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Project Spectrum Percolation
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Project Spectrum Percolation

When Project Spectrum ended last August, I received lots of feedback about what to do (and when to do) the second round. I knew that I needed some time off to focus on my last semester of school, and to prepare for the other blog-related extravaganza of Socktoberfest :) Luckily, things went smoothly, and now here we are looking onto a whole new year, and the prospects of more crafty colorful creations!

I have received several emails asking if Project Spectrum will resume in January 2007. I would like a little more time to gear up for it, so I actually prefer a February start date, or later – maybe March, like last year's Project. Of course, don't let the start date hold you back from creating a colorful craft menagerie!

There was a discussion thread on Flickr's Project Spectrum group – you can read it all here - and there are some wonderful suggestions. However, four months have passed, so people's ideas change, as well as plans for the future. Plus, new ideas crop up, and may revolutionize the whole thing all together!

So, I would love to know some things from YOU:

  • Do you want a Project Spectrum 2.0?
  • When would you like it to start?
  • What structure should it follow? Like last year's? or something new and radical?
  • Do you want to take more than one month with a color?
  • Do you want to extend the project over a whole year, or only 6 months like the first round?

Here's what I am thinking:

  • I want crafters and artists of every stripe to join the festivities! This may be primarily a knitting blog, but some of the most inspiring projects that I saw in last year's project were from quilters, painters, photographers, paper artists, and crocheters.
  • I want to switch up the colors, but still use a logical order. Last year, we started at Red (and pink) and followed the rainbow through, ending with the neutral colors. My personal preference would be to start with BLUE, as I have so many projects that I am dyeing to do with this amazing color ;) but of course, that is up for debate.
  • I want the Project to remain open and free to interpretation throughout its tenure. If you aren't "feeling" a certain color of the month, you don't need to feel obligated to create with it. No pressure is the name of this game, as always.
  • I want participants to feel comfortable expanding their horizons. In last rounds orange and yellow month (April), many people stated that these were their least favorite colors, but actually the time when they were the most creative!
  • I don't want it to become a "chore", and for people to get bored with it.  I felt like this happened last time, and I would love to have some suggestions on how to keep it fresh throughout.

If you have some thoughts, ideas, or answers to the questions above, please share a piece of your mind – give me your two cents! (Please don't be shy! you could have a great idea, and I wanna hear it!) I want Project Spectrum to be something special! Ideas will be gathered in this space, and we can talk about the possibilities and make some decisions together ;)

For the newcomers, you can learn more about Project Spectrum here:

Creating Colors: Project Spectrum

The post that got the ball rolling – almost a year ago!

Project Spectrum Flickr Pool

Crafters share their colorful creations and captures for each month, March – August

Project Spectrum in Interweave Knit's Web Watch column

Amy Singer gave our little Project some props in a magazine!

So, what's in store for Round Two? You tell me!

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54 Responses

  1. emma

    I missed Project Spectrum last year but I would love to join for 2008. I love the idea of having two months grouped together with multiple colors. It would feel like a little less pressure to produce something so you have more time for inspiration to hit. Maybe have some main colors and then throw in the occasional “extra credit” color for fun? It could be a color you wouldn’t expect to go with the others so it could be a fun challenge to work it into the mix.

  2. Holly

    Hi, I too missed the boat last year so to speak……… I was wondering if it would continue, I am a bit of a n00b in the internet blog, chat group thing and I am intrested, but all I could find time to do las tyear was check in every so often. May I suggest, if it has not been done already to have both a “master list” of the year assigned months and a page not for images, but just for the knitty gritty (lol) of the project. We could also do a swap of projects and yarn/fabric/stuff for the next month’s colour. I have seen a few people suggesting adding a second colour to give variety, but I don’t think it’s nessasary, the variety lies in the project you choose. Thanks for this great idea!!! I hope you don’t mind my two cents.

  3. illu-mina

    Hello, i bumped into this page on new year night while sitting up waiting for my girls.( out selebrating). I like the idea of working with one colour at the time. There really are some coloures I never use in my work and this will make me try.
    may I join ? new years Greetings from Norway.

  4. Sassy Glass

    I’ve just found your Flickr group and am very excited to join. I am a glass artist who paints on glass with a special paint that is fired onto it. I do some other crafts but that is my main focus right now. I read through the Flisckr Group discussion and was a little confused. Do you have to be a fiber artist or are there times when you will be doing specific crafts along with a particular color? I would appreciate it if you could let me know what the basic guidelines are and where to go to see what color, if any, has been chosen for this month (Jan.)

    I hope I can become involved. I love color my work with color and light is my passion.

    my site is: http://sassyglass.etsy.com

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