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The Girl with the Plan
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The Girl with the Plan

My early yarn-buying habits can only be described as willy nilly. I bought yarn with no purpose – pretty color or texture and it went right into my basket. I can only blame the idealism of my knitting youth – I actually thought I would do something with these random balls of wool, cotton, silk… over time, I have used a few of these yarns, but some are long gone – in other people's stashes, or donated to a worthy cause.

Now, I buy with a purpose. Almost obsessively so. Before fiber festivals, I make a list. I pull out my books and magazines and go through my "someday knits" list, writing down gauge, fiber content, yardage. I have had great luck with this method, and now, my stash is organized by project, rather than random balls of yarn.

So, when I come across some great yarn, and don't have a specific plan in mind for it – a little reverse engineering is necessary. Such was the case this past weekend…

Sarah and Lara hosted a yarn swap. There was A LOT of yarn.

Yarn Swap Yarn Swap @ Sarah's

Heather and I carpooled to Sarah's for a fun evening. Before going in, we told each other that we would not come out with much – we are both trying to use up some yarns that we already have… (can you see where this is going?)

With food, friends, and wine, I let my guard down. I came home with quite a bit of yarn. The crazy thing is is that there was still a table full when we left! In the process of all of this yarn hording, I got to meet some lovely knitters, and reconnected with some other local friends

Here's Shannon diligently working on the raglan cardigan from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts (remember my version?) and a great picture of Elsbeth and Sarah.

Yarn Swap @ Sarah's Yarn Swap @ Sarah's

Yarn Swap @ Sarah's

In a moment of absentmindedness – and of hurrying out the door with all of my yarns – I forgot to bring my own knitting. Luckily, my friend Paula had a project for me to work on while we were catching up! (see the pretty blue wool?)

*More pictures of the party are here!*

I came home with some amazing yarns. A few random skeins for hats and scarves, but I tried to stick with bigger lots so I could match them up with a pattern once I got home… luckily, the two large lots I got – the gorgeous light blue alpaca/merino blend (Cascade Lana d'Oro) and the rust-colored mohair (Berroco Mohair Classic) – were easy matches for two patterns that I have had my eye on…

Cascade Lana d'Oro Berroco Mohair Classic

Ram's Horn Jacket
"Ram's Horn Jacket" from Knitting Nature – a perfect match for the blue alpaca blend, no?

Perfect Pie Shawl - Lace Border Perfect Pie Shawl - Picot Border

"Perfect Pie Shawl" from Weekend Knitting – the pattern even calls for this yarn! Now to decide on the lace edging…

Sure, I may not get around to these patterns for quite awhile, but now they can live happily in my stash with a project in mind. I can sleep easier knowing this.

I am the girl with the plan. ;)

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  1. Suz

    Wow! Talk about a yarn orgy!! WooHoo!!!

    Since i’ve been knitting, i’ve always been on a limited budget, so i’ve always bought with a project in mind…except for the two hanks i bought at MS&W last May. Those two hanks have already been knit up into a lovely, warm scarf so they’re not sitting around or anything.

    So far, i’ve yet to do enough yarn browsing that would enable me to snatch something up just because it looks yummy. Maybe some day. ;)


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