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Colorful Prospects
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Colorful Prospects

Is there any chance of a winter on the East Coast this year? The temperatures outside don't suggest that a snowstorm or cold spell is anywhere near… I am still holding out for a massive blizzard snow storm in February, but I just don't know if that will happen.

With the temperatures peaking, the trees budding in our neighborhood, and our windows open for the breeze, my mind is already thinking about spring-time knits. With Project Spectrum colors as my guide, I did a little stash diving and found some very nice matches for some tops that I have had my eye on…

For the first two-month span (February / March) we will be exploring the possibilities with blue, white, and gray. There is so much to do with these colors, and I can't wait to see how you will use them.

Sirocco Camisole Sirocco Camisole Back

This is the "Sirocco" camisole, from the June 2004 issue of Knitting magazine, a UK-based magazine. I picked it up when I first started knitting, and this tank caught my eye. It calls for a cotton yarn, and I just so happen to have some lovely Rowan 4-ply cotton in the "Night Sky" colorway (pictured) that fits the bill. The color is a favorite of mine – sort of a dark periwinkle. So, it could really fit in blue or purple… I decided to call it blue so that I could start it sooner. Plus, if I start it in February, I will actually be able to wear it during the warm months! (Small needles and lace details translate to slow knitting for Lolly – I am just being realistic).

It will probably require some tweaking, because I do not have the "build" of this wispy little model, but I think I am up for the challenge. Probably will start this one in the first few weeks of February.

Also of note, the lovely "Acorn Camisole" from Interweave Knits, Summer 2005. I have a great clearance-bin find: a soft green mercerized cotton, very similar to the color of the yarn used in the sample, in fact. I considered the color to be gray when I first saw it, but after looking at it under natural light, it was clearly green, and therefore, perfect for April / May time frame (green, pink, yellow).

Acorn Camisole

Do you have some projects in mind for Project Spectrum? Are you "thinking outside of the box"? I am obviously thinking about the ways to explore color with my trusty needles and yarn, but I encourage you all to think about what else you can create in the colors of the month. Project Spectrum is not just another knitalong, so we have eight months – EIGHT MONTHS! – why not try something new?

We have over 700 participants in Project Spectrum so far: a wonderfully diverse group of crafters and artisans. We have hundreds of textile artists – spinners, crocheters, knitters, hug hookers, dyers, weavers – and dozens of needlework afficianados – embroiderers, sewers, quilters – a great number of photographers, beaders and jewelry makers, glass artisans, and basket makers. So much diversity! So many colorful prospects!

In addition to all of the knitting I have planned, I am also planning several other crafts. I have long enjoyed needle crafts like embroidery and cross-stitch. Last year, I found this beautiful silk scarf kit at the craft store.

Linea Embroidery Kit

Embroidery Project

I love the two-toned silk scarf, and the embroidery is simple and sweet. The kit is a Linea Blue Silk Scarf/Shawl – there are different patterns that use the same blue silk base.

I am planning some quilting for April and May, using Denyse Schmidt's Quilt-It Kit.

Quilt-It Kit: 15 Colorful Quilt and Patchwork Projects

That pillow on the front cover seems like a good introduction – and the fabric colors are perfect!

And outside of the textile/needle work world, I am also planning some paper crafts…

Origami Page-A-Day Calendar 2007

The Origami Page-A-Day Calendar 2007 was a fun addition to my [alread] large calendar collection. Who can pass up cute paper pigs?


I would love to hear what things you are planning to create during Project Spectrum! Let me know!

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42 Responses

  1. Leah

    Love the cami’s (especially the first one; I have never seen that pattern before). Good for you tackling some different crafting projects. I used to be as addicted to cross stitch as I now am to knitting. I may have to dig out a project to work on. BTW, pop over to my site and see the examples of Chihuly glass I have posted. Great PS inspiration!

  2. Gaile

    I am sitting here shivering in the cold (Vancouver BC area is due for more snow tonight and tomorrow), and just can’t think about knitting anything more than socks, scarves and felted slippers! It’s gonna take a major weather shift to get me into knitting for Spring!

  3. Adelle

    Don’t forget the northeast… We had a MAJOR ice storm today (and somehow, I still have power!)

