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Recovery and TLC
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Recovery and TLC

Thank you so much for your kind words. The surgery itself went well. I had not experienced being "under" anesthesia before, and it was a very strange ordeal. One minute laughing with the nurses, and then suddenly Kris was there with me post-operation and I was in a wheelchair! I was so out of it, and parts of the story are beginning to come back to me. After I woke up, I remember the nurse saying "It went well", and I kept on asking her what time it was… I am sure nurses and assistants have some funny stories about what people do when they are coming out… Supposedly, my sister came out singing at the top of her lungs! Kris reported that they had some trouble trying to get my sweater and coat on – evidently I kept trying to stick my head into the armhole. Of course, I don't remember any of that…

We got home and I felt okay for awhile, really swollen and in need of some rest. The afternoon passed, and by the evening, I was coming back to my senses. The pain set in later, and the medication they gave me made me feel quite nauseous, so I just slept it off. Sarah, my youngest sister, came over to see me – she brought flowers! So sweet. She probably just wanted to see her sister looking like a chipmunk!

The swelling is still quite noticeable, and it is still sore. I am on a steady diet of yogurt, applesauce, and mashed potatoes. And the matter of the ice packs… they are so sexy, let me tell you ;) Kris keeps giving me a silly look like he is trying not to laugh. Of course, he is being a real sweetheart and taking good care of me. He actually has to have his wisdom teeth out in two weeks, so this is all reciprocal. Hopefully I will back on my feet by the weekend. Probably not on solid food for awhile longer though…

When I can keep my eyes open, I have been watching Season One of Veronica Mars, which was a Christmas gift from a friend at work. I also paged through some of my new books that I got for Christmas… I got some great books, several of them knitting related. See?

Knitting Books for Christmas!

My sister-in-law picked up the lovely Christmas Stockings book at one of the local yarn shops. She is a crafter too (mostly cross-stitch and embroidery) so she knew a good book when she saw it! It is an Interweave Press publication, and includes patterns by many well-known designers, such as an Estonian style stocking by Nancy Bush. I realize that my sister-in-law may be dropping a big hint for next year's gift, but I don't mind. These look fun! Kris bought me Knit 2 Together, which has some fabulous patterns in it. I have been dropping serious hints about this book all season, so he heard me loud and clear. The book deserves a whole post in itself… so more to come… He also bought another "research" book for me, one that has topped my wishlist for the whole year, A History of Hand Knitting. This book makes my knitting librarian/historian heart go pitter-patter! Mom and Dad picked up the fun and stylish Hollywood Knits Style book, and it also has some cute patterns for sweaters and accessories. Loads of inspiration!

This was quite the crafty Christmas – my family knows me well!

Kenmore Serger Sewing Machine with Differential Feed My big present was quite a surprise – a Serger from my parents! I am seeing all sorts of home crafts in my future. It is perfect for finishing napkins, tablecloths, and blankets. I hope to learn more about it. Any of you have tips on Sergers? I am sure there are some ways to incorporate finishing techniques of knitted items with a Serger as well…

My sisters also got me some lovely crafty gifts: Mimi and Daniel went to New York City in early December for a short vacation before his deployment. They stumbled across a gallery show at the Fountain Gallery in Manhattan called "The Year of the Alpaca". Among the artwork, photography, and knitted items, Mimi found two lovely skeins of alpaca yarn. She bought them for me! I love the natural colors, and I am thinking about a colorwork design. Each skein is 220 yards, so there may be enough for a hat/mitten set. It is so soft!

Alpaca Yarns from Mimi

Also from mom and dad, a fun scissors set! All of the scissors are special blades that cut patterns. These will be just perfect for some Project Spectrum crafts! and the colors of the scissors themselves are perfect for Project Spectrum as well!

Scissor Kit

And Sarah crafted a gift for me too! She put together a beautiful stationary kit. She bought a striped fabric box (which I love!) and filled it with some real goodies, including six handmade blank greeting cards. She used rubber stamps, special papers, and embossing techniques to make some beautiful pieces. She included a great orange daisy pen, and some other delights, like flower-shaped candles.

Stationary Set Gift from Sarah

Other gifts included some beautiful jewelry, more fun books, silk scarves, a cashmere cardigan with pearl buttons (so classy!), and some fun kitchen appliances (a smoothie maker that has come in quite handy since the tooth surgery!) and beautiful wine glasses. A truly wonderful Christmas ~

Thanks again for your well-wishes and thoughts. I have been able to knit a little (when I can stay awake!) and I will show you that progress very soon.


With love from your chipmunk-cheeked friend…

Chipmunk Cheeks

I do bear a striking resemblance to this little guy at this moment… well, except for all of the fur…

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  1. Dorothy B

    I hope you have a quick recovery. It sounds as though you have plenty of new toys to play with and new books to read while you recover though.

    Get well soon.

  2. Elinor

    Fun time! My boyfriend’s sister got hers out fairly recently; that was a good time. ^_^ I hope you feel better soon, Lolly. And talk about some great books! Those will keep you busy while you rest up.

  3. Nora

    Get well soon. x

  4. caitlyn

    So glad to hear that the surgery went well and that your recovery is going smoothly!
    You have some lovely gifts there!
    Happy New Year, Lolly!

  5. CAthy

    Glad to hear you came through ok. My son had his four out today and is resting comfortably (for the moment). Take care of yourself and good luck to Kris with his!

  6. Karin

    The Alpaca is lovely. How about the squirrel mittens from Hello Yarn? That’s what the colors made me think off.

  7. Elemmaciltur

    Glad that all went well with your surgery. Make sure you rinse your mouth thoroughly but gently after you’ve eaten each time (when you’re back on solids, that is).

    Alpaca yarns!!! Yummy!

