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Christmas is a Time to…
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Christmas is a Time to…

When I was growing up, my sisters and I were part of the children's choir at church.  Every year, we would do multiple musicals, songs, and plays – Christmas was definitely the busiest time of year.

Every year, I would get the part of "Narrator" in the musicals…  I had a deeper voice than any of the other children - my mom always assured me it was "mature", not "masculine", as I heard it on the tape recorder.   The high point?  Fifth grade – lead narrator in the 1-800-CHRISTMAS musical.  I got to wear a sparkly red dress and pretend like I was running a telethon on television, trying to save "the true meaning of Christmas".   While I was always the narrator, my middle sister, Mimi, was always the soloist.  She was gifted with a beautiful voice, and that was apparent even when she was a child.  She went on to study music at the university, and continues to perform today.  My youngest sister, Sarah, was also a gifted singer, and actress, and acted in many plays throughout high school. 

I was in the car the other day listening to the Christmas music radio station – I was driving with my mom to do some holiday shopping – and I heard a song that my children's choir had performed years and years ago.  The words came flooding back, and I recalled that I even had a solo in this song (I didn't get many solos – singing was not my forte - so it was easy to remember my verse).

Christmas is a time… Christmas is a time… Christmas is a time to lo-ve

Yes, Christmas is a time to love. Then again, isn't it good to love all year 'round?

Christmas is also a time to… PARTY!

The Columbia knitting girls partied on Saturday night in Baltimore!  Cheryl hosted us, and we had a lovely time!

Party Picture
Amie, Jolene, Erin, me, Coleen, Laura, Jen, Eunny (with photo credits to our wonderful hostess, Cheryl!)

See our fuzzy tiaras? *HOT*

We celebrated the holiday season, as well as Coleen's birthday.  We did a little exchange too, and I just love my gifts from Erin! (She has had an amazing month – she got a studio and she is going to teach classes on handpainting/dyeing yarns!) She got me a collapsible market basket - perfect for taking to the market, and to the yarn shop.  We are two peas in a pod when it comes to recycling! 

Assored  Sock Yarns

And see the lovely yarn right on top?  It is her amazing "Blue Waves" colorway – also a Christmas gift.  This one made me "ooo" and "ahhh" :)

These are some of my assorted sock yarns that I cannot wait to cast on for… I have so many more waiting in a box – this is the overflow.  Hopefully 2007 will bring many more socks to me and my loved ones! 

In the meantime, I finishing up some Christmas gift knitting.  Last year, I did not make any handknits for the family, and I decided to go ahead and do some smaller knits for them this year.  I am hoping to finish by Christmas Eve, when we exchange gifts with my family… will mom be getting a wrapped up work-in-progress?   I hope to finish it soon…  ;)


PS – Thank you so much for your motivational stories and tips on my last post! I plan to read over the comments again and again… many many thanks for your support.

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19 Responses

  1. maryse

    ooh i’m first!
    i was in chorus in highschool because i need to satisfy a music requirement. i can carry a tune but it’s not a great voice. i was technically an alto but because we had 3 boys in the chorus and i could hit some pretty low notes, i always got tenor parts. just want you want … to be mistaken for a boy ;)

  2. Jenn

    My mom will be getting a wrapped up work in progress, I should have started the knee highs sooner! She’ll be getting one of them, maybe one and a half.

  3. Amy

    Looks like a lovely weekend!

    I have one project that will probably be under the tree “on needles” as well. :)

    I remember many Christmas musicals as well. Then when I was in high school there was also playing in the “orchestra” to accompany the adult choir with their program.

  4. gleek

    aw! we had our holiday party as well this weekend. good times!

    many happy knitting days to you in the coming week! i’m also on a deadline :)

  5. Skylar

    Do you know where I can get a couple of those market baskets? Would you put your fruit and veggies in it instead of using those little plastic baggies? I love the idea. I am always thinking of ways to not have to use those flimsy little plastic baggies at the Farmers’ market and the grocery store.

  6. Risa

    Good luck getting your last minute knitting done! Just remember, it’s better late than never!
    And, oh my gosh, you got to hang out with Eunny! *jealous*
    Have a great holiday!

  7. fawn

    The way I see it, giving wrapped works-in-progress is like a double gift. They get the lovely handknit thing, AND they get to see exactly how the lovely handknit thing was made. Two gifts in one! Great basket, by the way, you are a lucky girl!

  8. Jenna

    Ha, you MD gals are so funny. Total score on the basket, it’s a great way to publicly display some of your beautiful yarns. Good luck on finishing those gifts, just keep knitting.

  9. Stephanie

    It looks like a great party. That’s a wonderful bag.

  10. hpny knits

    knitters know how to paaaaarty!

  11. --Deb

    That’s a great Christmas story. I was in the advanced chorus in high school and loved it, but my first choir memory? My sister was in the kid’s choir in our church and I (2.5 years younger) would go and sit in rehearsals with her, singing along because, well, what else was there to do? On the day the choir got to sing for the church, they wouldn’t let me because there weren’t any robes small enough for me, so they made me sit in the audience with my Mom (who was LIVID), and she told me I could sing anyway. So I sat there and sung–I knew ALL the songs and ALL the words unlike half the kids up there, and everybody was smiling at me (I really was an adorable kid), so it’s not like I got into trouble. The one who did? The person in charge of the choir, for turning me out like that, robe or no robe. The minister called my Mom to apologize, even . . . but after that, I was never particularly interested in the church choir…. (grin)

    Merry Christmas!

  12. Lara

    I’m jealous you got to hang out with Eunny too! She is amazing! Nice gift from Erin. Very generous.

    I also see that you are a hockey fan. We are HUGE sharks fan and just saw them beat The Ducks on Saturday. Amazing game. I got into hockey because of my hubby too but I love the game.

  13. Dorothy B

    I’m still singing along with the carols and hymns that come on the radio. I never sang as a child and was once the narrator in a play too.

  14. Rebecca

    I’m on the arch of my last gift sock of the year, woo-hoo!

    I was always the narrator too, except once I was Violet in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I kept sticking the gum behind my ear, then having to cut it out because I didn’t want my mom to find out and try to comb it out. Ouch!

  15. Nora

    Love the fuzzy tiaras – very *HOT* indeed. x

  16. Stacey

    Hey – I was always “picked” to be narrator also – they said it was because my voice carried…yeah, right. I can’t even remember how many classical and holiday plays I sat and read for!

    Ahh – sock yarn….love that basket. Erin had hers at Stitches and I loved it!

  17. Kelly

    ahhhh we did that play too!!! 1-800-christmas hehe

  18. heather

    looks like there was a lot of holiday cheer!

  19. mrspao

    Aw I love Christmastime :) You look like you got some great gifts.

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