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None the Wiser
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None the Wiser

Wisdom teeth – who needs them?

Evidently I don't.

They are coming out today, and I am a little nervous.

The dentist made an audible wincing noise when he looked in my mouth and saw my wisdom teeth… and then made a digging motion with his hand.

That is not a good sign.

Sure, I am worried about the pain – I have heard so many stories from friends, coworkers and family about their wisdom tooth extraction (it's like childbirth stories) – but the main thing? 

Can I knit on high dose painkillers?

When you see me next, I will have four less teeth - and chipmunk cheeks…

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  1. Dad

    You’ll be fine! I had mine out when I was 18 and I survived. Kris will take good care of you and you’ll get to take care of him in a few days when he has his taken out. Try not to think about it so much. The drugs they give you will make you not remember any of the procedure. Take care!


  2. margene

    Oh my! Just sit back and let the drugs take over for a day or two. Then you can get back to knitting.

  3. Sandy

    I hope it goes quickly and as painlessly as possible! If you MUST knit, may I recommend a simple garter stitch scarf or a dishcloth? You may end up sleeping a good deal though which is the best thing anyway.

  4. Sarah

    I didn’t think it was that bad… and I accidentally ate breakfast on the morning of my surgery so I had to have local anaesthetic only. So I actually watched them do most of it. You will definitely have puffy cheeks, but I think the pain is manageable. But I do agree – knit something you don’t care about too much, and would be possible to rip out. No mohair! :)

    Good luck!

  5. Kiersten

    Good luck! When I had mine out, it ended up not being too bad. Maybe some free form knitting, since things can get weird on some of those painkillers!!!

  6. Stacey

    Ugh – at least it was after the holidays! I still have all of mine, and keep dreading the dentist ever saying they need to come out! Hopefully they will get you some good painkillers!

  7. Barb

    You won’t miss them:) I’ll send some good vibes for a fast, uncomplicated extractions!

  8. Cara

    Ice ice ice! I had all four taken out – had to do in the hospital with general anesthesia because they were all impacted and infected – and I barely took a tylenol and had hardly any swelling. Don’t spit either – just let the stuff drip out of your mouth. However disgusting – don’t spit. And make sure they give you that little syringe thingy for cleaning the spots. So fun.

    You’ll be GREAT! GOOD LUCK!

  9. Adam

    Hey Lolly, I had my wisdom teeth taken out a few years ago, and it really wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I chose the option of being put to sleep, as I didn’t really want to sit there awake through the ordeal. They also gave me both vicodin and 1 gram tablets of ibuprofen for the pain. I took the vicodin once and it tripped me out so much that I opted not to do that again. I was totally fine with just the ibuprofen and some ice packs. It did hurt, but the pain was manageable and recovery was pretty quick. I think you should be able to knit something simple without too much trouble. Hope it goes well, and enjoy all the jello!

  10. gleek

    take ibuprofen (advil) BEFORE you go in. it’ll help with the pain and the swelling.. and have lots of cotton on hand for your bleeding mouth. but other than that, just relax as much as possible! good luck!

  11. Mozemen

    Don’t worry about it. Drugs are good. When I had my wisdom teeth out, the dentist was in tears, but between the drugs when she pulled ‘em and the drugs afterwards, I felt no pain. Maybe some simple stockinette socks, if you’re up to it? I certainly wouldn’t try much patterning for the first few hours, until you see how the drugs hit you.

  12. Carole

    Piece of cake. My biggest problem was the headache I had AFTER I stopped taking the Tylenol with Codeine. Now I know, no codeine for me. Good luck and enjoy the mashed potatoes!

  13. Ingrid

    I hope the extraction goes well! The best tip I picked up when my wisdom teeth came out was that moistened tea bags crammed into the cavities where your teeth once were will stop the bleeding. Apparently the tannins in tea make blood clot. It worked for me! Good luck!

  14. Debi

    Warshcloths! That way if they aren’t perfect, they’ll be fine!

    Feel better soon Lolly!

  15. Jenna

    I had a great time when I got my wisdom teeth out. Sure, there was some pain, but I finished two novels and watched four or five movies. It was a nice time just to chill out and rest. Some people really like Percoset, but I had a bad experience with it – I was convinced after taking it that I had over medicated myself and was going to overdose. Just take it easy and don’t try to eat too much too quickly. Be gentle on yourself, see when you feel like knitting, and you’ll be fine.

  16. dani

    *wince* I still have mine and I live in fear of the day my dentist will make a similar gesture. Best of luck! Can’t wait to see how the knitting looks!

