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More Sock Talk
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More Sock Talk

Gentlemen's Plain Winter Socks complete!

Pattern: "Gentleman's Plain Winter Socks" from
Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush
Yarn: GGH Marathon (discontinued)
Source: Received in a trade with Debi
Needles: Size 2 DPNs, Clover Takumi (bamboo)

Heel Closeup on Winter Socks Kris modeling new socks (and shoes!)

Click to enlarge

Closeup of heel and gusset

The pattern was easy, and great to customize. The heel was a nice unique touch to a very "vanilla" pattern. These turned out so well, and Kris loves them too. He wore them to work today! (See how they match his new shoes?)

Socks [usually] take me forever to complete, but that does not diminish my love for them… I finished sock one in about a month, while sock two only took me four days.

I guess now that I am finished with school, I have more time on my hands. More time to actually finish the knits that I start… ("ahem" said my Sesame cardigan)

Sock knitting is all about the process for me. I just love to feel that yarn in my fingers, creating beautiful designs. I am planning to knit several Nancy Bush patterns this year – part of my own little compendium project. In fact, Project Spectrum knitting will consist of a lot of socks, as I have several lovely yarns and patterns that I am dying to try…

Project Spectrum Sock Plans

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34 Responses

  1. Claudia

    OHHHH I love the colourway, it doesn’t surprise me Kris loves them! I would too!

  2. heather

    I’m with you socks are a perfect project to whet your whistle…to try out new things in a small wonderfully vibrant scale.

    love them! great job!

  3. Carolina

    Lovely selection Lolly! The pic from Vogue is beautiful! I’ve also started a future projects flickr set. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Gaile

    Very nice socks! I think my hubby would like that colorway a lot. I am a little pokey when it comes to knitting socks, but then the last pair I finished were thigh high (for my youngest daughter), so who could blame me for wanting a break? I do have yarn picked out for my next pair, I’m going to try Bonne Marie’s sock pattern.

  5. Ann

    Love them! Lucky boy. :)

  6. Karen

    Lovely socks Lolly! Plain vanilla socks are still my favorite.

  7. Melissa

    So was Kris embarrassed to model his socks? I know my husband was last night! Oy. Boys.

  8. gray la gran

    that was speedy!!! i like how that marathon yarn stripes … i sure would love to get my hands on some! (not that i don’t already have tons of sock yarn)

  9. rockgrrrl

    Hooray for socks! I love knitting socks too, and I am planning to go a little nuts on them this year — really stretch out into some truly challenging patterns.

    I also love that you are trying out some of the Vintage Socks in that book — I checked that book out of the library months ago but was intimidated by the teeny tiny gauge of so many of the patterns. Perhaps I will try to overcome that mental block.

  10. gleek

    great looking socks! my hubby wants another pair too :) i should really get crackin’ on them.

  11. Nonnahs

    Well, you’re definitely motivating me to get back to socks with all these posts! I look forward to seeing all your socks this year!

  12. Tracey

    Love that colorway. Lucky Kris. I really need to pick up that book, I keep drooling over it at B&N, I should just break down and get it.

  13. nova

    Marvy socks! And the second sock in 4 days? That is knitting with a mission!

  14. Sue

    The socks are fabulous! My husband has asked me to knit him socks, but he wants them bulky and warm (which works for me because that means bigger needles, heavier yarn, faster knit). :-) Nice job on yours!

  15. Ashley

    Aren’t those embroidered knee-highs just amazing? I’m trying to work up the fortitude for them.

  16. tiennie

    Those are great plain vanilla socks! Looking forward to seeing your socks!

  17. shadkitty

    I’m not ashamed to admit that my PS projects also consist largely of socks. Actually, Feb/March has the most, I think I have at least three pairs of adult socks to complete for those months.

    I love socks. I love yarn. I love sock yarn. It’s a beautiful thing.

  18. georgia

    i think “GPWS” is my favorite sock pattern. i think i’m on my 5th pair. and you’re right, it’s such a nice, plain vanilla pattern…and then you get to the heel :) that’s my favorite part. your socks look great!

  19. handknit168

    I am now fond of knitting socks after two are knitted. All your socks are lovely.

  20. Tonia

    Very nice socks! They match his shoes so well.

    I am with you on the sock knitting. It takes me forever, but I love making them. They are the perfect travel project too.

  21. Debi

    The socks look fabulous Lolly!! They look wonderful on Kris too! You really did the “rare” yarn justice! So glad I could share it with you!

  22. hpny knits

    the socks are awesome! I love the color. have looked around for the yarn- so discontinued even none on ebay… not that I lack for sock yarn…..! its just great colors. :-)

  23. Mintyfresh

    Damn, 4 days for the second sock? That’s impressive. I remember when you were just turning the heel of the first!

  24. margaux

    beautiful socks and i’m sure they’re super comfortable on him! i hope to knit a few socks too for the PS!

  25. Stacey

    those came out great – that is a heel I’ll have to try!

  26. Jenna

    Nothing better than finishing big man feet socks. I hope Kris can feel the love that is the handknit sock. I think I should assign all of my sock yarn for the project spectrum months, they really are a natural fit.

  27. Miss Scarlett

    4 days! nice work. Love the green cabley looking socks. Looking forward to Project Spectrum …when I am not blasted with a head cold I will try setting up a projects list like you have. What a great idea.

  28. staycee419

    I was so glad to hear you say that socks seem to take you forever. I recently started knitting socks and it took me about a month to finish my first one. I was thinking I was abnormally slow on dpns. However I too have reallly enjoyed the process. Maybe if I could stick to one thing at a time I would be wearing my first pair of hand knitted socks.
    I really like that first picture in the sock projects you plan to do. I have seen them on Knit Picks. They are on my someday list for sure.

  29. tori

    Those socks are beautiful (or some manly approximation of the word). You really are inspiring to me and make me want to knit more!

  30. Mia

    It is funny how sometimes we seem to think alike. I was also planning on use my Nancy Bush books for sock patterns during project spectrum. I think that Chris might be needing another pair of socks now. Now that the cold temepratures have arrived, you finished them just in time.

  31. Steph

    I knit the first socks ever for my boyfriend out of this very same yarn, it’s still my favourite for guy socks. It comes in such great colorways, but I wonder if it’s discontinued, because I can’t find it anymore.
    Those embroidered knee highs are gorgeous, I hope you make them.

  32. Nora

    Love Kris’s socks – and those embroidered numbers are 2 die 4! I’ve got the magazine… do I CO or not??

  33. Moni

    Those turned out lovely!

    I would like to make the cuffed knee-highs in the picture. Are those from the Knitting Vintage Socks book?

  34. diane

    Hi there. I love these socks and I have a ball of GGH Marathon I plan on using to knit them. I’m wondering if you could tell me what size foot they ended up fitting and what alterations, if any, you made to the pattern. I really appreciate any information you can pass on. Thanks.

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