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Sesame Success
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Sesame Success

Sesame Cardigan

Pattern: Sesame Cardigan (Magknits August 2005)
Designed by:
Melissa Wherle
Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton Ease in Licorice (approximately 5.25 balls)
Needles: Size US 6 circular needles
Started: July 2006 / Finished: January 2007

–Alternate View
–Button Band and Collar Detail

Quick progress on this one as soon as I psyched myself up for it… and I couldn't be happier with the result! This thing is going to be my friggin' uniform. It fits perfectly – I was a little worried as I was sewing it up – and after playing around with it, I think I kind of like the bomber jacket style with the collar up, rather than the sailor collar-down look.

Once the body pieces were complete, there was still quite a bit of knitting required. Thankfully, I had a free Saturday, and there were plenty of good television to catch up on; the collar and the button band were finished and blocked and by Saturday night, it was ready to wear. Even sewed the buttons on while chatting with my sister on the phone.

No major modifications to the sweater – I didn't add the extra buttons that Melissa mentions in the pattern, and only made 4 button holes, instead of the 6 written into the pattern. The buttons were what drew me to this sweater in the first place, and I gotta say, I love the way they turned out. At first, I thought the light wood of the buttons alongside the black knit fabric may be too much contrast, but in the end, I think it looks great. I am not sure how often I will wear it completely buttoned anyhow… Bought the buttons last year at the craft store. Still have two more to embellish some other knits!

A note on the yarn: I am so glad that Lion Brand wisened up and brought Cotton Ease back. This yarn is fabulous. It is a great quality worsted cotton/acrylic blend with a lot of yardage at a good price. Plus their new colors are quite attractive. How great would this cardi look in the new Violet or Terra Cotta colorways? It may be worth a trip to the craft store… I used a little more than 5 skeins for this cardigan (I made the 38" size) and I still have a few to spare.

I would totally knit this sweater again, despite it taking me forever to complete. It is a simple classic design that will be perfect with jeans, as well as casual skirts. The cotton will transcend all seasons – a year-round wardrobe staple, for sure. As I was putting on the finishing touches, I told Kris "I would totally buy this…"

…and did you notice? I got a new toy!

Lolly's New Toy

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  1. jess

    great sweater! :) it looks great, and like you, it is a sweater I would grab for again and again! hooray!

    congrats on the new camera, too. :)

  2. jacqui

    both of your new black items look fabulous!

  3. Liz

    Looks great! Makes me want to get on the ball and finish mine knit form the same yarn.

  4. kelly

    Great knit, Lauren. It looks great, and seems to be a very versatile sweater… one that will go with lots of other things!

  5. Cyn

    sesame looks terrific! I want one too! (in black, which i’ve sworn never to again knit with…). Totally a versatile sweater that you can take anywhere, wear all the time.

  6. Liz K.

    I have been celebrating the return of the Cotton Ease, but now have the perfect project idea to start the party!

    You’re right, the bomber look is fantastic, and I have to say, I love it in solid black way better than the stripey version in MagKnits.


    And BTW, you look HOT!

  7. elizabooth

    That would totally be my uniform too. It looks great and it’s always nice to finish a knit that you know you’re going to actually wear a lot. And I love the buttons! Great job.

  8. Debi

    It looks great Lolly!! I love the big buttons! Congrats on your new toy too!

  9. Zarah

    Yay for a successful finished knit! It looks great on you, as usual. =) Your new camera looks fun, too – that’s quite a large lens you’ve got there!

  10. Bonne Marie

    You Gorgeous Girl!~

    Well done!

  11. claudine

    That looks really good Lolly!!

  12. brooke

    Simply stunning! Love the color and style-I imagine you’ll wear it lots.

  13. esther

    Just lovely! You look great in it :-)

  14. rositta

    I don’t know what I would do to have a camera like that, wow… take lots of nice pictures..ciao

  15. Jennifer

    I love sesame. I must say that it really looks like it’s an old favorite that you’ve loved and worn forever because it just looks so naturally perfect on you. I also LOVE the fab eyewear. You’re so darn photogenic – lucky us that you got a new camera. Enjoy!

  16. Laura

    The Decemberists have the best t-shirts, don’t they?

