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New Year’s Eve Ramblings
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New Year’s Eve Ramblings

 Today was a landmark day – I actually ventured out of the house! I met up with my good friend Becca for brunch. It was the change of pace that I needed the most. Since we last spoke, I developed even more swelling, and a yellow bruise on my right cheek from the surgery. That was enough to keep me indoors, even though the pain was almost completely gone. More knitting, more reading, more television watching. These last days of 2006 will be hard to differentiate, as I have done the same thing every day since Wednesday: wake up late, read for a few hours, take the dogs on a walk, eat yogurt and applesauce, and then plop down to watch TV and knit the night away.

Of course, this daily regimen may not be the best for exercise, but I did make some real progress on Kris's Lopi sweater!

Kris's Lopi V-Neck Progress

This was right before I started the sleeves, which are both done now!

I am working on the front, and am nearing the armhole decreases. The magic of size 11 needles! The Lopi is working up nicely, and it is not as scratchy as I remember from the last time I worked with it. The charcoal gray is a perfect color to match Kris's wardrobe. He has even mentioned wearing it several times, which is a total surprise. I plan to finish the knitting up soon, and give the pieces a bath to soften them up even more, and a good blocking. If I am lucky, I can finish this sweater for our anniversary next Friday…

In terms of planning, I have looked through my knitting library and have been evaluating what knits I want to make next. I am going back and forth trying to decide if I want to churn out some more sweaters. It is always a push-pull, as I think about how I want to lose more weight; this will undoubtedly change my measurements for proper-fitting garments. Of course, I could stick to accessories and socks for awhile, as those are knits that will always fit. I am leaning towards more accessories, although the pull of the sweaters are strong – I have a lot of yarn stashed for some lovely projects! The way I may solve this (small) dilemma is by knitting sweaters for Kris, and knitting shawls, hats, and accessories for me. Sounds reasonable, right?

Jamesey Sweater Spectacled made a handsome version of Jamesey. I remember liking this pattern when it came out, so it was great to see it again. I showed it to Kris, he nodded approval. He always says "as long as I can wear it to work", or "as long as it's not too hot"… This sweater is very work-appropriate, and is also made with cotton, so check and check! I found a great yarn: a nice sagey-green mercerized cotton from Elann. Should be a perfect match.

These sweaters, along with the Plain Winter socks I am knitting up are all perfect contributions to Jeanne and Robin's Manly Gift Knitalong. Knitting for a man/boy in your life? Check it out ;)

And just as a reminder: There is still time to purchase Shobhana's Bejeweled scarf pattern for F.I.R.E. Any scarf patterns proceeds purchased through today go to help the Dulaan Project items get to the children of Mongolia. Go and buy your pattern, and then come and join our little knitalong! The Bejeweled Knitalong starts tomorrow!

Here's a peek at what yarn I will be using…

Cherry Tree Hill Zebra Caribe yarn


*Happy New Year* 

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  1. Vanessa

    I cheated and started Bejeweled already. It’s coming along nicely and I can’t say enough about Sundara’s silky aran yarn… Yum!

  2. Mintyfresh

    Feel better, Lolly! I can’t wait to see more finished sweaters for Kris–seeing finished sweaters is always inspiring.

  3. Dorothy B

    I hope the swelling and bruising go down soon. Doctor’s can be so rough when the patient can’t see/hear/feel anything.

    Kris’s sweater will look great when it is done. Lopi can be quite funny. I have found that the darker colours are much softer and nicer than the lighter colours. Greys and blacks are usually the softest.

    I wish you and your a wonderful New Year and loads of happiness and goal reaching in 2007.

  4. Amy

    Glad to hear that you are mending well & making great knit progress in the midst of it. :)

    I’ve already started on my Bejeweled & am loving it! Looking forward to seeing what everyone chooses as their yarn.

  5. gleek

    so glad to hear that the swelling is going down and you’re feeling better! i feel like i’m in a similar predicament with the pregnancy and sweaters :) i may just have to knit for KP and the peanut for a while!

    have a happy new year!

  6. Kim

    Happy New Year to you, and thanks for a great year of knitting inspiration, good advice and entertaining reading!

  7. Norma

    Happy New Year!

  8. Kelly-Marie

    Get well soon!

    And have a happy new year of course…

  9. Faith

    Happy New Year! Best wishes for 2007!

  10. gray la gran

    happy new year lolly!
    and, think about making something else that doesn’t “fit” per se … a shawl. shawls and wraps will always be in style, and will always fit. do you crochet? if not, that might be a new avenue to explore in the new year ;)
    take care.

  11. francoise

    Happy New Year Lolly!

  12. Sarah

    Happy New Year!

    That yarn looks familiar – did you get it at our stash swap last year? I think it might have been mine!

  13. jacqueline

    now i feel like a real moron. i am so behind in my blog reading that i didnt realise you were going in to surgery.

    so glad you are feeling better. many blessing to you for 2007!

  14. Jenna Pink Monkey

    Don’t try to rush the healing with your body, or else you’ll have more bad effects in the long run. It’s good that you’ve been having a slow pace and taking it easy. You’ll be in top shape in no time.
    Kris is lucky to receive so much of your handiwork and it’s great when he shows his appreciation for it. I’m not too worried about you findng enough projects to keep yourself occupied :)

    Have a great holiday and call me back sometime soon! Mwah!

  15. Lucy

    Happy New Year, Lolli….Feel better soon!!!

  16. hpny knits

    feel better and enjoy the slow lazy days!
    happy new year!

  17. Jennifer

    I hope that you continue to heal. Rest up!

