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None the Wiser
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None the Wiser

Wisdom teeth – who needs them?

Evidently I don't.

They are coming out today, and I am a little nervous.

The dentist made an audible wincing noise when he looked in my mouth and saw my wisdom teeth… and then made a digging motion with his hand.

That is not a good sign.

Sure, I am worried about the pain – I have heard so many stories from friends, coworkers and family about their wisdom tooth extraction (it's like childbirth stories) – but the main thing? 

Can I knit on high dose painkillers?

When you see me next, I will have four less teeth - and chipmunk cheeks…

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  1. Steph

    I had mine taken out all at once too and it wasn’t bad at all. Yes there’s a little pain but I’ve had worse. You can knit on painkillers pretty well too, maybe make it an easy project ;-) Good luck and speedy recovery!

  2. Klaus, AKA xaffythealukerune

    Homeslice, I learned to knit on high dose painkillers after my wisdom teeth surgery. Wisdom teeth so stuck in my jaw they put me under and broke them out of my jawbone. I have utmost faith in your abilities.

  3. michael

    You never know! I had 4 out (two were impacted) and I was on solid food within two days, no need for painkillers after the first night, and no swelling. A lot depends on your surgeon!

  4. caitlyn

    I hope the surgery goes well! I had my wisdom teeth out in college. I took Vicodan without having any food in my stomach, and it made me hurl. That’s pretty nasty when one hasn’t eaten anything in 12+ hours. So…don’t make that mistake. =) I think you’ll probably be lots better after 24-48 hours. Good luck, Lolly!

  5. LeeAnne

    My dentist was a bit kinder – he took out two at a time, so I could eat on one side.

  6. LaurieM

    I wrote a physics exam on the Monday after having my teeth out on Friday. But every person is different and you’ll have to go with what works best for you. Good luck and take care.

  7. Kelly

    I had mine taken out a few years back on VALENTINE’S DAY!!!
    I was definatley a chipmunk but I didn’t have a bit of pain, just make sure chris keeps pumping the drugs as instructed and you will be fine.

  8. --Deb

    Good luck!!

  9. kris

    umm, all four removed AT THE SAME TIME? what is up with that dentist? i’ve had three of mine removed, but one at a time, just as they were coming out. no problems!

    good luck, dear lolly! and stay away from the lace knitting ;-)

  10. scout

    Oh no! I hope it went smoothly!

  11. K

    Delurking to say good luck!! I had mine out about 12 years ago and we found athletic socks (clean) filled with ice were perfect for laying along the length of your cheek/jaw. It wasn’t so bad. :)

  12. Suzanne

    Hope it went well. My 18 year old niece had hers out the Friday before Thanksgiving and was at a party the next night. I had mine out at 16 almost 18 years ago and was in the hospital for 5 days and did look like a chipmunk. I think things have improved since then. Ice pops tasted good.

  13. kelly

    I hope it wasn’t too awful. My advice? Lie back & enjoy the pain killers for a couple of days. I tried to knit when I had 4 molars removed last summer & ended up ripping out everything I had done while on them!

  14. Shelley

    I recommend getting knocked out to have them removed…I know up here, if you are getting 3 or 4 removed at once they will do it at the hospital (day surgery) and put you under for it.

  15. Melissa

    I had my wisdom out years and years ago, and I hardly remember what it was like, so it can’t have been too bad! I vaguely recall it hurting less and less over a week, but, ehh. Hope everything went well! :D

  16. Tasha

    Ice, pain killers, and movies to sleep through. That’s how I made it through my wisdom teeth removal. I hope you’re feeling well. :)

  17. Kym

    It’s not bad at all- I had all four out at the same time and while it was not painful, I made the mistake of not icing my face like you’re supposed to. I had to use a baby toothbrush for a week until the swelling went down because I could only open my mouth a tiny bit :)

  18. knittingnurse

    Oh honey! I hope yours went as well as mine did. I had mine out when I was 26 and I was eating 2 days later.

    I hope you are feeling ok.

  19. sydney

    Ouch! I hope everything is going well. Take care!

  20. Deb

    I had mine out when I was 14 and it was relatively painless. Hope yours went as well, and that your doctor was generous with the painkillers. May you be up and knitting again soon. :)

  21. Jill

    Being a dental assistant, I can assure you…you will be fine!

  22. CAthy

    17 year old daughter had hers out a few weeks ago and 18 year old son will have all four out on Friday. Ibuprofen, Ice and Pain pills – you will be good to go in a few days! Good Luck :)

  23. claudine

    Oh my! Good luck Lolly, hope everything goes well.

  24. Karma

    La, I hope your wisdom teeth extractions went well today. Everyone has a terrible story to share but mine weren’t really so bad. I remember the anesthetic more (woah, the window blinds seemed to roll before my eyes before I passed out!) than the actual recovery, and I remember wanting a big fat cheeseburger just a few days later, and eating it. So I wish for a similar, relatively easy experience for you, too. Good luck with the medicated knitting!!

