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Someday Projects
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Someday Projects

My first knitting class was a two-week session at a local chain craft store. It was November 2003, and I was working as a manager at a bookstore. It was hectic, fast-paced, and required long hours with very little compensation. I needed a way to de-stress; one of my co-workers knit, and he volunteered to teach me, but our schedules never matched up to actually do a knitting lesson. So, I took matters into my own hands. I signed up for a Knitting I class on my day off from work. The class had seven or eight ladies of different ages – I was the youngest there, and the one who had the least experience with yarn and needles. Many of the participants used the class as a refresher after years of not knitting, and they made me look bad. It took me awhile to figure out the slip knot, casting on, and even longer to realize the whole knit stitch. Luckily, the teacher was patient, and willing to come over and spend some more time with me. After a few rows, it totally clicked. Sure, I had a lot more to learn (and unlearn, actually, because I was twisting my stitches for months and months). After the first session, I felt pretty darn good.

I eagerly went home to show Kris my work. My chunky acrylic scarf kit with uneven gauge and mistakes. I was proud of it. I stayed up late that night working on the scarf. I put it next to my bed so that I could immediately start it the next morning. The minute I opened my eyes, I wanted to knit. Later in the morning, Kris and I took the train into the city and I saw a knitter on the train – wrestling with this huge cabled sweater with stitch markers, circular needles, cables, etc. I looked on in amazement: I had just figured out what garter stitch was, and here was this guy knitting this amazing red sweater on the train. I stared at his work, and I finally spoke, telling him that I had just learned to knit. Thankfully, he was nice, and told me to stick with it. (Isn't it cool that the first two knitters I saw – my coworker, and this random train knitter – were guys?)

My second session was the "PURL" session. It took a little while to catch on, but when I did, it was good and solidified. I practiced for the rest of the class, and the teacher noted that I had picked it up quickly (this from the girl who couldn't figure out the long-tail cast-on…) The teacher gave the participants a 25% off coupon for the store and as a thank you for taking the class. I decided to hold on to my coupon for awhile, and after the new year (2004), I came back to spend the coupon and a gift certificate I got for Christmas. That's when I saw it…

The Patons Street Smart booklet was hot off the presses – and I loved everything in it. The hoodie on the cover was my favorite of all. However, I knew that it would be a long time before I could take on such a thing – I was scared to try a sweater at that point, much less a hoodie with cables and bobbles… but I knew that someday, that hoodie would be mine.

Someday is today.

Street Smart Hoodie

I finally started the Street Smart Cabled hoodie. I originally bought some Patons wool, as the pattern calls for, but after seeing this gorgeous blue merino wool from Cottage Craft at Stitches East last November, I knew it was meant to be together. I could just picture it in my head… and after seeing Elizabeth's version of the hoodie last month, I knew I couldn't wait any longer. I was ready to take it on. I am at the point where I can handle those cables, those bobbles, and anything else this sweater throws at me!

The sleeve begins
Sleeve one has just begun! (See cable detail)

This book has inspired some lovely knits – all four of the designs included are wonderful, stylish, and wearable. There was a long-running knitalong for the Must Have cardigan in 2005 and 2006, and more recently, Claudia completed a beautiful version of the sweater. The Urban Aran sweater has also been the talk of the town, especially after Jared at Brooklyntweed "cardiganized" it last year, Saun followed with a great version, and it is now on the needles of Stacey, Jess, and Wendie – and probably a lot of other knitters as well! The last pattern in the book is a simple cabled pullover called "Easy Street", and I am thinking that it will be a great match for the new Malabrigo I just bought…

Easy Street Pullover Malabrigo Indigo - 6 hanks!

Of course, now that I have reached the someday for the Patons hoodie, I have many other someday projects to look forward to, things I am not ready to tackle now, for fear of messing them up too badly! – Fair Isle, cables, lace, etc. As I become more confident in my skill, I will take on more projects with challenges.  Not quite the same as the regular "to knit" list that we tend to queue in our heads, but more of an aspiration of what you can accomplish in the future.


Do you feel that you still have some knitting techniques to master or perfect before you can make a certain pattern?




What are your someday projects?

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92 Responses

  1. Sue

    Oh I love that pattern. I saw it a while ago on some other blogs and thought what a great pattern. I dont think we get it here in Australia though. Your color looks great that you are using. I like the color of the other yarn too and the pattern for that as well. Cant wait to see more.

  2. Susan

    Someday, it will be the Robe-Diamond modular dress made out of Koigu and designed by Maie Landra. It first appeared in Fall or Winter Vogue around 2004 and is now in her new book. If I actually make this, and finish it – I will seriously buy myself a pair of designer brown leather boots that cost about $1,200 to go with it as my reward for all that work. I have a looooooong time to save up.