    I have some awesome blue yarn that I have been saving, so I am planning on using that for Project Spectrum. Trying to find a great lace pattern for it.

  4. Kim

    Feel free to take some of our winter–we’ve had some type of snowstorm every Friday since the week before Christmas(and it’s getting old fast).

    I love the camis you are pondering :)

    As for my PS2 plans. I love the 2 month format. I was thinking of trying to complete a cross stitch ornament in each of the colors(there are so many beautiful colorways available for cross stitch now and I think this would be the perfect opportunity to experiment) and maybe try my hand at making some beaded stitch markers in the PS2 colorways.

  5. elizabooth

    I haven’t quite decided what to do for PS2 (I second, the 2 month thing is awesome!), but I think I’ll limit myself to non-knitting projects, just to mix it up. Last year I did a pair of socks for every month, which was a little insane. Maybe embroidery?

  6. Melissa A.

    We’re being hit with snow in Halifax right now. Come on snow day! :)

    I’m not sure what I’ll do for PS2 yet, but if I don’t have to work tomorrow, I plan on going through my yarn stash and other crafty supplies to do some brainstorming. I might also see what kind of cooking I can do for each month. Other than that, I might try to wander around each month taking pictures of things in my city that match the colour themes for the month. I didn’t really get into it much last year, but I think it was poor planning on my part.

  7. Jennifer

    I got an origami calendar like that last year! The tops of my monitors are now origami menageries. :)

  8. Bee

    It’s cold out here in California…compared to what we’re used to anyway. It’s making me think cozy winter knits, like gloves, hats and scarves. In regards to PS2, I’m hoping to stash bust with the colours i have as I’ve amassed quite a collection but I will try to think outside the box too with some paper crafts and photography. So many possibilities!

  9. twominions

    Hi Lolly! How funny that you love the origami calendar! I bought it every year since it came out, but finally started to see lots of repeats, so I don’t have one for this year. Besides, it was starting to look like a paper museum around here!

    BUT, I really LOVE origami, and have been having a go at it for several years now. I was actually intending to break out the origami paper (which hasn’t seen daylight for a while) to maybe fold a few things if I came up short for Project Spectrum inspiration! I started doing it as something to relieve boredom while sitting in endless hours of nursing and management theory classes—ugh! I now have thousands more sheets than I can ever fold in a lifetime (yes, just like yarn……:)

  10. Jenna Pink Monkey

    You have some wonderful possibilities there. I would like to expand my crafty repetoire for PS, but knitting is the thing that really keeps my attention. I’ll have to see how it goes. I wouldn’t mind trying to do some simple things with beads, or more knitting with beads. I also want to keep trying to take better pictures, with the colors as through which I can look at my surroundings.

  11. maryellen

    Origami is great. Be careful you’ll start collecting papaer and creating another hobby that demends your time and money. I love it!

  12. AmyP

    Plan? There’s supposed to be a plan?! :D
    Seriously, I’m just going to go with the flow and explore PS organically – what comes along (in the right colours) will go on my blog.

  13. stacey

    Hmm – I’m trying to work month to month and see what happens…..I think I may luck out as I have at least one of every color of something in my fabric and yarn stash….

    the tanks are so pretty….ahh, spring!

  14. Wendy

    I’m planning to spin a lot and fit some of my works-in-progress into the mix. I have a shawl idea for blue, a Rogue in the works for orange, etc. But I’m also a member of the Spunky Eclectic Fiber Club so will always have PS appropriate fiber ready to go!

  15. Mary de B

    I showed a few of my blue, grey, white projects on my blog on Jan 10. I have a ton of works-in-progress, and am working through them colour by colour! I also want to bead — make earrings and necklaces!

  16. hpny knits

    the colors for my last year’s failed lace scarf are perfect for the first round. I am going for it!!! can’t wait. and I can’t wait to see what everybody else is going to make!

  17. Moni

    I can’t wait to see what you do with the silk scarf and embroidery thread! For me, definately have some sweaters on the list, socks. I might expand my horizons a bit with some other art form. We’ll see.