  25. Melissa

    I hope it all went well, I still have all 4 with me… I have heard so many things about it. I dont know about knitting while on high meds, as long as you dont poke an eye or something it should be ok ;) … rest lots!!

  26. Lain

    I just had my four out about two years ago… the operation was relatively painless. The low amount of pain was actually quite surprising — what wasn’t so good was how LONG it took to be totally healed. That was longer than I thought.
    Anyway, I am sure it all went well!
    Much love,

  27. Karin

    Don’t let them frighten you. Mine came out at all 4 at one go and apart from looking like a hamster with full cheeks and not being allowed to eat dairy products it was not at least a problem. I even went to a job interview on day 5 and got the job.

  28. Rossana

    Hi, Lolly! Good luck with the removal of your wisdom teeth. The removal of mine was rather painless and I only felt nauseous with the codeine painkiller so I stopped taking it after the first one they made me take. I was fine. Hopefully your experience will be as pain-free as mine. Happy New Year!

  29. Mom

    Hope my little “chipmunk” is doing okay. Remember to check frequently for dropped stitches. I always find them when I am knitting while tired. XXOO

  30. Mintyfresh

    Ai yu. I haven’t been to the dentist in something like . . . 10 years . . . maybe more . . . and I have resolved to go this year. But I have a feeling I’ll be getting wisdom teeth taken out, too. Let us know how it goes–I’m sending all my bestest vibes your way!

    And it was SO wonderful hanging out last week. A perfect antidote to the otherwise-insane Christmas weekend.

  31. Tami

    I was in bed for three days after getting my wisdom teeth pulled.
    I have a friend that got hers pulled in the morning and went to work that evening in a restaurant and she was fine.

    I hope your experience is a good one.

  32. Kelly

    Good luck with the wisdom teeth. Hope you’ll be feeling better soon!

  33. Kathryn

    Are you getting knock out? or are they taking them out in the office? If you’re getting knocked out, no worries except for a bit of bruising and of course the first day is very painful. I had mine extracted in the dentists office with just localized anaesthesia. Honestly it wasn’t horrible. It really hurt when the freezing wore off for a couple of hours. Good luck and don’t knit anything complicated on the painkillers. You’ll just end up frogging. Choose something easy like mittens.


  34. Mimi

    I hope you recover quickly. I love the Christmas photos.

  35. staycee419

    I had mine taken out a few years ago. It was not pleasant. But, the good news is I survived and I won’t have to have my wisdom teeth taken out ever again. I am confident that everything will go fine for you too. Follow the after care instructions and take it easy for a few days.

  36. shadkitty

    Oh. I feel ya, I am loathe to call the dentist to make an appointment, I know that he will not be happy.

  37. Maritza

    Poor Lolly! I hope it went well and that you’re feeling better today. Stick with soup and kick back, relax. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  38. Jody

    You will definitely have to give me all the gorey details – I am supposed to get mine removed! Every time i go to to the dentist – she asks me why I didn’t get them removed yet – duh! I want to keep my teeth as they are meant to be… in my head!

  39. Kim

    It’s not so bad! Just milk it for all its worth–make your hubby bring you ice cream and watch girl movies with you. Cancel all of your appointments for the next two weeks. Take good drugs. :)

  40. Estee

    Lolly – good luck. I had mine out some years ago and the pain isn’t that bad. The pain killers are fab.

  41. pippi

    I hope it went well!!!

  42. Nery

    Just catching up on your blog. I have been sick with the flu. I hope your extractions went well and that you are enjoying the extra TLC. :)

  43. Jan

    …another delurker hping things are going well. Keeping ice on the jaws will help immensely!
    I had mine out the day after Christmas, my freshman year of college, was back to work on the third day post-op. And the drugs are even better now!
    Take care, follow the instructions, and take the pain pills before it gets very sore.

  44. KnitPastis

    Well, my top two came out super quick but many years later I had to get the bottoms ones cut out and then got ….dry socket in the one. Talk about pain. Just keep it clean and you should be fine. As far as painkillers…I wouldn’t know since I have only taken a mild one once in my life and that was for nose surgury. I would like to see what you do try to knit though on these painkillers. That could be interesting.LOL
    Best of luck to you and you will be fine!

  45. Ragan

    Wow! Feel better soon! I hope that you don’t have too much swelling! When I got mine out, I ate babyfood for weeks. :)

  46. Karla (threadbndr)

    I remember getting mine out in college – worst spring break I ever had LOL. Seriously, take the painkillers they’ll give you on schedule – before you think you need them, so the owiees never get a chance to really settle in.

    Be glad you didn’t put it off like the Marine!Goth did. He had HIS out during boot camp!!! I told that boy he should have listened to me (and our dentist!) Mom’s sometimes really do know best *G*.

    Hope everything went well!

  47. beth

    I’m going to have to have mine out too soon:( I wish you luck!

  48. Kristine

    Oh my goodness! Mine are coming out on the 16th, so I seriously need your feedback on what you can knit while doped up. Then I can plan ahead and have whatever materials needed at hand, because otherwise, I will not survive the next two days!

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