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Recovery and TLC
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Recovery and TLC

Thank you so much for your kind words. The surgery itself went well. I had not experienced being "under" anesthesia before, and it was a very strange ordeal. One minute laughing with the nurses, and then suddenly Kris was there with me post-operation and I was in a wheelchair! I was so out of it, and parts of the story are beginning to come back to me. After I woke up, I remember the nurse saying "It went well", and I kept on asking her what time it was… I am sure nurses and assistants have some funny stories about what people do when they are coming out… Supposedly, my sister came out singing at the top of her lungs! Kris reported that they had some trouble trying to get my sweater and coat on – evidently I kept trying to stick my head into the armhole. Of course, I don't remember any of that…

We got home and I felt okay for awhile, really swollen and in need of some rest. The afternoon passed, and by the evening, I was coming back to my senses. The pain set in later, and the medication they gave me made me feel quite nauseous, so I just slept it off. Sarah, my youngest sister, came over to see me – she brought flowers! So sweet. She probably just wanted to see her sister looking like a chipmunk!

The swelling is still quite noticeable, and it is still sore. I am on a steady diet of yogurt, applesauce, and mashed potatoes. And the matter of the ice packs… they are so sexy, let me tell you ;) Kris keeps giving me a silly look like he is trying not to laugh. Of course, he is being a real sweetheart and taking good care of me. He actually has to have his wisdom teeth out in two weeks, so this is all reciprocal. Hopefully I will back on my feet by the weekend. Probably not on solid food for awhile longer though…

When I can keep my eyes open, I have been watching Season One of Veronica Mars, which was a Christmas gift from a friend at work. I also paged through some of my new books that I got for Christmas… I got some great books, several of them knitting related. See?

Knitting Books for Christmas!

My sister-in-law picked up the lovely Christmas Stockings book at one of the local yarn shops. She is a crafter too (mostly cross-stitch and embroidery) so she knew a good book when she saw it! It is an Interweave Press publication, and includes patterns by many well-known designers, such as an Estonian style stocking by Nancy Bush. I realize that my sister-in-law may be dropping a big hint for next year's gift, but I don't mind. These look fun! Kris bought me Knit 2 Together, which has some fabulous patterns in it. I have been dropping serious hints about this book all season, so he heard me loud and clear. The book deserves a whole post in itself… so more to come… He also bought another "research" book for me, one that has topped my wishlist for the whole year, A History of Hand Knitting. This book makes my knitting librarian/historian heart go pitter-patter! Mom and Dad picked up the fun and stylish Hollywood Knits Style book, and it also has some cute patterns for sweaters and accessories. Loads of inspiration!

This was quite the crafty Christmas – my family knows me well!

Kenmore Serger Sewing Machine with Differential Feed My big present was quite a surprise – a Serger from my parents! I am seeing all sorts of home crafts in my future. It is perfect for finishing napkins, tablecloths, and blankets. I hope to learn more about it. Any of you have tips on Sergers? I am sure there are some ways to incorporate finishing techniques of knitted items with a Serger as well…

My sisters also got me some lovely crafty gifts: Mimi and Daniel went to New York City in early December for a short vacation before his deployment. They stumbled across a gallery show at the Fountain Gallery in Manhattan called "The Year of the Alpaca". Among the artwork, photography, and knitted items, Mimi found two lovely skeins of alpaca yarn. She bought them for me! I love the natural colors, and I am thinking about a colorwork design. Each skein is 220 yards, so there may be enough for a hat/mitten set. It is so soft!

Alpaca Yarns from Mimi

Also from mom and dad, a fun scissors set! All of the scissors are special blades that cut patterns. These will be just perfect for some Project Spectrum crafts! and the colors of the scissors themselves are perfect for Project Spectrum as well!

Scissor Kit

And Sarah crafted a gift for me too! She put together a beautiful stationary kit. She bought a striped fabric box (which I love!) and filled it with some real goodies, including six handmade blank greeting cards. She used rubber stamps, special papers, and embossing techniques to make some beautiful pieces. She included a great orange daisy pen, and some other delights, like flower-shaped candles.