  18. Ashley

    Hey, I got an origami-a-day calendar for Christmas too! Yours looks cooler though–mine is the EASY origami version, which seems to consist of, like “fold your paer in half! Now in half again! Great, you’re done!” I had higher origami aspirations :)

  19. Tania A

    Oooh .. Origami. I have been wanting to learn origami for some time. Maybe I can get the okay to pick out a book and some paper, and I cna add origami to my Project Spectrum!

    I already have a few knitting projects in mind .. I have a beaded cowl in the wings just perfect for Feb/March. And I just picked up some beautiful novelty yarn just perfect for April/May .. probably destined to a nice openwork scarf or shawl. And for August/September I plan to work on my Lilac and Brown Katrina shawl/scarf And I have some pretty red sari silk that needs a project .. I’m thinking it might make a beautiful clutch if it’ll hold up to the knitting process.

    I should make a list. That’ll keep me mostly on task I have projects for the months of January and February to finish up, charity knits I’m really enjoying. Red scarves for the Red Scarf Project, and fun-fur hats for children in Boston Children’s Hospital. As a matter of fact, I’m going to plan now to start picking up some red yarn for next years red Scarves .. I can knit them in June and July and get a jump on things!

  20. Mia

    Winter??? What is that? I mean it has been in the 60s. ou are right. I really really want a big snow storm or two in the next month or two. We really need the snow. If we don’t get any, it may mean a very dry summer.

    I have that same scarf kit but mine is in oranges and yellows. I will have to look at it for a possible project. I am looking at painting my laundry room and bathroom as projects. I really need to start looking at paint samples this month.

    I haven’t seen that tank pattern. I think it will look great. And I honestly know very few people who are built like that model. Everyone I know is built normal and not tiny.

  21. kelly

    We here in the Midwest would be happy to send you some of our winter weather… if you could send us some electricity, that is! (Actualy, we are among those who still have our power…)

    Neat patterns and lovely colors. Can’t wait to see how everything develops. I’m getting geared up for PS too!

  22. Mouse

    I can’t wait for the start of Project Spectrum (which reminds me that I forgot to actually sign up.. off to do that next..) since its my favorite color- purple!
    I’ve seen the Acorn cami in person from the IK trunk show.. and its much prettier IRL than it is in the magazine. I also love those Linea embroidery kits and the new threads and image stencils.. I have a really cool magazine put out by the Linea line of DMC that has some great designs in it.

  23. Kimberly

    I wish the fall-autumn weather was back here in New England! Want to trade?

  24. nova

    I am a fan of the first camisole, it’s pretty. I am really excited about Project Spectrum, it has helped me form a “plan of attack” for my knitting and quilting. I like to plan…thank you for enabling me!

  25. Melissa

    One of the main things I’d like to tackle for Project Spectrum this year is the Rogue sweater. I’ve been ogling that thing since I first started knitting (and bought the pattern almost three years ago!), and I finally feel confident enough to knit it. I want a deep, pretty blue one, so it’s a great project to start off with.

    I’m also rather intrigued by the bubble pullover from Knitting Nature – the construction is fairly ingenious. I want this one to be in blue, too, so we’ll have to see how I do with Rogue (maybe do it in dark purple for later in the year). Since I’m still acclimating to the non-Texas weather, I could certainly do with more sweaters!

    I also want to redesign my main website, and do themed illustrations for each color. I think this will help my hibernating drawing skills as well as beef up the portfolio. And I have bins of beads, which may get a workout as well – thinking about jewelry-making in terms of colors, or multiple colors is something I have been working with for awhile, and it could really be fun!

  26. tiennie

    Oh Lolly – I just love blue! Thank you for doing Project Spectrum. It’s going to be the year of socks for me – I want to really learn how to do socks well and venture into different colors so I want to try to knit socks in all the colors of Project Spectrum – don’t know about metallics though!

  27. Ruth

    Love those cami’s! What a clever idea, planning for seasonal knitting BEFORE the season has come and gone again. I never quite seem to manage that – always finishing those cute little summer knits around October.

