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Bite the Bullet
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Bite the Bullet

"Bite the Bullet": to do or accept something difficult or unpleasant. Etymology: based on the literal action of soldiers in the past who bit on bullets when they were operated on without drugs.

…Maybe that is a little too strong. It is not entirely difficult, and not yet to the degree of "unpleasant", but my Sesame cardigan has been hanging around for quite some time in my knitting bag. Too long. I can't complain though. This is a great design – simple and easy to understand. The yarn is great, and a good fit for the pattern. It is just a lot of stockinette, and the cotton tends to do a number on my wrists. However, I know I will wear this cardigan all the time…

So, I bit the bullet.

Sesame Knitting

I have been working solely on Sesame since Sunday afternoon. I have made a lot of progress. I finished the back – I only had three inches before – and finished the sleeves. I have sewn the shoulder seams, and am now working on the collar, which was picked up and knit. Next step: the button band. I am close!

Knitting Sesame by the Fire

A little fireside knitting while watching the NHL All-Stars game…

I figured that since I started this cardigan during the last Project Spectrum, I really should finish it before the beginning of the second Project Spectrum round…

What project is lingering in your basket? 

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  1. SarahJanet

    Hee. I was knitting while I watched the All Star game too, and I had to switch projects because there were so many goals I couldn’t keep my eye on my knitting!

    Which coverage did you get? Did you get the super cute kids in the intermission chatting with the players? Or was that just a CBC thing? (They were Canadian kids, so it might have been.)

  2. Grace

    Maybe it’s time to resurrect my Sesame cardigan… it has been in the basket for at least six months and all it needs is buttons!

  3. Karen

    Oh Icarus has been hanging around in my basket a good long time. I made a mistake, had to rip back many rows and stitches, and then just lost my motivation to finish it.

  4. Zarah

    Go Lolly Go! You’ll be soooo glad when it’s done, AND you’ll be able to start new projects during Project Spectrum without UFO-guilt! =)

  5. Kellie

    I have a log cabin blanket that’s been shoved to the bottom of the basket because it’s boring garter stitch and I’m using cotton yarn. What was I thinking?! At one point, it was going to be a full-sized blanket for my bro and SIL, but now I’m thinking of waiting until they have their first baby someday!

    I can’t wait to see your finished Sesame! You’re going to be so happy to have a great all-purpose black cardigan. :)

  6. Mia

    As soon as I finish up this pair of socks, the blue Clapotis comes out for finishing. I have two sweaters that have been sitting around that need just need 1 piece left to knit. I think we need a clean out the knitting bag KAL.

  7. elise

    well over a year ago, i started on a deep-purple purse. it had a chevron stitch pattern which required a lot of close attention. i’d gotten some matching satin to line it with, matching thread to sew the lining and some dangling beads to put on the edge of the flap.

    don’t think i’d even been knitting a year at that point and it seemed like really slow going. i noticed a couple of mistakes in my chevrons and had kept knitting anyway. well, i now know that i can’t deal with mistakes and this was supposed to be for myself. so, now the question is, do i frog it and redo or use the materials for a different project altogether? haven’t come up with an answer yet, but i love the yarn, so either way, it’s going to get used.

  8. vera

    you can do it lolly! :0)
    i have a sketchbook cover, one of the first projects i started, still hanging around in my knitting bag. it’s a whole lot of stockinette and i just have so many plans for other exciting things! one day…

  9. Terri

    The Must Have Cardigan from Paton’s Street Smart. I haven’t done that many cabled items, so I really have to go slow on this thing, and I only work on it once in a while. Then they start asking you to do decreases or increases in that double-moss-whatever stitch, while doing the cables and everything else. Oooof! I need a clipboard and about 3 sheets of instructions to get going on it.

    I assume it’s going to be really nice when I finish it, but it’s probably gonna be a few more years at this rate.

  10. Erin

    I have a Dale of Norway sweater for my mom that I started years ago. It’s still sitting around in the bottom of one of my knitting bags. I can’t remember the last time it’s seen the light of day. Maybe I should bite the bullet too!