Stationary Set Gift from Sarah

Other gifts included some beautiful jewelry, more fun books, silk scarves, a cashmere cardigan with pearl buttons (so classy!), and some fun kitchen appliances (a smoothie maker that has come in quite handy since the tooth surgery!) and beautiful wine glasses. A truly wonderful Christmas ~

Thanks again for your well-wishes and thoughts. I have been able to knit a little (when I can stay awake!) and I will show you that progress very soon.


With love from your chipmunk-cheeked friend…

Chipmunk Cheeks

I do bear a striking resemblance to this little guy at this moment… well, except for all of the fur…

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81 Responses

  1. mama-e

    Feel better friend!

  2. Michelle

    Hope your feeling better soon!

  3. Isela

    You have great humor–I love that little squirrel. Get feeling better :) .

  4. Carole

    I’m glad everything went okay. Enjoy those mashed potatoes!

  5. kelly

    thanks for the update! feel well soon & enjoy the smoothies & milkshakes in the meantime-make kris take great care of you (not that he wouldn’t) cuz we all know how husbands are when they are under the weather so you may be in for it after his surgery ;) just kidding!

  6. Amy

    Take care of yourself. I hope you are on the mends soon.


  7. Bethe

    I’m glad to hear that your surgery went well. When I wake up from general anesthesia I’m usually bawling like a baby. Definitely not the nicest way to wake up! It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas, too! Enjoy all of your lovely gifts and heal quickly!

  8. Cara

    Glad it all went well! Anesthesia is a funny thing for sure. When I woke up from my wisdom teeth I told the doctor he was really cute and that he looked like Eddie Munster. Yeah. That went over well. Thank god it was AFTER the surgery. Keep the ice on no matter how funny you look. And DON’T SPIT. ;-)

  9. meg

    Glad to hear that everything is well with you – wisdom teeth are NO JOKE. And my friend was one of those people – came out of the surgery singing the Star Spangled Banner. That wasn’t me.

    Enjoy your new books – great things to look through even if you can’t knit!

  10. kelly

    Glad to hear you made it… sorry to hear about the pain killers. Mine made me sick too! I hope you don’t have to stay on your soft foods diet for long.

  11. Debby

    I hope you are feeling better soon! It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas, and received all those wonderful craft items. Those are the best presents. :)

  12. Liz K.

    I’ll tell you how I know you are on pain killers: this sweet post is categorized under Lopi V-Neck Pullover!

    When I had my wisdom teeth out, the first thing I did was write my husband a note asking him, “where are my teeth?” I really wanted to see them, but they had been pulverized on the way out.

    Wisdom teeth was also when I learned that I am resistant to anesthesia. This was useful information when having two c-sections, believe me!

    I imagine how wonderful holidays must be with your family — everyone got you really personal gifts. How sweet!

    Recover well, friend.

  13. Beth

    Feel better soon! If the painkillers make you feel nauseated, try taking them with food, and if that doesn’t help then call your dentist; don’t just keep taking them and feeling sick because they can prescribe something different or at least prescribe an anti-nausea medication (I used to be a dental assistant).

    Did you keep your teeth? My husband keeps his in a small leather pouch that he now calls his “little bag of wisdom”.

    It sounds like you had a great Christmas!

  14. Susan

    Glad your surgery went well!

    I’ve had a serger for ages and I love it to pieces. The only advice I have is get a good cover for it and do your best not to un-thread it. Those suckers are tough to thread!

  15. Jennifer

    Rest lots! It’s amazing how much rest can really help the healing process.

  16. Megan

    Horray for quick surgeries!

    You can use bags of frozen corn/peas/small veggies as ice packs. They wrap around your jaw really well and get the cold to all the good spots. :)

  17. Carol

    Mmmm, smoothies. Glad it went well.

  18. Amy J

    Wow, you have had such a great christmas. I hope that helps get you through the mashed food!

