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Ode to Socks: They Always Fit
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Ode to Socks: They Always Fit


The beauty of socks: they always fit. 

While your tummy and thighs may fluctuate in size,

Your feet remain the same. 


Yeah, there are a few exceptions, but usually, socks fit.  You make them, and as long as you measure correctly and take good care of them, you can wear those socks until your dying day.  You gotta love something that has that kind of consistency.

Last November, Maritza and I set up a little swap.  She sent me a skein of lovely Socks that Rock yarn (I didn't have a skein to my name), and I sent her a hank of my beloved Tess Designer Yarns, fresh from Stitches East market. 

Green Tess Designer Yarns

Since I also bought a skein of the same lovely green colorway that I sent to her, we decided to do a little informal green sock knitalong at some point. Well, turns out that neither of us could really hold off that long.  I mean, come on, look at that yarn!  You can see why, right?  So, although we both have full plates already, we decided that now is as good a time as any to cast on for the green socks. 

Green Sock Knitalong
Maritza's button creation!

There is a big stress on the informal nature of this little knitalong – no signups, no deadlines, nothing like that.  It is really just about using green yarn and making socks. Feel free to download the cute button and join us!   For me, this knitalong comes at an interesting time – on the cusp of Project Spectrum 2.0 - which looks like it will be another successful round of the colorwheel! Green is not the first two-month span of colors, but there is some time before PS2 officially is underway, so I went ahead and chose a pattern and cast on.  I know I won't finish in time (socks take me forever), but that will give me something to pick up again once April and May's green comes around!

I decided to use the "Juta's Stockings" pattern from Nancy Bush's Folk Knitting In Estonia.  The pattern is simple and sweet, and a nice complement to the yarn's ever-so-slight variegation.

Juta's Stockings Beginnings
Juta's Stocking Closeup of Lace Cuff

If you have a good eye and keen observational skills, you will see that I am using my new rosewood needles.  Wow, what a great set.  I think I may be spoiled now.  I didn't think there would be too much of a difference, but I can now report:  there is a difference.  These particular needles are wonderfully pointy, very sturdy (I am hard on my double points – nearly all of my aluminums are bent, and my bamboos are definitely "bowed").  Plus, there is a great "grab" on the yarn, but also a smoothness when sliding yarn across.  Very nice indeed.

Alas, I am also knitting socks for my mister.  I finished sock one of the Plain Winter socks from Nancy's Knitting Vintage Socks.  I am so pleased with the fit.  It is hard enough to get socks that fit me well, let alone Kris's big man foot.  Knitting socks for other people is often a challenge, but this one turned out well.  Now onto sock two!

Plain Winter Sock Modeled
Plain Winter Socks Progress Closeup

Thanks to Chawne, it looks like I have the perfect sock yarn for April and May's color triad. I won a little contest on her blog a few week's ago, and she sent along this lovely skein of self-striping Mama Llama.  So pretty!  Thanks C! (Check out her lovely knits - she makes some amazing things!)

Gift from Chawne

Inevitably, many of my Project Spectrum crafts will be knitting related.  Of course, since I encourage people to "think outside the box" in terms of crafting in color, I am doing the same thing.  I am planning to expand my crafty repetoire with some sewing, paper crafts, beading, quilting, and crochet.  The idealism that comes early in the project!  Savor it now!  :)  

I am beginning to feel the call of the sweater again – goodness me, I have enough stashed yarn for many more! – but I am trying to resist for a short while to work on these socks, and some other lovely accessories… more on that later!


In closing, I was overwhelmed by your kind words and sweet wishes on my anniversary post.  Thank you so much.  Kris is wearing his sweater at work today!

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45 Responses

  1. MJ

    I miss doing socks.
    with holiday knitting and now The Red Scarf Project, I have neglected sock knitting. But I was admiring (fondling) some of my sock yarn last night. So it will not be long before I break out the dpn’s again :)

  2. Sarah

    I think the Plain Winter Sock is quite possibly the best fitting sock I have knit for my man. He just loves the heel, so now I use it for all the socks I knit for him.

  3. Jenna

    I could write many odes to socks. They are so much fun, having a pair constantly on the needles is a necessity. Great job on finishing the first one for Kris! It looks like a perfect fit. I’m glad you’re finding the rosewood needles to be superior – they should spoil you :)
    Have a great week, lady.

  4. Kelly

    green yarn and socks???? OHHHHH I’m so in!

  5. Stacey

    ode to socks – they deserve an entire sonnet in my book… :) the best portable, quick and easily worn project there is….

    i have a skein of green tess as well from MD last year…hmmm…

  6. Sara

    Darn, I meant to send you a note with Congratulations and it slipped my mind! Glad to know your anniversary was everything you could think of and more…and best wishes for many, many more…

  7. gleek

    first off, wow, that colorway of sock yarn is just lovely! i adore the subtleness of the color shifts :)

    i’m also hoping to branch out a bit craft-wise for PS. i want to take more photos and also do more sewing. i’m hoping that when i’m home with the new baby some of it may be accomplished!

    can’t wait to see more of those socks you’re making!

  8. margene

    The button is so cute that I must knit green socks!

  9. Laura

    Those needles look awesome. I love my ebony circs–just finished a shawl on those. I never consider needles a “splurge” since you use them for years and years.

    Good luck with PS!

  10. Kelly

    Sulk as I might, there’s no green sock yarn in my stash. You’ll have to go on without me… *sigh*

    Actually, I just remembered some lovely green worsted that will make speedy, non sweater interrupting socks. Woo hoo!