  17. Risa

    Good luck Lolly! You’ll be fine!
    When I had mine taken out, they gave me Valium to take before I got there, which REALLY helped my nerves. haha.
    Oh, and frozen corn works well for icing your cheeks.
    Hope it all goes well.

  18. kristin

    I’ve had 26 teeth pulled, including four permanent teeth – don’t worry about a thing. You’ll be great! I had two wisdom teeth pulled (all I had) and I watched movies in a drugged-out haze on the couch for two days and ate ice cream. Good luck!

  19. Melissa A.

    You can probably knit on pain killers as long as they don’t make you sleepy. I’ve had my bottom wisdom teeth now for 5 years, but they haven’t caused me any problems. Good luck!

  20. Jen

    I had mine removed a few years ago. One of them was impacted and was causing some significant pain, so they figured they’re just remove all of them. It was a breeze; even the chipmunk cheeks weren’t as bad as I thought they’d be. Good luck!

  21. Jennifer

    I had them taken out when I was 15. It hurt, but you’ll be fine. I’d knit something small and simple.

  22. Kelly

    Had mine taken out 19 years ago today. All four, all at once. No problems, and not even a lot of pain. Of course, I don’t remember a lot about those first few days…. The curved-point syringe they gave me for cleaning out the sockets was fun, though. Fill it with water and fire at someone from around a corner. They’ll never see ya comin’.

  23. Snow

    I was lucky. My dentist had televisions in the ceiling so I was able to watch strange shows while being drugged up. Just no sucking on straws!!

  24. Kat

    Lolly, your wisdom will increase with the removal of those blasted teeth. Take the pain medication they give you – don’t miss any doses! Get 2 bags of frozen peas and put them on your face on day 1 – this will drastically help the swelling and bruising (trust me I know this from experience, this is an old mom standby!). Sleep as much as you can on day 1!! Don’t think about knitting or anything – just sleep. Have your dear hubby get you some popcicles and soft foods, ie. yogurt, ice cream, sherbet, jello. I shall keep you in my thoughts and prayers and you will be back to knitting in 48 hours – but don’t try for some complicated pattern – garter stitch will be perfect! Again, stay on top of the pain medication – that is THE most important thing you can do. :-)

  25. ann-marie

    oh–dont’ worry too much. i had all four out. i was awake for the top 2 and asleep for the bottoms (they were trouble).
    The pain wasn’t too bad–I just slept for a day on some Tylenol with Codeine and then looked like Jay Leno for a couple of days (big jaw…we took pictures).
    Just remember to gargle with salt water after (ask Dentist maybe)–it helped to not get infection.

  26. jen

    Take heart, miss Lolly. I was awake for all 4 extractions, including the one where the root broke in half, and didn’t need so much as an advil when it was all done. Yeah, it felt like someone punched me in the face with a louisville slugger, but that only lasted a day.

  27. JulieT

    If you try knitting on drugs, knit something simple; the complicated stuff will get ALL screwed up.

    And don’t try cutting any steeks. Just don’t. Don’t ask me how I know this.

    Good luck, and I hope it’s all anticlimactic.

  28. Tracey

    I think knitting on painkillers is kind of an artform, almost like abstract art…give it a go, and take lots of pictures.

  29. Megann

    You will do great :) I had mine out 4 years ago. I didn’t have much pain at all and the swelling was very minimal. Advil will be your friend. Just rest and don’t knit anything too complicated. My thoughts are with you.

  30. Dawn

    I had mine out when I was 18 and did great! I was ready to go to work that afternoon, but my mom wouldn’t let me. You will do fine and shouldn’t need too many pain meds. Drink a lot of chocolate shakes and follow all of the directions they give you to a T.

    Good luck!

  31. Ashley

    I had mine out just this year after school let out. They put me completely under, but when I woke up, I was in no mood to do anything. In fact, I got home and started bawling. I didn’t do much for a few days. Take all the painkillers they give you. It helps so much. I hope your removal goes well.

  32. Moni

    ack! good luck, Lolly! My experience wasn’t bad. It took about 2 seconds for the doctor to pull it out. I never did get my lower ones but my upper ones grew in a year apart when I was in my mid-twenties.

    Take it easy and use this downtime to knit :)

  33. Denise

    ooooh do NOT try to knit on the pain pills.. trust me.. and Please please.. DON:t try to read anything until the anesthetic wears off.. eek! Just rest and watch mindless TV.. hehe
    you will be fine!

  34. Teresa

    Don’t fret! I had all four of mine “dug” out (they were all impacted), and the dentist also found an extra tooth under one of my wisdom teeth that he extracted as well. I did not swell up at all, and only took one pain killer( I hated the way I felt on them and really did not have much pain at all). I had it done on a Friday and went back to school on Monday. You just never know what will happen!

