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Project Spectrum 2.0: The Official Word
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Project Spectrum 2.0: The Official Word

After seeing your suggestions, and mulling it over a bit on my own, I have come up with the list for this year’s Project Spectrum.

Starting this February – as in FOUR WEEKS from today! – we will embark on another exploration of the color wheel. This time, there will be more “wiggle room”; with each two month span there will be THREE colors or groups. This means that you can choose one of the colors and immerse yourself in it for two whole months, or you can use all three in your creative process.

February / March
Blue, White, Gray

April / May
Green, Yellow, Pink

June / July
Red, Black, Metallics

August / September
Brown, Orange, Purple

The color triads were picked randomly and fell in this nice little order. Three colors a month gives all of us more latitude and more room to explore. Of note: the addition of the “Metallics” category in June / July. This is the perfect time to work with the golds, silvers, coppers, etc. that are in your various craft stashes. I am thinking that this may be the perfect way to use those silver beads I got as a birthday gift…


The general inspiration is the same as the first incarnation of Project Spectrum. Creative expressions of all kinds are welcomed and highly encouraged. Bust out of your crafty routine and challenge yourself to see colors in a different way! If this means dipping into a new craft, or simply seeing your own craft through a different lens, Project Spectrum is the impetus you need!

Just for a little rundown and review of WHAT Project Spectrum is for the newcomers (a rehashing of last year’s post on the topic with a few new highlights):

Colors inspire. Colors elicit deep emotions and memories. Colors symbolize life events and the changing of the seasons. We surround ourselves with color – in our homes, in our gardens, and even on our dinner plate.The idea of Project Spectrum is simply a celebration of the colors around us, and taking the time to notice them. Participants can dye, crochet, weave, decoupage, spin, build, stitch, knit, paint, scrapbook, construct, sew, quilt, cook, grow, collage, photograph, bake, or bead items in that color group (of course all arts and crafts that I missed are totally welcome as well!).

It is really about expressing yourself creatively – making something beautiful, and creating something unique with your hands. It is also about thinking outside of the box – perhaps taking up a new hobby, or a long neglected one, or finally dabbling in design.

You can choose to make one thing out of the designated color(s) in the two-month span – or twenty things! This is a no-pressure project. You can simply make a photo essay – you carry around your camera with you and post pictures of the color objects you see throughout your daily travels.

Projects can be big or small – whether you plan to tile your kitchen or photograph a blooming tree in your backyard – it is not a race, it is just about sharing your creative work to inspire others and express your spirit!

You do not have to have a blog to participate. If you would like to share your work with others, think about joining the Project Spectrum Flickr Group! You simply have to have a passion for creating and expressing yourself through your work, and encouraging others to do the same. This is a create-along! It can easily work with any crafty obligations you may have – whether they are swaps, planned gifts, etc.

Project Spectrum is about expression and creating beauty with all of the colors of the rainbow – and there are millions of ways to do that! Let’s discover them together!

There you have it – a new adventure in the making!

In the coming days, I will post about what I am planning to do during the Project Spectrum span, as well as inspirational photographs and crafts that get me thinking about all of the colors of the rainbow! Please let me know what you think of the color combos, and join the Flickr discussion about what you are planning for this round! Also, grab one of the trusty Project Spectrum buttons, and tell your friends! Stay tuned – This is going to be great ;)

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  9. Michele Rook

    Is it too late to join the Project Spectrum….some neat stuff going on
    and I’d like to be able to participate…this is right up my alley!
    Oh….do I need to get a blog going – have been too busy dyeing,
    knitting, etc, and altho’ I have lots of photos of my work – I never
    get around to setting up a blog.

    Please let me know, thanks….oh, and good luck – there seems to
    be lots of interests and enthusiasm…Michele

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  13. iroiroknits

    love this idea! hv linked project spectrum to my blog.. and posted my first-ever color combination for april.

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  19. Kris

    I just joined and can’t wait to start with the lovely April/May colors!

  20. Daisy

    What a cute idea. I’ll join (late) too. Thanks.

  21. Stacey

    Yay! I’m in!:)

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  33. jayne

    Hi Lolly,

    I’ve finally joined Project Spectrum! I ended up joining “twice” since I entered my url wrong the first time. I hope you can edit that in the list. (oops)

    I have the perfect creation for the April/May colours. I hand dye yarn, and today I worked on Butterscotch and Breast Cancer Awareness pinks.

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  36. Rachel

    I just posted my first project for April/May! This is going to be fun!

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  41. Jinky

    Hi, I’ve joined but I also wanted to add buttons on my blog, but I can’t view them, I used IE, Mozilla,Netscape and even Opera browser but still can’t view them…how can I see all the buttons? i’m sure they are all nice…. thanks!

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  45. Rachel

    More pink and green flowers from our yard. It seems like everything that is blooming right now is pink! Goes nicely with the theme this month. http://indigoluna.typepad.com/indigo_luna/2007/04/project_spectru_1.html

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