  28. Karin

    I came across some sock yarn that was perfect for February/March and so plan to knit socks with it. I have 2 blue sweaters that need to be ribbed and reknit, one of them actually the Lakes sweater that I did for blue in the last PS. I love the Rowant All Seasons Cotton, I love the stitch pattern, but the form is not flattering. I think I need EZ to come to my help and plan on trying either a Hyprid or a seamless set in Sleeve. I also want to stitch on my blue dragon during that time. That should keep me pretty busy craft wise. I plan to read a book with the title Blue, too.

  29. Kelly

    It wasn’t feeling too much like winter around here either but by tomorrow it will be 19 degrees as a high! So I say be careful what you wish for! Those knits are gorgeous!

  30. Donna

    Hey Lauren, I love the first camisole…beautiful. Of course, the temperatures are dropping here in MD now but it would be great to have it finished for the first warm spring day!

  31. jenna

    Love that Sirocco camisole!! This lack of winter has me looking toward warm weather projects as well. But I’m sure western NY State will get buried in snow come April!

  32. heather

    Nancy Bush’s Norway socks (in Blue sTR!)
    I already started. Cheat!

  33. LeAnne

    Check out my blog today for Winter in the Northwest photos!

  34. Rebecca

    I gave my college-aged daughter the same calendar as a Christmas gift. I now have various birds (even an owl!) strewn across the coffee table! Very cute!

  35. LHWB Knits

    Are you kidding! No wonder we are freezing here. Literally! My mom woke up Friday to find her back yard a winter wonderland of ice & water. The pipes burst overnight. It hit 10 degrees at her house. Big deal right? Happens all the time? Trouble is, we are in ?sunny? California. I can ride my bike to the beach from where I live. I could walk it if I was feeling ambitious. Yeah, right. If I wanted to freeze to death. OK, I know it gets cold all over the country, but they are prepared for it. Here, wool is for felting. Or ski gear that you have to drive 4 hours to use. No, we are equipped with bikinis and tank tops and jeans, and sure the occasional cotton sweater. So, please! Give us back out weather!
    Oh, and I LOVE the Spectrum idea. Got my thinking cap on! Thank you.

  36. LHWB Knits

    Sorry about the weather tyrade.
    And I meant, “Give us back ‘our’ weather.”
    My fingers are frozen, no heat and all that.

  37. Mintyfresh

    February is too soon–still, I don’t know how to plan that far in advance! I love your ideas for exploring new crafts. I was thinking about devoting PS to photography, but obviously I won’t limit myself exactly . . .

    As I said on the photos, I really like that first tank. I have a ton of this wool/cotton in my stash, perhaps I could do a tank and then wear it in the spring.

  38. Julie

    I will be doing a little knitting, sewing and quilting each time frame. I am so glad you have given me two months to complete things. I did HAVE to buy some beautiful blue sock yarn for February. I had quite a few yarns in my stash, but I figured for the first PS2 project it needed to be a really special blue!

    I am going to try to get my boys involved. Art is something sorely lacking in my homeschool. Kinda funny for a crafter, but it is something that gets shoved aside if we get busy. I am thinking oragmi, card making, painting and collages. They are as excited to begin as I am.

  39. melissa

    the sirocco cami is gorgeous! i need to start planning for ps2, it’s going to be here before we know it!

  40. amisha

    for me there will be knitting and sewing always, but one of my goals this year is to expand into new crafts (jewelry-making) and also to improve my photography… so i will focus on photos along with the handwork. very excited to dip my toe into these new colors!

  41. Dorothy B

    I went diving in the toy box for colour combination pictures.

  42. Lisa

    I have lots of blue and lots of possibilities for the first two months! This is the year of the stast-bust for me so my projects will come from there. I doubt I’ll get around to it all but here are my ideas:

    Blue fun fur hats for Boston Children’s Hospital
    Finish a grey sweater I started two years ago
    Finish a blue baby sweater I also started some time ago
    Make a blue Panta headband
    A blue mohair throw blanket
    A grey felted owl french press cozy
    Grey handwarmers for Noah
    I also have some white mohair I should figure out a use for….
    I have blue and white Christmas fabric that needs a purpose
    Blue cosmetic bag
    Blue penguin print pajamas that have been in process also a long time

    See? I think I could easily fill a couple of months with blue, grey and white. I’d also like to try something new with each color. We’ll see….

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