    Good luck to you and best for the New Year!!


  35. Dorothy B

    I don’t know about other people, but my dentist froze me and extracted all four of my wisdom teeth in about 40 minutes. I had some nice straight roots and the teeth themselves were pretty solid considering they had some big cavities in them. I got a prescription for T-3′s but only needed them for a day after that I got some Advil and that did the trick.
    I hope your extraction goes as well as mine did.

  36. Bee

    aww…I’ve had four removed all at once too but it took me also less than 40 mins because apparently they were teeny. I hope all goes well and that you will be able to knit afterwards while recovering. :)

  37. Marisol

    Oh No!!! I hear that can be painful. I’ll keep my needles crossed that the pain will be minimul! This coming from a chicken that still has her wisdom teeth….

  38. Zarah

    I’m guessing you’ll probably be sleeping, not knitting! But after the first day you’ll feel much better. I had mine taken out earlier this year – just follow all the instructions they give you you’ll be fine! (it was my first surgery and I was really worried, but it turned out to be no big deal.)

  39. Claudia

    Oh you poor thing. You’ll be fine, though. I never had wisdom teeth, but I had a front upper jaw implant done and they actually drilled my skull. I am terrified of needles, but in the end, I swear to you it really is not as bad as people make it. Get lots of ice cream, though!!!

  40. Suzanne

    Good luck today. It wasn’t too bad when I had my wisdom teeth pulled. I had laughing gas and actually told my surgeon that he was good looking – good times! Take care and I’ll check in on you. Hugs…

  41. Lara

    I had mine out a few years ago. It wasn’t so bad. I wan’t a knitter then, but I was a stitcher. I was too sleepy on the painkillers to do anything. I just napped for basically two days. Thank goodness for my mom and hubby or the kids would have been horribly neglected.

  42. keri

    Good luck today and sending positive healing vibes your way. It’s not too bad- I didn’t remember much of the procedure and they sent me home quickly. Frozen yogurt (fro-yo) was a lifesaver. That’s all I ate for the first two days.

  43. Laura

    You’ll do fine! Maybe now is a good time to make a crazy scrappy scarf or something. You can call it your Codeine knitting!

  44. Rebecca

    Saying a prayer for you Lolly and why not use this time to plan some new projects for 2007? You’ve got several new books to choose from right?

  45. Jess

    I’ve had two unmedicated births and I would say that the wisdom teeth removal hurt worse, mostly because it was in my head. Plus there was no cute baby at the end of it ;-) That makes up for all of the pain of birth, in my experience.

    I had percodan after my wisdom teeth came out and I was well enough to go to my first day of college classes two days after the teeth came out. I would assume that if I was able to make it a mile on foot and stay awake through classes and take legible notes, I probably would’ve been able to knit. Nothing more complicated than garter stitch or stockinette in the round, but still knitting.

    I hope you have a smooth go of it and the drugs do their work well.

  46. carol

    For what it’s worth, when I had my wisdom teeth out, it wasn’t so bad. There was some swelling and pain, but not too bad overall. (now my root canal was something else!) And you can knit on drugs. It’s called “faux knitting” (can’t remember where I heard it). Meaning you might have to rip everything out, so don’t knit in mohair!

  47. allie

    I hope you’re feeling better soon. I think that something very straightforward would be great for the anesthesia.

  48. Claire

    I had mine out in my early 20′s, and it was a breeze. 24 hours after having them removed, I was in NO PAIN! I hope it goes as easily for you!

  49. Theresa

    I hope you are feeling OK! Watch lots of movies and nap. My swelling was pretty minimal b/c my dad (who is an MD who practices homeopathy) gave me a remedy called Arnica. In fact, it worked pretty well for all five of us kids who’ve had the wisdom teeth out. My mom also made me some yummy food: a souffle, canned tomato soup w/ tiny bits of pizza cut up in it, chocolate milkshakes, more soup. I remember the food most of all! They tried to put me under, but couldn’t find a vein so I just had the local anesthesia. But the surgeon gave me some headphones and music so I couldn’t hear the drills too much. I was so nervous but it wasn’t too bad.

    Loved the painkillers, but they made me itch so I had to switch to over the counter stuff.

  50. georgia

    i had all 4 taken out at once, and i was awake for it. well, i was totally stoned on nitrous, but still awake. it wasn’t that bad. i tried one tylenol/codeine but i hated it. i mostly stuck with advil and ice packs. and pudding. lots of pudding ;) feel better soon!!!

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