    The cardigan looks awesome–way to go! You have a solid three months left to wear it, too. You’ll want to make, like, three more this summer to wear next year.

  17. Miss Scarlett

    Your cardi looks sensational!!
    Great work. And how quick was that once you set your mind to it? Fantastic. Hey thanks for the heads up about Cotton Ease. A bargain is always welcome.

  18. Jessica

    Ooh, it’s wonderful! And it fits you so nicely!
    Congrats on your new toy. :)

  19. keri

    Oh my goodness you finished that so fast and it looks great!

  20. Jenna Pink Monkey

    What a fab basic sweater. It matches everything, I hope you get a lot of good usage out of it. Love the buttons, too!

    I’m with Isel – I’m also jealous of the camera. I’m sure you’ll take some great shots with it. I love the ones of the animals over on Flickr.

  21. Kara

    Now THAT is a sweater a girl could live in. Just lovely!

    Love the new toy. I am looking forward to lots and lots of fun pics in the future…

  22. Mimi

    Looks lovely Lolly. Lots of Love!

    (I like alliteration tonight.)

  23. Jen

    Yay, it’s done! And it looks great!

  24. molly!

    It looks great, Lolly!

  25. tiennie

    Lolly – you always look so lovely in your knits. I love that you always take pics of yourself. Have fun with your new toy!

  26. jen

    I think the wooden buttons look fantastic on the black. I’m not usually a button-down cardigan kind of gal, but seeing yours makes me want to make one!

  27. Erin

    What a great wardrobe addition. I love the sweater and you are right–the buttons really make it. Yea for you!

  28. Sharon

    What a great knit! So tempting…

    I want to progress to the world of garments. Would you say a cardigan is more difficult than a jumper? I don’t doubt I could knit the pieces, it’s the sewing it together that scares me.

  29. megan

    I just LOVE it! What a perfect fit, and definitely one of those sweaters you can wear with everything! You must be so proud!

  30. knittingphilistine

    That is some pretty sweet success! Looks GREAT on you!! I’ll be making one of these come spring! LOVE the big, clunky buttons, too!

  31. scout

    Great job! And niiiiiice new toy!

  32. heather

    G-d I love this sweater!!!!!
    LOVE IT!!!

  33. amisha

    i love it!! looks wonderful on you… great fit and looks so cozy!
    i’m with you on cotton-ease too. that stuff is great, and the new colors are really nice… much better & more sophisticated than the old, i think.

  34. Sarah

    It looks lovely, Lolly — so comfy! I love seeing cute, comfy sweaters knit from really affordable yarn!

  35. Mintyfresh

    I don’t have anything to say that 84 other people haven’t (damn, girl!), but didn’t want to let such a wonderful FO go by without telling you how great it is. Love your new toy (jealous!).

  36. Lizzy B

    Wow! It’s gorgeous, and you look FANTASTIC in it! ANd that new toy is pretty great too! Is it the whole camera or that awesome lens? :)

  37. Carolina

    I love the sweater! Congrats on finishing up!! :-)

  38. Kelli

    Ooo, nice toy!

  39. Debby

    Your sweater looks great on you! Nice to start Project Spectrum with a clean slate, so you can enjoy a new project!

  40. blossom

    cute sweater! seems like everyone is getting a new camera. i certainly will enjoy seeing more of gorgeous pictures/projects from you!

  41. Lynn

    It looks fantastic! This is now officially on my short list of projects now that I know it can be knit up in a less expensive yarn.

  42. Suzanne

    Sesame looks fabulous and the buttons are perfect! Look at the new camera…you know I’m jealous :) I can’t wait to see all the great pics and hear what you think.

  43. jackie

    It looks fab on you! Great sweater.

  44. Amber

    What a great sweater Lolly! Congrats on finishing it. :)

  45. maya

    Your sesame looks great! This inspires me to put the buttons back on my sesame and actually start wearing it. Hooray for practical cardigans!

  46. Cathi

    It’s gorgeous, Lolly! The buttons are fab.

  47. Kathy

    Congrats on finally getting that UFO finished up!

  48. Jody

    I love it! Perfect fit and finish too! I would never take it off!

  49. dani

    The sweater looks great and I have EXTREME camera envy! Congrats on the new sweater AND the new toy.

  50. nova

    it looks fantastic lolly!

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