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Bite the Bullet
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Bite the Bullet

"Bite the Bullet": to do or accept something difficult or unpleasant. Etymology: based on the literal action of soldiers in the past who bit on bullets when they were operated on without drugs.

…Maybe that is a little too strong. It is not entirely difficult, and not yet to the degree of "unpleasant", but my Sesame cardigan has been hanging around for quite some time in my knitting bag. Too long. I can't complain though. This is a great design – simple and easy to understand. The yarn is great, and a good fit for the pattern. It is just a lot of stockinette, and the cotton tends to do a number on my wrists. However, I know I will wear this cardigan all the time…

So, I bit the bullet.

Sesame Knitting

I have been working solely on Sesame since Sunday afternoon. I have made a lot of progress. I finished the back – I only had three inches before – and finished the sleeves. I have sewn the shoulder seams, and am now working on the collar, which was picked up and knit. Next step: the button band. I am close!

Knitting Sesame by the Fire

A little fireside knitting while watching the NHL All-Stars game…

I figured that since I started this cardigan during the last Project Spectrum, I really should finish it before the beginning of the second Project Spectrum round…

What project is lingering in your basket? 

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  1. amisha

    i really need to work on my central park hoodie… it’s gray, perfect for february project spectrum :)

  2. Moni

    good for you, lolly! and you are a zippy knitter! I am dying to be where you are now with my Loll. I’m still only halfway done with sleeve number 2. ugh.

  3. Kim

    Languishing in my basket, since last February, is the Kiri shawl, for no good reason, since it is an easy knit. I feel your pain, with Sesame, though. I had a hard time finishing a black cotton cardigan a couple years ago. I wear the thing all the time, though, so you’ll be glad you pushed through the pain on this one!

  4. carrie m

    love the sesame sweater.
    i have so much lingering, but it’s mostly abandonned projects that i don’t have the nerve to frog. i’m pretty monogamous when i want to finish something.

  5. Ande

    Gah! If you really must know, not that many, my YoYo sweater and the Flower Basket Shawl. And maybe a crochet suede wrap. That’s it! I keep a tight rein on myself otherwise it’d be half finished stuff everywhere!

  6. Avice

    …too many projects to count and it would be embarrassing, really, to list them all. But I have gone back to a lace scarf for which I’m using something called Mrs. Montague’s Pattern from Barbara Walker. I had put it aside last year when the weather got warm and it’s taken two days to sort it out, but I’m now happily making progress.

    I have opted for a sticky note on my bedside table with a list of “authorized” projects to keep me on track….

  7. Liz

    A grey Ms. Marigold has been languishing since last summer, funny I just picked it up two nights ago and am going to finish it this weekend! I have about 7 of the final 10 inches of mindless stockinette to go, then a little ribbing, then finish the neckline and sleeves. Wish me luck!

  8. Mrs. Hipp

    Gah, your post reminded me of the Ram’s Horn Jacket that’s been wallowing in my project bin for months. Like your project, I just know that if I finish it I will wear it. Thanks for the kick in the pants!

  9. Wanda

    That’s good that you are picking up the Sesame cardigan again. I definitely think it will be one that you will love. I don’t have any lingering knits, which is rather nice for a change. I have one project, a lace ribbed tank that is waiting for spring to re-emerge and that project will be started again as I have one piece finished and only the second half to finish, but I put it down because fall was approaching and I knew it wouldn’t be done soon.

  10. Nora

    You’re knitting by the fire while I knit by the air-conditioner. x

  11. hpny knits

    I frogged my “bite the bullet” one- cause there are other lovely things I am eager to get my hands on. so much yarn, so little time!
    but knit on! its also tough to knit in black only.

  12. Stacey

    I have to finish my Picovoli…soon. I am tired of seeing it sitting on the bookshelf. I think part of it was that it’s this lovely spring green….and with fall and then the holidays, I wasn’t in the mood for it. I was much more into warmer colors. Now though, with spring coming up I just may finish it…

  13. Jo

    I couldn’t help myself – I got a jumpstart on my Project Spectrum project…

  14. melissa

    that sweater is just lovely! you sure do churn out the sweaters quickly – i wish i could do the same!

    by the way, i think i’m going to cheat and start my first project spectrum project a little bit early too…

  15. Kat

    The drop-stitch vest from SnB Nation has been sitting in my basket, bound off and blocked, since fall 2005. I can’t bring myself to seam it. Someday…

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