceeds provides safe shelter, healthcare and education to Women in Nepal.. Knit On!

  20. jennhx.com » last little bit of ‘06

    [...] Knit-along:  Bejeweled. [...]

  21. Amy Artisan » Time to Be…

    [...] I’m participating in the Bejeweled KAL and am loving how the scarf is knitting up so far. It’s fun to see the scarves that are coming together – lots of fun yarn choices. This one will be for me – I commented to Mom that this would make a great birthday gift for a friend; however, I’m loving this yarn so much that I will indeed keep it for myself.So, semi “tongue in cheek” it seemed only appropriate to join It’s Not a Gift! 2.0 with this. [...]

  22. Amy J

    I’ve finished my scarf – thanx for the great pattern. I had lots of fun making the project and so many people have commmented on its beaut (the pattern, not my knitting). I am being a little bit greedy with this one and keeping it for myself!

  23. Miss T

    I started knitting last night and I already love it. This one will go fast.

  24. melanie

    I just bought the pattern too – I’ll start it soon. Wonderful pattern -

  25. Amy Artisan » Bejeweled Blue Hostas

    [...] Thanks Shobhana for sharing this great pattern! Thanks Lolly for organizing the KAL! I will definitely be knitting this pattern again – in fact, I’ve already started on 2 new projects based on this pattern (at opposite ends of the yarn scale). [...]

  26. Knit Nurse

    Pattern looks gorgeous, just the thing for a weekend away with two, two-hour train journeys one at each end! Just got to dig out some yarn, but that shouldn’t be a problem with my current stash! Thanks for the great tip!

  27. Bert(ie)

    I finished my scarf today, it’s a very good pattern and the scarf, knitted in alpaca, is delightfully warm and light and soft. There’s a pic on my weblog. Happy knitting to all of you.

  28. Angie

    I finished my scarf today, donating it to the Red Scarf project, check it out on my Blog: http://www.knit4angie.blogspot.com

  29. Michelle

    I love Dulaan and I love this scarf! Thank you!

  30. marijke goudzwaard

    Hello, I did send money to receive te pattern of the scarf. Is that still possible? Or are you not doing that anymore?

    marijke, the netherlands

  31. Alpaca « Kophieps

    [...] om te breien, deze Bejeweled-sjaal (een knitalong). En inderdaad superwarm en zacht, de diepblauw-met-paarse alpaca-wol die ik [...]

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