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Sesame Success
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Sesame Success

Sesame Cardigan

Pattern: Sesame Cardigan (Magknits August 2005)
Designed by:
Melissa Wherle
Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton Ease in Licorice (approximately 5.25 balls)
Needles: Size US 6 circular needles
Started: July 2006 / Finished: January 2007

–Alternate View
–Button Band and Collar Detail

Quick progress on this one as soon as I psyched myself up for it… and I couldn't be happier with the result! This thing is going to be my friggin' uniform. It fits perfectly – I was a little worried as I was sewing it up – and after playing around with it, I think I kind of like the bomber jacket style with the collar up, rather than the sailor collar-down look.

Once the body pieces were complete, there was still quite a bit of knitting required. Thankfully, I had a free Saturday, and there were plenty of good television to catch up on; the collar and the button band were finished and blocked and by Saturday night, it was ready to wear. Even sewed the buttons on while chatting with my sister on the phone.

No major modifications to the sweater – I didn't add the extra buttons that Melissa mentions in the pattern, and only made 4 button holes, instead of the 6 written into the pattern. The buttons were what drew me to this sweater in the first place, and I gotta say, I love the way they turned out. At first, I thought the light wood of the buttons alongside the black knit fabric may be too much contrast, but in the end, I think it looks great. I am not sure how often I will wear it completely buttoned anyhow… Bought the buttons last year at the craft store. Still have two more to embellish some other knits!

A note on the yarn: I am so glad that Lion Brand wisened up and brought Cotton Ease back. This yarn is fabulous. It is a great quality worsted cotton/acrylic blend with a lot of yardage at a good price. Plus their new colors are quite attractive. How great would this cardi look in the new Violet or Terra Cotta colorways? It may be worth a trip to the craft store… I used a little more than 5 skeins for this cardigan (I made the 38" size) and I still have a few to spare.

I would totally knit this sweater again, despite it taking me forever to complete. It is a simple classic design that will be perfect with jeans, as well as casual skirts. The cotton will transcend all seasons – a year-round wardrobe staple, for sure. As I was putting on the finishing touches, I told Kris "I would totally buy this…"

…and did you notice? I got a new toy!

Lolly's New Toy

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121 Responses

  1. Madge

    Great job on Sesame! And now I have to make myself one. Because your comment about it being your uniform…well, I live in black cotton sweaters, too.

    Whoa, dude, like, awesome toy.

  2. Sara

    Lolly… not only is the sweater fantastic in general, but it looks so great on YOU! Absolutely perfect fit!

  3. Stacey

    Nice!!!!! (the sweater and the camera! so jealous!!)

  4. Sarah

    That is one of those sweaters I’d wear all the time too. I like the solid version…very classic. Nice work!

  5. Emily

    You are so cute I can’t stand it. Yay sweater! Yay new camera!

  6. Mia

    Pretty. I will have to look at the pattern and see if I can change the yarn since I do not knit with cotton. And I like your new toy.

  7. JulieFrick

    Holy smokes! 106 comments? And here I was going to tell you that now I’m totally making one of these- got the Rowan WC in the stash, after all. Well, I guess I just did. How do you ever get through reading all of your comments? I’ve got palpatations just looking at them!

  8. Nora

    You look so pretty. x

  9. KnitPastis

    You rock in this sweater girl! Love it, love it! You gotta make another one in the terracotta color. That would look fab on you. I have looked for this new Cotton Ease in the craft stores and can’t find it yet. Where are they selling it besides online? Thanks!

  10. Vik

    Your sweater looks awesome!
    Love the Decemberists shirt too!

  11. Sarah

    Every time you unbutton the cardi, do you get the urge to shout “Open Sesame”? Because that would be pretty funny. Exciting new toy! I *heart* my Rebel XT — it was an XMas present, and I’m having so much fun fiddling with it and learning how to use it.

  12. Kym

    Love, love, love the sesame! Thanks for reminding me how much I liked that pattern :) I’ll have to put it on my list.

  13. Kim

    WOOOO-Hooooo! Lion brought “Cotton Ease” back?!! YES! I’d given up on that hope long ago. Yes, the new colors are very nice, indeed. Sesame is great, and I’m sure it will be your uniform, much as my black Cotton Ease Sitcom Chic is my constant companion; much as I hated knitting it, it is indispensible. Thanks for the tip about the return of one of my fave cheap yarns!!

  14. MarlyKnits

    Great Cardi. Love the new camera…can I ask more about it? I am currently looking into getting a new camera since I detest mine.


  15. Chrissy

    Nice cardi, and nice camera! I just signed up for PS 2.0 (and hope I can be a little less lame than last time, in which I posted exactly one PS-related post, even though I had great intentions…). Holy guacamole – you’ve got almost 1000 participants! And I thought managing my 100+ signer-upers for SAM3 was bad (although you do have that nifty auto-sign-up thing going for you).

    Looking forward to seeing some socks over here soon ;-) .


  16. Terby

    That looks great on you! And you’re looking pretty fantastic too, Miss Lolly!

  17. alison

    Clearly you don’t need yet another comment — your poor overworked inbox! — but I love the cardigan! I bookmarked that pattern as soon as I saw it, and your version is perfect and inspiring. Nice work!

  18. frecklegirl jess


    I see that Decemberists tee under there… they rock. :)

  19. melissa

    yay! you finished and I almost missed it! I’ve been so busy I’ve been absolutely terrible keeping up my blog reading. It really looks great on you and the buttons are perfect.

  20. Anjo

    gorgeous, Ms. Lol!

    (boy do I miss blogging and steady knitting and Lolly!)


  21. Mandy

    You look fantastic, and the sweater is gorgeous. Or maybe that’s the other way around. I think it works either way. :)

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