    I have had my wisdom teeth out and remember watching the same movie about eight times before I had seen all of it! Happy sleeping!

  19. kemtee

    Rest rest rest and baby yourself while you can. You’ll be up and around and totally Lolly again before you know it. Ok, minus a few teeth….

  20. Faith

    Glad everything went well, rest up and let everything heal. I still have mine, but I try not to think too much about that. It sounds like you had a great holiday too, so good all around.

  21. knittingnurse

    Awh, sweetie. Here’s hoping you feel better right quick!

    When I was coming out of my anesthesia I kept insisting that I MUST see my teeth because I was convinced that they hadn’t done anything!

    tee hee.

  22. Jen

    Glad to hear it went well! :) Lots of rest, etc… take care of yourself!

  23. PuppyMomma

    Keep icing! And don’t skimp on the painkillers.

    (we can be chipmunk cheek twins this week, the swelling in my face is finally going down)


  24. sUsAn

    Rest and heal, my friend.

  25. nova

    What a crafty Christmas you had (gift wise)! I hope you (and your cheekies) feel better soon!

  26. Amy

    Glad to hear that you are doing well. When I had my wisdom teeth out “this week” 15 years ago the key to my recovery was the ice packs – I stuffed them in a pair of white socks that were then tied around my head (think vintage pictures of kids with mumps & the dressings) – maybe a pair of your handknits would fit the bill?

    Sounds like a lovely crafty Christmas for you – look forward to the FOs in the new year. :)

    Take care!

  27. AmyDe

    Glad everything went ok! My brother did that – “What time is it?” about every 20 seconds he’d ask what time it was. I also did that when doped on demerol for a kidney stone (wouldn’t recommend the kidney stone, but the drugs weren’t half bad). It is funny what we do when we’re out of it! Take care and rest!

  28. Beth

    I hope you’ll feel better soon!

    You’re going to love your serger! I have two tips:

    1) Find a serger book that has diagrams and maybe a troubleshooting section. I can give you the titles of the books I have, but there are probably better ones available now. I learned a lot through books when I got my serger.

    2) Keep records of what you serge and the settings you use. I keep the information on cards, filed in a recipe card style box. All the settings are written down, along with the thread and fabric used and a sample of the seam. This has helped me a lot when I sew a similar fabric so I don’t have to figure out the settings again and again.

    Have fun!

  29. Amanda Cathleen

    glad to hear everything went ok! I had my wisdom teeth removed a long time ago. Any reason to only eat ice cream is a good thing, right? ;-)
    Sounds like you had a very lovely Christmas! Such lovely gifts, enjoy the serger

  30. Jen

    Oh you are going to love your serger. That was one of my most wise purchases.

  31. Mintyfresh

    too much awesome stuff to comment on . . . fingers can’t type fast enough . . .

    1. I’m watching season 1 of Veronica Mars right now, too! I watched the first two disks and part of the third, I think, but I’ve been too crazy to find time in the past few weeks. I think tomorrow afternoon will be a sit, watch, and knit-fest.
    2. A serger! Swoon. How awesome. I’ve used one, at the studio of the woman I took sewing lessons from, and it was a cinch, but then, she always threaded it up for us.
    3. So happy to hear that you’re recovering well from the dental surgery. How funny that you and Kris are getting yours out back to back like that.
    4. I just last night walked past the Year of the Alpaca thing; it’s almost at the end of its tenure, and I made a mental note to try to stop back. They have so many pictures of cute llamas in the windows, it makes your heart melt.
    5. I’m jealous that all your family gets you crafty gifts. I never get crafty gifts. I think I need to start dropping better hints.

  32. Barb

    Glad everything well with the teeth. You won’t miss them!

    If your serger comes with any guide classes, those are a good investment in time. In my class the basics were covered including cleaning and oiling the machine, threading, and troubleshooting. It is good to try out your stitches on scraps of the same fabric or weights that you are using and then make adjustment. It is so fast you will just love serging! zoom zoom zoom!

