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They Can’t All Be FOs
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They Can’t All Be FOs

The crafting process is long. If you want the best quality of work, you put the effort into it to make it happen. You take the extra time to put in that interfacing, or block that stubborn button band.  Even if you hate every second of it, you do it.

…All to make beautiful finished objects…

We strive to make that finished object happen faster – so we can show it off to our friends and families (I feel like there is even more pressure as a blogger to get that finished product out there – will people still read even if you have nothing to show?).

Why not take the same pride in showing off all of parts of the whole?

My Street Smart hoodie was worth the three-year wait. I am enjoying every second of this knit. The yarn is a perfect match for the pattern. I am loving its "wooly-ness". It has a great heathery quality, and just makes these cables and bobbles pop! Sleeve one is nearing completion; I started the sleeve cap decreases last night, and have about 15 more rows of cable pattern to complete before the bind off. Next up: the fronts panels!

Street Smart Hoodie sleeve one

Cable/Bobble Detail

I have received several emails asking where to get a copy of the Patons Street Smart pattern booklet. I found that it is still in print, and available for only $5.95 (US) from Joann.com . Let me know if you get a copy! I have noticed only one problem with the pattern – and that regards the bobble. The stitch count appears to be off by 2, but I figured out a way to remedy the problem, and the pattern seems to match up well after this little tweak. These are my first bobbles, and they are quite fun.  I will probably try more bobbles in the future – in the form of Forecast. I just adore that cardigan.

Among my other in-progress knits (I have several) is my never-before-seen Bejeweled scarf. I cast on for it shortly after the beginning of the informal knitalong (January 1st), but have neglected to mention it until now. However, it is a great easy lace pattern. I am using a fun yarn that I picked up from Sarah at last year's Stash Swap. It is Cherry Tree Hill's Zebra Caribe – a cotton/rayon blend that will make a nice spring/summer scarf. The colors are vibrant, and will be a nice addition to my scarf collection!

Bejeweled Scarf Progress

The Bejeweled knitalong will continue indefinitely – with no deadlines, and no pressure, feel free to join any time. The pattern is fun and easy, and perfect for beginning lace knitters (like me). It is also customizable for many yarns, textures, and needles sizes. The knitalong started to support Shobhana's efforts to raise money for F.I.R.E., the parent organization of The Dulaan Project. The pattern is still available to purchase on her blog.

In December, Shobhana sold 299 patterns, and with a matching donation, we were able to donate over $1000 to F.I.R.E., and in return, we got this great scarf pattern.

Now the lovely scarves are showing up all over the place!

Bejeweled Scarves Mosaic
Click to enlarge and
to get details on each one!

These scarves are a mosaic from my Handcrafted Scarves group on Flickr, but there are several other lovely versions to see too:

  • Flimmerglimmer decided to skip the increases and attach lovely beads to her version!
  • Margene unveiled her beautiful scarf on a wintery day!
  • Not Scarlett chose a stunning turquoise yarn for her Bejeweled!
  • Edie chose a lovely mohair yarn for her Bejeweled.
  • Midnight2Sticks used a ribbon yarn for her "Bollywood" version!
  • Sarah made a hot pink soy silk Bejeweled!

Did I miss your finished Bejeweled? Please let me know by sending me your link in the comments, or by email!

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41 Responses

  1. Claudia

    Lolly, I think that pattern has a correction on Patons website! Let me go look for it and I’ll post it here. Look beautiful, those sleeves!!

  2. Claudia

    Here it is:
    Street Smart (500989): Mon, Mar 08, 2004
    # 1 Cabled Hoodie – page 6 – 2nd column – Hood – last paragraph Shade back of Hood: omit everything on page 6 and add the following. Shade back of Hood: 1st row: Pat across first 54 sts. Leave rem 4 sts unworked on left needle. Turn. – 2nd and alt rows: Pat to end of row. – 3rd row: Pat across first 50 sts. Leave rem 8 sts unworked on left needle. Turn. – 5th row: Pat across first 46 sts. Leave rem 12 sts unworked on left needle. Turn. – 7th row: Pat across first 42 sts. Leave rem 16 sts. unworked on left neeele. Turn. – 9th row: Pat across first 38 sts. Leave rem 20 sts unworked on left needle. Turn. 10 row: Pat to end of row. 11th row: (RS) Pat across all 58 sts. Place second marker at end of last row. Continued with page 7.

  3. Sarah

    Don’t rush them for us – the sweater is coming along just perfect and you always write great posts whether you have an FO or not!

  4. Nonnahs

    I can totally picture your Street Smart Hoodie FO…it’s going to look perfect in the yarn/color you chose! I can’t wait!

  5. Stacey

    I’m off to print the pattern corrections….the sleeve is looking great!!!!!

  6. Dorothy B

    Your hoodie is looking beautiful. I like to post the middle of the knit too. Since I tend to cast on quite a bit, but really only work on one thing at a time, it gives me something to talk about.

    Love those socks for Kris and your Bejeweled.

  7. Sarah

    I’ve been wondering what your Bejeweled was going to look like in that yarn, and I am not disappointed! Gorgeous. Can’t wait to see the hoodie all done, it’s looking fantastic!

  8. Coleen

    I love those cables! Looking forward to seeing a finished hoodie! Miss you!

  9. nova

    It’s looking great! I can’t speak for everyone, but I appreciate the parts as well as the whole! But yes, I find the blogging pressure to finish encouraging (I don’t know if I would ever finish anything if not for that “encouragement”)!

  10. isel

    Slow down; I feel indequate! :P
    Thanks for the invitation to the scarves group.
    Love your newborn projects.