  3. Julia

    Beautiful Lolly! I’m really glad you went with the Merino, that patons wool pills like a mofo.
    I think that skills to need to be learned before certain projects are tackled, absolutely. I also find that; because of working in a yarn shop, and having to guide knitters through their problems, that alot of knitters just need reasurance that they’re doing it right, and I also try to teach them that they are the boss of their knitting. They can make the yarn do what they want, and not to be afriad. So many are, and that’s something to unlearn!

  4. Alexis


    There isn’t much that’s on my “someday” list due to lack of skill… I’m pretty confident with most major knitting skills. There are things on there because I simply don’t have enough hours in the day/all the money in the world for materials.

    There is one thing that’s too much for me but which I dream of making *someday* and that’s Sharon Miller’s Shetland Lace Wedding Ring Shawl. I shiver just thinking about it. I want to make it during my engagement for my one wedding… someday…

  5. Michael

    Just a sweater. A sweater for me. I think I have enough skills now to take on a pattern, but I haven’t found one that shouts at me yet. There are other things in the way, too, as I would like to get a bit trimmer before making myself a real garment, that and I really don’t have the money for it, silly big guy that I am, I really don’t have upwards of $175 to drop on yarn.

    But someday.

  6. Kelly

    def. fair isle and lace! I’ve attempted both but haven’t got them down yet!

  7. Jen

    My “someday project” will be something I design myself. I’m not confident enough in my skills to be able to do that yet, but I hope to someday?

    I just started a little over a year ago, and two “someday project” have recently become “now projects” – I finally learned how to cable, and I’m working on my first sweater.

  8. Elinor

    Oh, it’s beautiful! I can’t wait to see how it turns out. The cable you’ve done so far is simply lovely.

    I don’t think I have any someday projects. Maybe to knit any sweater at all, but I’ve set that as a goal for myself this year. =D

  9. Wanett

    My someday projects all invovle lace. I don’t have the attention span while pregnant not to get lost in the pattern, and with two kiddies on the way (and two already here) I’m sure my brian will be too fried to handle it for a while after that. But I’m always cold and I MUST wear a scarf in even the slighest breeze so I would love a flower basket shawl as well as the trellis scarf from IK. These two would top my dream list.

  10. tiennie

    Your posts are so great! Since I’ve only been knitting for a year, I’m trying to trek through all my projects!

  11. Jennifer

    That is a gorgeous sweater, and I can imagine how happy and excited you are to get started on it! Beautiful color you’ve chosen.

  12. Mouse

    My “someday” pattern is Rogue- Its the pattern that I saw when I was crochetting that made me realize that I wanted to learn to knit so that I could make THAT sweater. I’m going to do the cardi directions since I know I’d get more wear out of it.. someday.

  13. Stacey

    funny we both had retrospective posts today. That booklet it truly a gem. I would knit every sweater in it. How rare is that???

  14. Jeanne

    Good for you for starting your someday project!!!! I really enjoyed this post…

  15. kelly

    That’s so funny that you’re doing one of your someday knits! I just cast on for one of mine last evening!!! Mine, too has cables, which was why I didn’t knit it when I first saw it. My cables are much more simple than yours, though…. Your cables are looking great!

  16. Kathryn

    I love the street smart hoodie too. I’ve been dancing around my someday knit for about 2 years now. I fell in love with another hoodie, the rogue hoodie, the first time I saw it. I bought the pattern about 6 months ago, the yarn about 3 months ago and have been trying out all the techniques, and unfamiliar stuff on random bits of yarn. I have yet to actually cast on for it. It may take a little more time before I feel brave enough to tackle it. For now I’ll be content to pet the yarn and read the instructions.

  17. Kim

    Oh, gosh, my to-knit list is huge! The first one that comes to mind is “Josephine” from Knitty. Someday when my yarn budget is larger, that is!

  18. Dana

    My Someday Project is also Cardigan for Arwen from winter ’06 IK (although Rogue runs a close second–I love celtic-style cables!). I’m waiting for my chest to return to its -ahem- normal size since I’m nursing…and the bounty must decrease…

    In the meantime my project lust leans to socks.

    Thanks for your always-interesting, upbeat blog. I’ve been reading for a while but this is my first comment.

  19. vanessa

    Pretty, pretty! I’ve been thinking to make this since last fall. Haven’t pick out a yarn for mine but it’s definitely on the must-knit list of 07.

  20. Caroline

    I have a lot of “someday” projects. I’ve always wanted to make Rogue and I know I will someday. I also want to make the Central Park Hoodie from a past issue of Knitscene. Your hoodie is going to look fantastic.

