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Reserving the Right
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Reserving the Right

I reserve the right to completely change my mind.

My plans were set for Project Spectrum’s first two-month span of knitting. Ambitious plans. (Remember? I am the girl with the plan…)

Then, I saw Carrie’s blog. The wheels started turning in my head.

I have the perfect yarn. It has been sitting in my stash without a definitive project for well over a year.

Silky Wool

Got the pattern, balled up the yarn.

Glee tee

Cast on is imminent.

Swifting my yarn

… I think I have a new favorite color…


I reserve the right to knit what I want whenever the mood strikes me!


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55 Responses

  1. margene

    I love Silky Wool too! That’s a great sweater….good choice!

  2. Elinor

    Oh man that’s pretty. Go for it. Plans be damned.

  3. Rachel

    That one’s on my list too, but I’m in love with the pink. I’m going to try to save it for April/May. I hope I can hold out that long!

  4. Nonnahs

    That’s a really cute pattern! And I think it will look great in that yarn!

  5. sheila

    I worked with Elsebeth Lavold yarn once, and totally loved it.. I worked up a tank top in the Sandstone color, which resembles a deep gold. Its a little slubby and irregular, but once I got my crochet hook going… it was smooth sailing. I love the color you selected can’t wait to the see Glee.

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