  11. kelly

    Wow! Your cables really pop! Although I’m not usually a fan of the bobble, I have to admit that I rather enjoy the look of that pattern. Very nice!

    Your scarf is pretty too… the color is so fun!

  12. Kelly B

    That blue is absolutely perfect- it’s got a “pop” that you usually don’t see in heathered yarns.

  13. Liz K.

    I think you’re right that blogging adds to pressure to finish a project. Not to “keep up with the other knitters,” but because you want to have something to write about.

    Although I do enjoy “process” posts just as much as FOs, FOs seem to garner the most attention.

  14. caro

    I love the way the cables pop. Perfect yarn choice and fantastic knitting.

  15. hpny knits

    I love the panels! bobbles drive me nuts though so I admire you even more for this!

  16. Jeanann

    Thanks again Lolly for letting me know where to get that great pattern. I printed the corrections also and I cant wait to get started on it even if I dont start until after the other WIP’s I have now! Great work by the way, and DONT rush for anyone!

  17. Melissa

    Those Paton’s Street Smart Sweaters are so nice. Your cable and bobbles look great! Aren’t bobbles super fun to knit? I think so :)

  18. Kelly

    Your cardi is coming along great! I love the yarn you chose, great color. I started a bejeweled scarf last weekend and the pattern is great for knitting and watching tv.

  19. Erin

    Great job taking good pictures of the sleeves. The sweater is going to be lovely.

  20. Kristina

    Oh, your sleeve makes me want to put this sweater on my list of knits to start soon! You are right, the color is PERFECT.

  21. KeanaLee

    CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THE HOODIE! I have wanted to make this one but never had the courage! Good Luck!

  22. Tracey

    I do agree, for me, the process is just as important as the product, although I will admit I went a little bananas getting my Ribby Cardi done this past week, that was more to prove to myself that I COULD do it.

    I love the wool you are using. Is it Bartlett? There is nothing better for cables than good ‘ol sheepy wool.

  23. gray la gran

    lolly, that’s so true. i haven’t posted in a week (because i haven’t finished my sock?!). we do put pressure upon ourselves to have something to show. but f*ck it, i’m going to post my still incomplete sock!!! and one i tried and failed!!! and part of a sweater sleeve that might be the wrong gauge!!!
    it’s all good though.
    i have been having this urge to knit sweaters lately … and i’m sure lots of us in the south are feeling that same urge as the temps drop into the 20′s tonight and we awaken to a wintery mix tomorrow.
    ps. your bobbles are quite lovely ;)

  24. Miss Scarlett

    Your SSHoodie is looking fantastic. As a slow knitter I worry about the lack of fo’s for the blog ALL THE TIME! There is always something great to read at your bog. Thanks for the links to the various Bejewelled’s (?). Mine is nearly done. Pic coming soon. Love the bright colour way on yours.

  25. Amy

    The hoodie is looking great!

    I love how “the same” Bejeweled pattern looks so different with all of our choices. :)

    Depending on how you approach the blog it can definitely add pressure to finishing projects. Just remember, it’s not a race – it’s every part of the process :)

  26. Jennifer

    I love wooly sweaters! The cables really pop with that yarn.

    Bejeweled is looking lovely. I just plied and set the twist on my handspun, so it won’t be long before I cast on.

  27. Debi

    Beautiful knitting and a perfect marriage of pattern and yarn. I can’t wait to see this progress!

  28. Jenna Pink Monkey

    Some of them never become FOs, hehe.

    I find that I put just as much pressure on myself to finish, just because I want it SOON and I’m anxious to move on to the next thing. It certainly is easier to blog about a final product.

    Both of your new projects are looking great! Bejeweled will be a great spring scarf with a pretty red top.

  29. Robin

    Wow – the SS Hoodie looks great (I assume that the pics of the blue cabled project are part of it)- those cables are perfect!

  30. fawn

    I love that you started with the sleeves!

  31. JulieFrick

    Aw, man. Did ya really need to add anything to my someday queue? At least tell me I already have stashed yarn for this. Is it worsted? Argh.

  32. heather

    sleeves are a perfect way to orient yourself with the patterns and make you feel like you’ve accomplished a lot!

    that blue is to die for…love it!

  33. Stephanie

    The sweater looks great. I just love the cable. I’m glad to hear you say something about the pressure to finish things for the blog. I’ve been feeling very boring and unproductive and I hope people don’t stop reading my blog because I haven’t had a finished object in, well, forever.

  34. Wendy

    I was reminded by your post that I’ve always wanted that booklet so I ordered it from Jo-Ann a few days ago and it’s on its way!

  35. Moni

    ooh! Thanks for posting on where the booklet is! I’m going to see if I can get my hands on one.

  36. Kathryn

    gorgeous blue yarn for your hoodie.

  37. Tonia

    Oooooo the hoodie is coming along so nicely! I just love the color and pattern. It is going to look wonderful when it is finished.

    Don’t feel pressured to finish some thing. The more you push yourself and fell like you HAVE to get it done for others the more of the enjoyment you suck out of it. While the finished object is really nice to see, I love to see progress pictures too. I am excited to see it done, but I also think that you should enjoy yourself while doing it.

  38. Lu

    I did finished my Bejeweled!


  39. Lazuli

    Your street smart cardi looks fantastic! I love the blue color you are using.

  40. Karen

    Your sleeve looks great! I like to see pictures of all phases of a project. If I only posted pictures of finished things, there wouldn’t be many pictures on my blog! Especially these days! :)

  41. allie

    I finished my Bejeweled today!!! Here’s a link to my blog.

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