  33. Coleen

    sounds like you had a great holiday! I hope your chipmunk face is feeling better soon! :)

  34. sprite

    I’m glad the surgery went well and that you’re back on the mend. May you enjoy plenty of milkshakes (my post-wisdom-teeth-removal favorite), smoothies, puddings, and soup until solid food seems more appetizing. Heal quickly!

  35. Rossana

    Yay! Glad to hear surgery went well! You’ll be back to your regular unswollen self in no time. Happy New Year!

  36. Sharon

    I’m glad your operation went well, love. When I had an operation last year, the anaesthetist asked ‘what would you like to drink?’. I asked for a gin and tonic and then laughed hysterically. The next I remember is waking up suddenly and asking for a pair of knickers. Very odd! I have it all to look forward to again next month, but I’ll try not to dream of knickers this time.

  37. lindsey

    if you’d like i’ve got a pattern for a helmet liner. it’s cold in the sandbox during winter so they guys like them. just let me know. (and if it makes you feel any better i played a game of soccer 2 days after having my wisdom teeth out. it made me love whitey’s milk shakes)

  38. Sue

    So glad that the operation went well for you. I had my 3 taken out in the chair in 10 minutes, and I was recovered after a few days. I think it is a different story though if you need stitches. Hope you are better soon.

  39. mrspao

    Glad it all went well. I had mine done a while ago and I sympathise. I ate a lot of soft food!

  40. Zarah

    If you’re back to blogging, you must be feeling better! Take it easy and enjoy the downtime. It looks like you’ve got some good books to keep you occupied.

  41. Sarah

    Ooohhh…a serger! It is a nice little thing to have. Biggest tip, read the manual and play with it with scrap fabric.

    Also, when you change thread colors, don’t thread the whole thing over…instead, cut all your strings above the machine and tie the new color to the old ones and then just run your serger (watch for the knots at the needles and then cut & thread). Beats rethreading your serger.

    Have fun. I LOVE my serger.

  42. Jenna

    I think everyone has a goofy story about coming off the anasthesia – my brother started telling jokes or something when he came out. When I came out, i first noticed all of the bloody cotton in my mouth, so I started saying “I’m a zombie” and growling. It was funny to me at the time.
    You totally scored ont eh gift front, especially with that serger! You can create some wonderful handsewn itmes with it, I’m sure. Of course, the books are great, too. I hope I get to page through them sometime soon.

    Keep getting better, lady and don’t rush your healing!

  43. Claudia

    :-) I’m glad all went “smoothly”! :-) Hope you get all better soon (I’m sure you will)! And what a lovely Christmas you had!

  44. Stacey

    Lots of great gifts to enjoy while you’re recovering!!!! :) A serger is awesome – you can do so much with it!!! I am now hooked on Veronica Mars – I rented season 1 from Netflix and am working my way through season 2 now!!!!

  45. Keana

    all the gifts semm perfect for you, I love seeing what people got for Chritmas. thanks for sharing!

  46. Beth

    Glad it all went well. And good thing you had them all taken out at once. Who would want to go thru that again?!
    What great Christmas gifts. Isn’t it great when friends/family know just what to get for you?
    Enjoy a quiet weekend and a happy new year.

  47. Stephanie

    I hope you feel better soon! Happy New Year.

  48. Ingrid

    Hope you’re feeling better soon. When I was in the recovery room after having my wisdom teeth pulled, the nurse gave me a piece of paper and a pen to write questions for Mum (who was taking care of me). I kept it and it’s the funniest stream of rambles and questions ever. Funnier still, it’s half in English and half in French (my first language is French) with questions like
    “Qu’est-ce que je look like?”

    Get well!!

  49. gleek

    oh boy.. you poor thing! going under for all of your wisdom teeth is tough :( i never did that. i got two at time extracted at the dentist office under local. wow, that was fun. anyway, i’m glad to hear that you’re on the mend! that serger you got is such a great present! i can’t wait to see what you’ll use it for :)

  50. shobhana

    hi, lolly! i hope you’ll be feeling better soon! yum, mashed potatoes!

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