  11. Jenna Pink Monkey

    You are truly a sweater knitting maniac. How do you do it so quickly? I just don’t understand, but I hope you send some of those vibes my way. Show us a finished cardi soon…

  12. ellie

    my dad’s poor drunken argyle is only a little more than halfway done after a year! i need to bite the bullet too.

  13. keri

    I’m biting the bullet on my rogue sweater, this thing has been languishing for waay too long! Yay for your cardi!

  14. Purloined Hannah

    There is something about knitting black, especially black cotton, that always hits me like a brick wall. But you are right: it will be a mainstay in your wardrobe. Good job!

  15. Sarah

    I tidied my stash today…let’s not discuss the amount of unfinished things lurking in the bottoms of knitting bags, baskets, the closet…it was a little scary.

  16. Amy

    The Reverse Rib Shawl by Lilly Chin has been in my bag for over a year. I feel guilty every time I see it.


  17. Madge

    Way to go on Sesame! I’ve got a Jess Hutch toy lingering in my to-do basket. All it needs is its arms and legs. There’s also my Hanging Garden shawl, which is going to take me 17 gazillion years to finish.

  18. Mintyfresh

    good for you! (and: it’s about time, girl.) can’t wait to see it all finished.

  19. Robin

    I have the Bestfriend’s Jacket lingering in my project bag. Started it last year and FINALLY took it out last weekend and found my place and am ready to get going on it again.

  20. Miss Scarlett

    I have so many lingering projects I can’t possibly list them here. Nice work on your cardigan – you’ll be wearing it by the weekend at this rate!

  21. frecklegirl jess

    Oh man, I don’t even want to think about how many projects are hibernating right now. eek!

    One jaywalker, melody shawl… eek. My head hurts.

    What yarn are you using for Sesame? I do love that cardigan.

  22. Emy

    How have you been? Long time no catch up.

    I know there’s quite a few UFOs in my basket… I am trying to look the other way :P

  23. ami

    You look so cozy knitting by the fire- are these pictures from a new camera perchance?

  24. molly!

    Good for you! I have started pulling some SCARILY old knits out of my knitting basket that I am going to pick up again before I get started on new things too. Good idea! You’re so close to finishing, and I bet you’ll LOVE your new Sesame. Stick with it!

  25. Jennifer

    Aw, what a great cozy picture – fireside knitting with Lolly. Perfect for the sudden cold spell we’re having. You’re an inspiration!

  26. megan

    What a perfect afternoon! Knitting by the fire is absolutely my most favorite activity. And when you want to bite the bullet, I can think of no better way. I don’t really have a lingering project right now, but I had to barrel down the home stretch with my hourglass sweater just a few months ago.

  27. Liz K.

    Mr S’s sweater just overwhelms me at times. So. Big.

    But I am planning on starting a Central Park Hoodie by Valentines Day, so that is my “finish-by” date.

    Can’t wait to see Sesame. Cheers to you for buckling down. You have discipline, girl!

  28. P-la

    I have a simple V-neck in the round sweater languishing in my stash. I’m about halfway through the body. What keeps me from finishing it? The idea that when I’m done with the body, I still have 2 sleeves to make. It’s on my list of goals to finish this year. It’s only 2 years old!

  29. gray la gran

    i think if one peruses my archives, one would see countless projects languishing unfinished!
    but, i am determined to finish my flicca sweater :)

  30. Jennifer

    Well, right now, my Endpaper mitts are languishing at the bottom of the knitting bag. I’ve been captured by my Audrey H. sweater, and whipping up a chemo cap for the Yarn Focus Challenge.

  31. Laura

    Wow, that didn’t take long! I mean, once you devoted your attention to it. I agree that you will wear it all the time and March/April is perfect for a cotton cardi. I have a cabled sweater that has been 1/4 done for over three years. No reason, really.