  8. Amy

    Glad it went well– just dream of the glorious return of solids!! Nice gifts, too- I got some nice ones myself.

  9. Megan

    I’m glad its all over with! I remember when I came out from having my wisdom teeth out, I was SO concerned about the tooth fairy. I remember trying to tell my mom that I better get something really good for going through all that!

    Get better soon!

  10. Wanda

    Glad you are feeling better. I’ve had two wisdom teeth surgeries (just removing one tooth each time) and I kind of wished I’d done all 4 at once. Hope your recovery goes quickly and without incident. What gets you is the phantom aching that comes 5-6 days later when you think you’re getting better and you are, bu the aching, yikes. Take good care of yourself.

  11. Kelly

    talk about funny stories the nurses have to endure, after my removal I was telling Moose over and over that I wanted a donut and called the doctor SUPER DOCTOR over and over heheheh Don’t remember a thing. Heal well!

  12. Petra

    Sorry to hear about your operation. I hope you are feeling better again! I am missing threee wisdom teeth myself. Fortunately they were only pulled out, which was ugly enough with all that crunching sounds.
    You certainly have some very lovely people around you with all these lovely presents.

    Best wishes

  13. Shelley

    Glad to hear that your surgery went well! A couple of years ago I had to get a tooth pulled (it had had an old filling that had fallen out a few years prior to that, and since they couldn’t do anything with the tooth and it was getting abscessed, I needed it pulled). Anyway, I looked like half a chipmunk for a little while. A friend at work kept commenting that my face looked swollen on one side…gee, I wonder why…lol.

  14. Moni

    aww! I hope you are feeling better soon, lolly! I’m glad it all went well. I remember being really sick from the pain medication they gave me. The worst part of the whole ordeal for me was being sick from the pain meds, in fact. Glad you have a good hubby there to give you some nice tlc. :)

  15. Nonnahs

    Hey Lolly! Hope you’re recovering well. I had my wisdom teeth removed a few years ago- good times! ;) At least you’ve got some fun reading material to peruse through while you’re waiting for the swelling to go down!

  16. sydney

    I’m glad to hear your surgery went well. Take it easy.

    You got some really nice Christmas gifts.

  17. Diane

    Hope the pain and swelling diminsh fast! I remember when I had my wisdom surgery–yuck! I loved my percocets!
    Take it easy!
    Happy New Year too!

  18. vera

    glad to hear everything went well. when i had mine out this time last year, the nurses told me they had a hard time waking me up…not really something one likes to hear ;0)
    you were very lucky this christmas! i have been eyeing off the history of hand knitting, looks great.
    and a cashmere cardigan, just what every *classy librarian needs ;0) x
    -hope you feel better soon.

  19. KnitPastis

    Hi Lolly , glad it’s all done and you are on your way to feeling better. How could you not with the yummy smoothies you make:) So good to see you making fun of yourself with this cute little chipmunk, made me laugh! Lucky you getting all those fun scissors and the serger! You have a lot to look forward too! Take care sweetie.

  20. gray la gran

    regarding the serger … yeah! if there are classes available, take the classes. a serger can do so much, and shouldn’t be limited to just cutting and overcasting the edge.
    regarding the surgery, no fun! but, it sounds like you have lots of family taking good care of you :)

  21. Miss Scarlett

    The books look great! Perfect to have around while recovering. You are too funny – the little chipmunk pic is adorable. Rest up.

  22. Meg

    feel better soon!!! then you can enjoy all your crafty gifties :D looks like you had a wonderful Christmas, what a blessing to have friends and family know exactly what you’ll like :) and good luck to the DH on his surgery too!

  23. carrie m

    feel better lolly! i had mine out in college and didn’t much like it.
    you got quite the great haul of gifts there, missy. a serger! be still my heart!

  24. Mimi

    I love you bunches. I hope to see you very soon. K-bye

  25. alison

    Well, at least that’s done and over with! I hope you’re feeling better soon, and that you have a happy new year. (Will you toast with a smoothie?)

  26. shadkitty

    Yay! Glad you are back. :) I was inspired by your “Year of the Alpaca” gift, I am thinking of starting an Alpaca along.

  27. yvonnep

    Dear Lolly! Hope you feel better by now. Wish you a wonderful 2007 with lots of crafty things and a succesful informal kal.

  28. lisa

    my son had his wisdom teeth out this past year, and when he got tired of eating mush, i picked up real mexican: refried beans and soft chicken chimis. soft, but with a lot of taste!
    feel better soon!

  29. Jessica

    You poor thing. I had my bottom ones out when I was 13 and I’m glad I did it then because I wouldn’t heal nearly as well now. I’m sure you’re doing better by now but definitely take it easy. Hope you have a Happy New Year! :)

  30. Robin

    I had my bottom (impacted) wisdom teeth extracted when I was 22 with local anesthesia, and although I haven’t had general anesthesia before, trust me when I say you do not want them removed without it! My top ones were done under local too, last year, believe it or not. I put that off until then b/c my experience was so bad on the first two. Those weren’t difficult to get out so I did local again, but it took five minutes.

    On the serger, I’m so JEALOUS! I don’t have one yet or know how to use one, but I’d love to buy one and learn. I was thinking of taking a class on it somewhere.

  31. Amy Lu

    I read all your comments, to see if anyone else suggested it, and another Amy came close with the ice-in-a-sock idea…

    A friend got married around Thanksgiving, and her new father-in-law is a oral surgeon. So, anyway, he removed her wisdom teeth earlier this fall and what he does for an ice pack, get this, is a bra.

    You put a zip-loc full of ice in each cup, put your chin in bewtween them and tie it on the top of your head. It holds the ice in perfect position. She had no Chipmunk cheeks whatsoever. He swears by it.

    Just an idea, in case you are still swollen…. :-)

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