  11. mama-e

    your feet can grow if you get preggers…. take it from me!!!My feet jumped a size when I was preggers with the cowboy!

  12. LeAnne

    Lolly, how do you like the Vintage Socks book? My purple Trekking socks (see my post today) are from there. My only gripe is that most of the socks are on US 0s or US 1s. They grow so slowly! What’s your opinion of the book?

  13. heather

    green yarn…now there is something I can get into!

    I love it! so pretty!

  14. isel

    I like this. Can’t wait to get home and go through the stash. I MIGHT HAVE TO get some green sock yarn for this. ;)

  15. Tracey

    Those DPN’s look fabulous and sound even nicer. Sooo, where can we pick up a pair?

  16. Jody

    The socks are coming along beautifully! I finished my Jaywalkers last night – Yeah! I just need to graft the toe and weave in some ends.

  17. heatherly

    lol! i am making green socks too! ok and a tan sweater, a blue sweater….and anemoi’s and a few other laungishing projects…

  18. maryse

    i have green yarn somewhere. why not make a pair of socks before the start of project spectrum! count me in.

  19. maryse

    of course i just jinxed myself by joining

  20. Kelly

    I agree with you on the socks. They are my most favorite thing to knit and keep me very warm when it’s cold. Your socks look great and I love the pattern you chose for your green socks.

  21. Mary de B

    I’m working on a pair of green socks, and want them out of the way when Feb 1 comes along, so I’ll join you and get cracking!

  22. Moni

    Amen! I love the ode to socks :) .

    I have a couple of skeins of green yarn. Maybe I will cast on for some after I finish Loll! I love sock knitting. It’s so comforting.

  23. Bonne Marie

    Ooh YOU! HOW could I resist a Green-a-long like this – all of my favorite things: yarn, socks, knitting, G.R.E.E.N.


  24. Lisa

    This is the perfect excuse for me to cast on with some green sock yarn I bought back at Rhinebeck 2006! Yay. And I’m so excited there’s no deadline because I have a lot of projects going right now! Thanks for organizing!!

  25. Amy

    All of the socks & sock yarns look lovely!

  26. shadkitty

    Odes to socks have been dancing in my mind! I do so love them!! Couldn’t we do a purple sock KAL? lol I have SOOO many. I’ll be knitting my green socks for PS, in April. But still keeping an eye on the flickr group.

  27. debbie

    i was eyeing up the juta’s stocking pattern too when i got my book about a month ago – thought of doing it up in red, i like how your green ones are coming along….

  28. Nonnahs

    Oh, those green socks are going to be so pretty! I need to get my sock knitting mojo back…thanks for some much needed inspiration!

  29. Morgan

    Hooray for the green sock knitalong! I’ve had a beautiful ball of green wool in my stash for ages but haven’t had the motivation to do anything with it. This is just the inspiration I need. Thank you!!

  30. Jennifer

    Green Sock KAL… The urge is strong. Well, it’s low pressure, so I may be in on this too!

  31. Dorothy B

    I like both socks. That pattern in Nancy Bush looks pretty.

    I’m going through my stash today and getting my colours ready.

  32. Sarah

    I would like to tell you that I wore the precious socks that you made today and they look so good and are so cute and GrEeN…I love that about you. :)

  33. Karen

    You betcha…count me in too. I gave away the last pair of green socks I made. These will be for me!

  34. Jenneke

    That’s funny, I was just swatching with some olive green yarn when I went to visit your blog! I’m making socks for my hubby ’cause he needs some sock love.

  35. Teyani

    Here’s hoping that your rosewoods last longer than mine did. I got about 4″ done, and then snap.. and snap once again… ugh. I’ve tried 3 different brand names, and they all broke. tough on needles? yeah, I guess that I must be.
    Happy New Year Lolly – the new green socks are lovely!

  36. Phoe

    Green socks! This coincides with my birthday socks which are now being knit in green, just so I can take part! :)

  37. Christine

    Oh, I might just have to see if I have any green sock yarn in the stash so I can knit along!

    We should try to do a PS2 interview for the PS podcast, don’t you think? (I love that we share initials. It amuses me to no end!)

  38. Opal

    I love the idea of a green sock knitalong. What if we started a flickr group to share pictures of the green socks? I’d be happy to admin the group if you’re too busy to. Let me know what you think of my idea.

  39. anni

    Love the skein of green/blue yarn (the one for the sock knitalong) – Just gorgeous.

  40. Becca

    Yay for green socks! I actually just started a pair, and love the idea of a green sock kal! Thanks again for hosting project spectrum – so exciting!

  41. amy

    well maybe i should participate just because the button is so darn cool and my fav color is green. oh and i bought some green claudia’s handpainted last week. i’ll check what is on my needles and see if i can get started!

  42. Eklectika

    How funny – I just finished a pair of “green” socks (part of the colorway, at least!) and started a new pair which is primarily green except for a random stripe of burgundy that pops up. Guess I’m already in and I didn’t even know it, lol.

  43. catherine

    Hey there Lauren, I can go ahead and send you a picture of how the stripes will come up if you want? I did a small test swatch for that dye lot when I made it ;) Woo Hoo! Proj. Spec. is back! I took a huge break from blogging…but, I will be participating in now!

  44. Mintyfresh

    Laura (of Stream of Consciousness) just gifted me some green sock yarn, but it’s going to be a while before I’ll cast that on, but the green sockalong sounds great!

    I can’t believe Project Spectrum starts so soon–I’m not sure I’m ready, even though the project is broken up into longer time segments . . .

  45. Manasi

    Gorgeous colors all!

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