  32. Amber

    Good for you Lolly! I am working on my Ribby Cardi after months of neglect. We can bite the bullet together! :)

  33. Debby

    I just finished my lace stole and need to block it tonight. I’m saving my blue lace edging for February Project Spectrum, and that is my oldest UFO, at least 5 years! It’s not hard, but to do the same twelve rows over and over for two pillowcases and a top sheet can be mindnumbing, LOL. Thankfully I only have one other UFO besides that, and can now think about new projects for PS. I’m really looking forward to it.

  34. Amanda

    I have so many things that need to be finished, there’s a whole bin of them. So I joined the UFO challenge for 2007, hopefully that will motivate me to finish some of them up. Good luck with Sesame, Lolly!

  35. katie

    It’s the time of year for tackling UFOs, isn’t it? I just did a clean out of one pile of knitting stuff and came up with enough unfinished projects to last, well, a long, long time. I just pulled out Samus, which was two inches of stockinette away from blocking. Good luck finishing your Sesame!

  36. gleek

    to be honest, i have no UFOs. what you see on the blog is what you get. i either do a project or i don’t. so things that i start and don’t like, i rip and start something else. i do have more than one project going at once but i’m always knitting on them all!

  37. natalie

    Sesame is super-cute and you WILL wear it all the time. I don’t have any lingering projects just now – but a couple of ENORMOUS ones that will take loads of time. Can you say baby blanket(s)?

  38. GailV

    Aha, I’m doing both Project Spectrum *and* Kat-with-a-K’s UFO Resurrection Challenge at the same time, since I have UFOs all through the spectrum.

    For February I have a blue Weasley that I need to hurry on, since dd is outgrowing it even as I type this.

  39. Leigh

    I started the Ballet Wrap Sweater from an old Interweave. I realized that I don’t have enough yarn to finish. But, I’ve neither bought yarn to finish nor frogged the project. Its just lurking half-finished in my stash waiting for me to decide either way.

  40. Delia

    A-Line Cardigan from Debbie Bliss Cathay. I’ve got about 1/2 a sleeve last but I JUST CAN’T FINISH IT!!!!

  41. Kara

    I have a Rosie the Rivetor cardigan that I can’t for the life of me pick up and knit. It is like my kryptonite or something!

  42. Robin

    I thought immediately of my Debbie Bliss Lace & Bobble Jacket from Wish You Were Here, when I read about “biting the bullet.” Eeek, that one is definitely on my dreaded list.

  43. Skylar

    I just sewed the handles onto a cable knit purse so that’s done. Camellia from Glampyre is in the UFO basket, as is a seed stitch Debbie Bliss baby cardie and some Knit and Tonic colored Vesper socks yarn Jaywalkers that are coming along.

  44. Amanda

    Last April, I started a year-long afghan. Unfazed, I sailed through the first block – fair isle with steeks! For May, we had cables. Never did make it through the May block….it’s still in my knitting basket. I have nothing against cables – in fact, I have done multiple projects with them since then.
    So what is it with the afghan? At any rate, as soon as I finish socks that I’m working on for the Knitty sock exchange, it’s back to it. I swear. And my husband’s Cambridge Jacket.

  45. Dorothy B

    I really should do the straps for my niece’s backpack and line it. I started it last winter so I could have it done for her birthday in February. If I finish it soon, she can have it for this birthday.

  46. knittingphilistine

    Hooray for perseverance! And hooray for the Sesame cardigan! What a cute sweater! I can’t ever come over here and visit you without leaving with a dire need to revise my Must Knit list!

  47. LeAnne

    OH man, my Cinxia (knitty.com) is my Bite the Bullet project. I’d slated it for a January finish but, well, today’s the 26th and there are so many other projects that I prefer! I will do it, though. Maybe not by the end of this month, but I have to get that thing out of the bag.

  48. dana

    I was knitting during the all star game too! I can’t wait for Project Spectrum to start- I am yarn shopping this weekend for my create a sweater.

  49. Elinor

    You can do it! Knit, knit! Mine unfinished lurking project is this monstrous (and beautiful) afghan I’m knitting for my boyfriend. It’s insane. He better like it. =D

  50. stacey

    yay for you!!! Once you get it done I’m sure you will wear it tons, and it will be a big celebration to cross it off your WIP list!!!!

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