    Happy New Year to the both of you!

  18. sydney

    Happy New Year, Lolly! I like the looks of the Lopi yarn.

    Take care!

  19. Coleen

    Happy New Year! I hope you are feeling better!

  20. Christine

    Happy New Year! Can’t wait to see what 2007 brings! :D

  21. Micah

    This is the first response that I’ve left for you – so this is just a little note to say that I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog! I discovered you this year after reading Amy Singer’s article in Interweave. I wish you and your family a beautiful, prosperous, “knitterly” New Year! Peace.

  22. Jen

    If the yogurt and applesauce are getting old, I’m a big fan of rice pudding after dental work. Sweet yumminess, and some protein!

  23. Jane

    Happy New Year Lolly!

  24. Sarah

    Happy New Year Lolly. Glad to hear you are recovering and that you made the most of your knitting time.

  25. Claudia

    I am glad you are feeling better!!! I wish you and your family a wonderful year of 2007!! Many hugs!

  26. Kelli

    Man Lolly! You are a super fast knitter. That sweater is going to be great!

  27. Carole

    Maybe the Manly Giftalong is just what I need to jump start me on the cabled vest for Dale. Hmmmm. Thanks for pointing that out, Lolly.
    And Happy New Year!

  28. Kelly

    Happy New Year!

  29. Miss Scarlett

    You’re bruised? and still swollen? That is terrible. You poor girl. Your daily routine sounds like a good one for recovery. And your diet sounds like a good one for losing weight!
    The Lopi sweater looks great. Your yarn for Bejewelled looks yummy! I haven’t really decided what to use yet and here it is the 1st. All part of the fun.
    Hope you feel better.

  30. Moni

    happy new year, lolly! I hope you are feeling back to normal soon. sounds like you are taking good care of yourself. Happy new year!

  31. Kathy

    Poor L! Oral surgery is never fun, but at least you got some much needed (and deserved) rest and relaxation out of it (if you ignore the pain part).

    I’ve finished my second Bejeweled already…hope your KAL goes well!

    Happy New Year to you, Kris, and the beasties!

  32. Tammany

    All the best for the New Year! I hope you start feeling better soon, too.
    I understand your sweater dilemma. I promised myself that I wouldn’t make a sweater for me until I reached my goal weight. But, having made a sweater for a friend’s baby nephew, I am dying to make another. (It was my first sweater.) I have no husband to knit for, so I’m kind of stuck! Isn’t it funny that knitting myself a sweater feels like cheating on my weight loss goals?

  33. MarlyKnits

    Happy New Year!


  34. snowdrop

    Glad to hear you’re feeling much better, wisdom teeth are no fun!
    Have the happiest and healthiest New Year!

  35. Estee

    Glad to hear you are recovering well. I understand what you mean about knitting up your next project with some weight loss in mind too. I’m having the same problem deciding what to knit and hoping to lose about 10lbs. I’d say stick to accessories, especially those you’ve chosen. Ive always loved the Norweigan socks, and I like the embroidered socks too.

    Happy and healthy new year to you and your family.

  36. Susan

    Happy New Year, Lolly!!!

    Pretty color sweater that you are knitting for Kris! Can’t wait to see it finished! Bet he will look sharp!

    Happy Knitting and get well real soon!!!

  37. Lain

    So happy you’re recovering. Don’t you wish you’d had them out at 15 like most people did?? I felt the same way when I had mine out a few years back~!
    happy knitting!

  38. mrspao

    Glad you are recovering. Happy New Year!

  39. Jody

    I hope your swelling is gone soon! I love how the Lopi sweater is coming. I have only used Lopi for felting – so it’s cool to see it work as a sweater!

    Happy new year!

  40. shadkitty

    I am going to knit Jamesey for my husband too. Even joined the manly gift along. What do you plan on doing since your cotton is mercerized and won’t shrink?

    I hope you feel better soon!

  41. Heather

    When I had mine out, I had a lot of swelling, too. One thing that helped was to use a child’s toothbrush – toddler-sized – to brush my teeth. I didn’t have to open my mouth as wide, and it was easier to avoid accidently knocking the sore spots.

    Plus I had a Barney toothbrush. I mean, really. When your adult life do you get to have a Barney toothbrush?

    Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  42. Olga

    Lolly, wishing you the best Happy New Year! Lots of Health with it and plenty of knitting projects to accomplish!!

  43. kelly

    Happy New Year Lauren! I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better.

    Kris’s sweater is coming along nicely… the yarn looks comfy… is it soft?

  44. Nicole

    Happy New Year to you too! It’s great to hear that you’re doing better – be happy that you just have some swelling – my cheeks turned blue and green from the bruising – it was pretty awful – Like I was in an abusive relationship!

    I’m sure that if you choose to knit jamesy that it will look incredible!

  45. tiennie

    Happy New Year Lolly! Here’s wishing you and Kris all the best!

  46. Wanda

    Glad that you are feeling better. It sucks to have those teeth out and the pain associated with it. Thanks for reminding me of Jamesey. I love that pattern.

  47. heather

    hope you are feeling better and enjoy all the knitting!

    Love the new sweater for Kris.

  48. Stacey

    I’m doing a bunch of accessories now for the same reason – I want to loose some weight this year! Kris, I’m sure, wouldn’t mind a bunch of knits for him though!

  49. Jeanne

    Happy New Years to you too!!!

    Thanks for the link to the KAL… I’m excited that you are participating!!!

  50. Stephanie

    Happy New Year. I hope you continue to heal and feel better. The sweaters for Kris are fabulous.

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