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Handknit Street Style
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Handknit Street Style

During Socktoberfest, my friend Leslie mentioned that she wanted to see how people actually wore their handknit socks. Many of your contributed pictures to show the way you wear your socks – the shoes you pair them with, the skirts/pants, etc. and it was great fun to see the different styles for warm and cool weather.

From this same general inquiry, I started a Flickr group, Handknit Street Style, where knitters (crocheters are welcome too!) can contribute photographs of how their own handknit garments and accessories are worn with other wardrobe pieces. How do you match your scarf with your other winter accessories? Do you have a favorite skirt you wear with your handknit sweater? What outfit best matches your little felted bag?

Some examples from the Flickr group…

me in rålambshovsparken
Katarina and her scarf

Veronica - front view
Siow Chin's lace cardigan

jazz hands
Poppin's Hat and Gloves

Vans and legwarmers- a match made in heaven :-)
*Samantha's legwarmers

Birch, Reclaimed (January 10)
Fricknit's Reclaimed Birch

ribbed cardi
HPNY's ribbi cardi

Calista's Alexander McQueen Knockoff Sweater
Honeypoo's McQueen pullover

And some of my own handknits on the street

Front of Carla sweater Lolly on the Metro

Many more where these came from! Check out the Flickr pool!

Knitting is fashion. As crafters, we have the ability to make our own fashion garments and accessories… A unique style that no one can truly replicate (even two sweaters of the same pattern in the same dyelot of yarn and in the same size are going to be different!)

How do you show your handknit style? I would love to see how you wear your handknit items out and about, on a day-to-day basis. Do you color coordinate? Do you wear psychedelic socks under your business attire? Do you throw on your big woolly pullover to run errands?

Show off your handknit style!

The only *rule* for this little meme? Show yourself (or some sort of human model, ie the gift recipient) wearing the handknit item. The models can be cropped "headless" if you want to maintain your anonymity :)

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  1. Lori

    What a coincidence! I just posted yesterday with a pic of me in my handknits. You can see the sweater that I wore to my son’s Lacrosse game, but you can’t see the cabled socks that I was also wearing.


  2. Muntu Stitches » Blog Archive » Handknit Street Style

    [...] Lolly started a meme and a Flickr Pool of knitters proudly wearing their gorgeous handknits. [...]

  3. Knit Nurse

    Great idea – especially about the socks. Mine are so often hidden under walking boots – I need to flash them around a bit more!

  4. JulieFrick

    Great collection of photos! And thanks for the invite to the group! Signed- the Headless Knitswoman.

  5. Suz

    Poppin’s hat is supposed to have a huge pom-pom on it. I’m knitting one now for my friend Greg. ;D He requested that his wife learn how to knit (She’s a crocheter) so that she could make him one. Instead, she made Deb a hat and i’m making Greg’s. Odd thing, Greg’s a knitter. I’m still trying to figure out why he didn’t want to knit it???


  6. Melissa A.

    What a great idea for a flickr group!

  7. Jennifer

    Hmmm, well I showed a picture of me wearing Rogue at a winery on my blog last week. I’ll have to carry a camera around with me!

  8. tori

    I just posted a picture of me on my blog in the first sweater I made that fit me.

  9. Ann

    I love this pool! Thanks for sharing it.

    Great to see you this weekend sweetie — I can’t wait to see what you do with all that gorgeous mohair!

  10. Suzanne

    I love this new pool! Thanks for starting it – great idea.

  11. Jenna

    How fun! I love to see other people’s style and how they wear their clothes, so this is a great venue to spy :) I’ll check through my photos to see what I can add!

  12. Ava

    Brilliant idea, Lolly! I’ll be contributing one way or another.

  13. Leslie

    Wow! I always feel like a celebrity when mentioned in your blog — thank you! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the photos — they are inspiring! Leslie

  14. Cathi

    Thanks so much for sharing these, Lolly!

  15. Kelly

    What a great idea!

  16. Wanda

    Ha, I do actually have a pic of my nephew modeling his handknit hoodie sweater that I made for him for Christmas. Feel free to look: http://wandawomanknits.blogspot.com/2007/01/finishing-frenzy.html

    My sister says that he wears it all the time.

  17. Elemmaciltur

    You know, there’s this questions that I want to ask the knitters out there….and since there are so many reading your blog, maybe you might like to post it, and it goes along with this street style, too.

    “Do you wear the knitted socks with your normal shoes outside on a normal day-to-day basis, or are those knitted socks only worn at home?”

  18. melissa

    great idea! i can’t wait to check out all the great pictures!

  19. hpny knits

    Hooray hooray!!! my cardi is on Lolly’s blog!! wow.
    I love seeing how knits are worn- its so inspiring!

  20. Sarah

    It’s always nice to see people wearing handknits — if no one ever wore them outdoors, sweater-stalking would be impossible, and a valuable source of inspiration would be lost!

  21. carrie m

    this is such a cute idea for a group!
    also, i’m behind in blog reading, so thanks for the bejeweled props AND the peanut butter granola recipe!

  22. Arianne

    You are a very beautiful woman and a very talented knitter. Just thought you should know.

  23. Poppins

    The hat did have a huge pompom on it. Then the dog lovingly pried it free with her long sharp teeth. Yikes! I don’t have much yarn left from the knitting, and he said he didn’t mind it not having the pompom.

  24. jenna

    Great idea for a group, Lolly—Handknits in action!! It’ll be great to see how other people combine their handknits with store-bought pieces. The right layering and accessories can be the difference between a Finished Object screaming, “Hey! I’m HOMEMADE!” and looking like just another fabulous piece of clothing. Some people (not me) are so good at it, too!

  25. Sarah

    The pictures are wonderful and I will, hopefully, be adding some soon! I also live in the DC metro area and have yet to meet any other knitters. What LYS do you visit? Your blog is great! Happy Knitting!

  26. Kelly

    Great idea! By the way, I made your PB Granola this weekend. What a great recipe! Thanks for passing it along (oh, and I used all your mods!)

  27. beth

    What a great idea! I think I will be taking some pictures this weekend! I wear alot of my stuff!

  28. Leah

    I love the group & the meme Lolly!! :)

    I’ll try to get a shot soon! I wear something handknit almost every day!!

  29. Dorothy B

    I need to start keeping some of my handknits so I can wear them. That or take a picture of me carrying my bag.

  30. twominions

    Love this group, Lolly! However, I have to find a model who is actually photogenic to wear some of my fo’s for pics! :o

  31. frecklegirl jess

    How do you keep coming up with these gems? I’d like to borrow just a TAD of your ingenuity… just for a little while, kay?


    Gotta scour my pictures!

  32. Meredith

    I love this idea–I’ve posted a few!

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