  21. Vicki

    Love the classic, casual styling of both those sweaters – good choices! Sigh…someday…

  22. Peggy

    I have a pile of someday projects. The most challenging that I am dreaming of is an Aran from a Japanese pattern book. The design is compelling and calls to me. I don’t even know how to choose the yarn, let along get started. It will take a bit of research but I know I want to do it!

  23. Kelly

    Fair isle and steeking are techniques I have yet to completely master but hopefully someday I will. The sweater your making is gorgeous!

  24. Stephanie

    For me it’s more the finding time to knit (and learn) all the things on my list. I have found that the online knitting community is so very willing to provide advice and help when I need it that I’m really not afraid to try anything. I think your new sweater is lovely and you’ll look great in that blue.

  25. Sarah

    Oh there are sooooooooooo many someday projects at the moment, at the beginning everything is a bit somedayish feeling isn’t it? The Pomatomus socks in particular spring immediately to mind. I loved your post as it makes me feel I’ll get to all these beautiful things one day :) I might just make a list on my blog to encourage me on. Thanks Lolly.

  26. Moni

    “Someday is today.” I like that. You’ve come a long way!

    I really would like to knit the short row fair isle sweater from Loop-d-loop but I really don’t think I’m ready for it yet. Someday.

  27. Peggy

    What a lovely sweater pattern and what a lovely topic! Good for you! I will tackle this topic on my blog in the next entry. :)

  28. Miss Scarlett

    Congrats on starting your Some Day knit. The sweater is looking great – I love Elizabeth’s too. Cool pattern. I have so many Some Day knits I won’t list them – in fact, I likely can’t even remember them all! I tend to just try things without giving them a lot of “I’m not at that level yet” worry/rationale. However, I am the only person I know who’s Sizzle was too big! :-p

  29. Mom

    Oh Lol, what a perfect color for your hoodie. You OWN that blue and always have. I am so proud of you! XXOO

  30. Emily

    Hey, I know that cardigan! That is a perfect color for it and you.

    My Someday Project list is so long and involved… But there’s a pullover in one of the Interweaves that has granny squares around the bottom. I am in love with it, but the crochet has long been beyond me.

  31. flutter

    ooooh look at YOU fancy pants!

    Mine would have to be the hourglass sweater. I am working on fad-classic from knit and tonic right now. This will be the year of the sweater!!

  32. Kathy

    I read your blog with such awe at all of the fantastic projects you complete, patterns I am still so scared of. I see myself as just a newbie knitter still, although I am learning so much every day. It felt so good to read your story and know you have felt the same as I have at one point or another. Makes me realize we knitters are all just human. But I still want to take sock knitting lessons from you!

  33. Susan

    Right now something colorworked is my “someday” project. And a lace shawl. I seem incapable of folowing a lace chart for some reason.

    Cables? I got your cables right here! My first knitting project, which was a sweater, had five cables up the front. It was an xoxo pattern. We started with the back, reverse stockinet. By the time I got to the front, my teacher said there was no reason I couldn’t add cables (I loved cables, still do).

    I also love that Urban Aran Patons book. I have it and will do the Urban Aran someday. And the cardigan. (forgot the name.)

    But I’m also hugely interested in designing my own. Control freak that I am, I like sweater ‘recipes’ better than patterns.


  34. goce

    This blue color is great and the patern from this sweater is also great!

  35. tammy

    i absolutely love that blue yarn you are using for it! it’s so gorgeous! my someday project is really the same type of thing as yours… a zip up hoodie. oh one day!! one day!

  36. Lynne

    Lolly! I have that book,and have started the same cardigan! I think we should have a “Get Street Smart” knit along! These are all just classic patterns. I’ll be watching your progress!

  37. erica

    This is definitely the year of someday projects for me. With my knitting almanac, I’ve got all of my projects planned out and many of them have been sitting for four and five years.

  38. Glenna

    Lolly, this is a really fantastic post – it’s lovely to hear about how people come to knitting and it makes me think of all the way I’ve come since I started! This of course makes me wonder what my “someday” projects are…I think I might be one of those stubborn knitters who just dives right in to whatever project it is that I want to do, no matter if it’s something that involves a new skill. I suppose I figure I have to learn somewhere, right? ;)

    There are so many projects I want to do…Ariann, Poppy, a long sweater coat of some kind, a cozy blanket, a delicate fine-gauge sweater that would take me months…It’s time and money that set me back more than anything else I think!

    I’m here to tell you BTW that Fair Isle is something that is entirely do-able and once you start it’s just like socks – addictive, gleeful, and something you’ll want to do again and again.

  39. Nonnahs

    Oy- too many someday projects to name! Where to begin??

  40. Jenn

    Rogue. I’m still scared of it, even though I know how to knit, have knit several intermediate projects, and have obviously conquered cables…but oh how I love that sweater. Someday!

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