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New Year’s Eve Ramblings
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New Year’s Eve Ramblings

 Today was a landmark day – I actually ventured out of the house! I met up with my good friend Becca for brunch. It was the change of pace that I needed the most. Since we last spoke, I developed even more swelling, and a yellow bruise on my right cheek from the surgery. That was enough to keep me indoors, even though the pain was almost completely gone. More knitting, more reading, more television watching. These last days of 2006 will be hard to differentiate, as I have done the same thing every day since Wednesday: wake up late, read for a few hours, take the dogs on a walk, eat yogurt and applesauce, and then plop down to watch TV and knit the night away.

Of course, this daily regimen may not be the best for exercise, but I did make some real progress on Kris's Lopi sweater!

Kris's Lopi V-Neck Progress

This was right before I started the sleeves, which are both done now!

I am working on the front, and am nearing the armhole decreases. The magic of size 11 needles! The Lopi is working up nicely, and it is not as scratchy as I remember from the last time I worked with it. The charcoal gray is a perfect color to match Kris's wardrobe. He has even mentioned wearing it several times, which is a total surprise. I plan to finish the knitting up soon, and give the pieces a bath to soften them up even more, and a good blocking. If I am lucky, I can finish this sweater for our anniversary next Friday…

In terms of planning, I have looked through my knitting library and have been evaluating what knits I want to make next. I am going back and forth trying to decide if I want to churn out some more sweaters. It is always a push-pull, as I think about how I want to lose more weight; this will undoubtedly change my measurements for proper-fitting garments. Of course, I could stick to accessories and socks for awhile, as those are knits that will always fit. I am leaning towards more accessories, although the pull of the sweaters are strong – I have a lot of yarn stashed for some lovely projects! The way I may solve this (small) dilemma is by knitting sweaters for Kris, and knitting shawls, hats, and accessories for me. Sounds reasonable, right?

Jamesey Sweater Spectacled made a handsome version of Jamesey. I remember liking this pattern when it came out, so it was great to see it again. I showed it to Kris, he nodded approval. He always says "as long as I can wear it to work", or "as long as it's not too hot"… This sweater is very work-appropriate, and is also made with cotton, so check and check! I found a great yarn: a nice sagey-green mercerized cotton from Elann. Should be a perfect match.

These sweaters, along with the Plain Winter socks I am knitting up are all perfect contributions to Jeanne and Robin's Manly Gift Knitalong. Knitting for a man/boy in your life? Check it out ;)

And just as a reminder: There is still time to purchase Shobhana's Bejeweled scarf pattern for F.I.R.E. Any scarf patterns proceeds purchased through today go to help the Dulaan Project items get to the children of Mongolia. Go and buy your pattern, and then come and join our little knitalong! The Bejeweled Knitalong starts tomorrow!

Here's a peek at what yarn I will be using…

Cherry Tree Hill Zebra Caribe yarn


*Happy New Year* 

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65 Responses

  1. Amanda Cathleen

    So glad to hear that you are feeling better!! Happy New year girl :-)

  2. Sarah

    Wow, it’s been a while since I checked in at your blog! I’m so sorry about your wisdom teeth. I had mine out a few years back and it was just a nightmare. It was over Thanksgiving break too, no less, so absolutely no food for me. Plus I had a bad reaction to the Vicatin too and was yacking during dinner. Fabulous :) Glad to hear you’re doing ok though. I wasn’t a knitter then but might have liked the mandatory rest for knitting time!

  3. Gracie

    I’m so sorry about the wisdom teeth – I totally missed you posting about it (I’m trying to get to a normal routine!)! I’m glad that you are feeling better and got tons of knitting time in!

  4. KnitPastis

    You are getting some knitting done girl! Kris’s Lopi sweater is coming along super fast. Take real good care of yourself. I hate hearing that you have a bruise and swelling still. Keep us up date dear.

  5. PamTomlinson

    Found your site by accident looking up stuff about wisdom teeth removal. Get mine out on Thurday. 57 years old so they are well and truly embedded! Was pleased to read positive statements of encouragement for you here. Another site I found was mainly young men with all the gorey stuff. Have also got some knitting on the go. Will have to do something to take my mind off food! All the best. Pam

  6. Nonnahs

    Yay- glad to hear you’re feeling well again! If it makes you feel any better, I did as much (or little, as the case may be) as you last week, and I didn’t even have surgery! It was so nice to be on vacation! I’m loving Kris’ Lopi sweater. If there’s one thing I love, it’s charcoal gray sweaters. Mmm… Happy New Year!

  7. Kelly

    Glad you’re feeling better and getting out of the house! Kris’s sweater is coming along nicely – and quickly!

  8. Emily

    Happy New Year, Lolly! And I am glad you’re recovering from that whole wisdom tooth thing.

  9. Vicki

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better. I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed at once too – I was awake for it though. They gave me a bit of laughing gas thank goodness. A few days flat out on the couch and things started to come around… Otherwise your Xmas sounded perfect – don’t you love it when a handknit gift goes over well? :-)

  10. biglug

    It’s a dilemma- what to knit when you’re changing shapes and sizes – the reason I haven’t knitted anything like a sweater in a few months either! Accessories sound great!

  11. Tracey

    Ooh, Kris’s sweater is really moving along isn’t it. It looks great. Hope your swelling and pain dwindle away to nothing here soon.

  12. MarlyKnits

    Hey, you haven’t written in a couple of days so I am just checking to see if you are okay. Hope all is well with you.


  13. ellie

    I hope your recovery is going well and they gave you a good supply of painkillers. They shorted me a day when I had mine out. But I still went out to a club to see a friend DJ and take pictures for a class project. But then High Schoolers are resilient (and crazy!). xoxo!

  14. megan

    Happy New Year to you! Feel better!!

  15. Juls

    I too have been holding off on sweater knitting (but have so many I’d like to get started on) because I’m still shedding my baby weight. Still, I am not sure I can wait much longer to get going on some of the gorgeous new patterns out there!

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