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A Time of New Beginnings
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A Time of New Beginnings

Usually the rush of “new beginnings” comes in early spring – trees budding, flowers blooming – but there are quite a few noteworthy new beginnings for me, here on this last day of January.

I cast on for two new projects. Both are early starts for Project Spectrum knits. I tend to gravitate towards the blue as this has been one of my favorite colors since I was a child. However, I have some plans for white and gray as well!

First, the one you know:

Glee Begins!

Oh, my Glee tee. This one is going to be good. I totally forgot how much I enjoy the top-down technique. I have only done it once before (for the One Skein Wonder) but I really like the way it works up, err… down ;) The yarn is fantastic. It has a beautiful texture and great feel. Plus, the color is absolutely perfect for my tastes. The yarn has some rawness to it, but is also extremely elegant. I am very happy with it… and I only have an inch! Glee will probably take awhile to knit, but it will be simple, straightforward, and so wearable. That is a winner in my book.

Then, the one you don’t know:

Kristen Hat beginning

You may recall that I bought the Kristen hat from Bea Ellis knitwear last year. I had grand plans to cast on for this for the Stranded Colorwork knitalong, which started last December (Nonnahs made a fun Bea Ellis hat, and Grumperina shared some tips from her recent Kristen adventure). However, it didn’t see the needles till now. Honestly, I was a little nervous about the colorwork, as this was my first attempt… but after actually doing it, I can say it is not bad! I can see myself getting addicted to this! I will need some more practice on floats and stranding, but that will come with time. Now that I am starting it, it is perfect timing for the new knitalong run by Hannah and company: Fair Isle February!

The yarn is Dale of Norway Heilo in navy as the main color, and ecru as the contrast color. The cotton liner seen here will be pressed and folded under later to protect my sensitive forehead from the wool.

Another new beginning: I start a new job tomorrow. It is not completely new, as I have been doing something similar for over two years at the same institution. However, this job carries more responsibility, and has the shiny title of Archivist attached to it. So, it is my first professional position after completing graduate school in December, and I am ready for the new challenge! Gung ho!

And I probably don’t have to tell you – but did you know that PROJECT SPECTRUM starts tomorrow??? Talk about a new beginning!

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  1. caitlyn

    Your WIPs look beautiful!
    Congratulations on your new position!
    It is wonderful to celebrate new beginnings.

  2. Leah

    Congrats on the new position! Your colorwork looks fantastic!!

    I simply can’t wait to see glee all knit up!

    Yay for Feb. 1st & project spectrum!!! :)

  3. Jennifer

    I’m working on my gray/blue/white Project Spectrum socks right now so that I can have an early post for February 1st. Thanks for hosting it for the second year. Yeah Lolly!

  4. Jenn

    Archivist! How exciting! Congratulations!

    I started my projects early, too. I just couldn’t wait anymore!

  5. earthchick

    Oh, Glee looks so pretty already! I love that yarn. And seeing your start on the Bea Ellis hat makes me want to get mine cast on too. I got it right before Christmas but too many other to-knits have interfered with casting on. Now that I know about Fair Isle February, I’m all the more tempted to set aside some of my other to-knits and get to it already. Decisions, decisions.

    Congrats and best wishes on your new job!!!

  6. hpny knits

    lots of lovely new beginnings! I love the Bea Ellis hats, and they ARE addictive! as soon as I finished one, I made another right away!
    good luck with the new job!!

  7. shadkitty

    I can’t believe you’ve never done fair-isle before! I don’t know why I just assume that I’m the only one in the world who hasn’t tried it yet. lol Yay Project Spectrum! And I am definitely joining Fair-Isle February, I figure since I’m doing it anyway….

    You always knit such lovely things!

  8. claudine

    Looks like both projects are off to a great start! I’m gearing up for my PS projects as well.

    Congrats and good luck on your new job! :)

  9. Nonnahs

    YAY! Your (PS-appropriate) Bea Ellis hat is looking great! Isn’t it fun? Best of luck on your first day at your new position- knock ‘em dead!

  10. Deb

    Congratulations on the new job!! The hat is looking great. I haven’t done fair isle yet, but am getting more curious all the time. I’ll look forward to seeing how yours evolves.

  11. Liz K.

    Have a great first day tomorrow!

    I just had my “Oh my God, PS starts tomorrow,” moment too! Eek!

  12. Amy

    What wonderful new beginnings! :)

    Congrats on the shiny new job title!

  13. Leslie

    I’m so impressed with the colorwork! I love the look but I’m too intimidated to take on a project like that yet. Congrats on the new job too! :) Leslie

  14. scout

    New job! Cool!!

  15. Madge

    Hip hip hooray on your new job!

    Hey, I’m making a Bea Ellis headband as my F/M PS project. It’s my first attempt at color work, too.

    And don’t you just love Silky Wool? Love how it’s working up for Glee.

  16. The Purloined Letter

    Your Fair Isle looks stunning. Glad to have you over at FI Feb!

    Congrats on your new job!

  17. Jennifer

    Good luck on your first day! Yay for you!

  18. Terby

    Congratulations on the job! How exciting. Nice blues you have picked out – just lovely.

  19. Amber

    Congrats on your new job! :) I LOVE the blue color for Glee. Silky wool is great to work with and has gorgeous colors. Enjoy! :)

  20. keri

    Ooh glee AND your hat, wow! They look great and I can’t wait to see how glee knits up I’m really eyeing that pattern.

  21. Coleen

    color knitting is addictive! looks great so far!

  22. LaurieM

    Thanks for the link to Fair Isle Feburary. For once, I’m totally in sync with a KAL!

  23. Jenna Pink Monkey

    Why yes, I DID know that PS is starting tomorrow, and I’ve very excited about it. In fact, I’m hoping to finish at least 1 blue project.

    Squee, I’m so excited that you started on the hat! It’s colorwork awesome? Are you so proud of yourself?

    Congrats on joining us working stiffs, I hope it brings many great rewards for you.

  24. Madeline

    Wow that’s some fun stuff! Well I just cast on for the shapely tank top by White lies and reading your post made me realize it’s BLUE! So I think it’ll be good motivation to tough it out. I’m nervous cause it’s my first garment! EEK!

  25. Shelley

    I joined the Fair Isle February too. Not sure what I’m making yet…I’m leaning toward a pair of mittens or something like that since I’m still fairly new to Fair Isle/stranding.

  26. Kylie

    I’m soooo excited about starting the project spectrum. It is already the 1st here so i get to start tonight yaaaahhhh!!!!

  27. Nora

    I’ve got some beautiful grey, white and blue yarns for Project Spectrum and can’t wait to showcase!

  28. Meredith

    Congrats on your new job and fun new knits!

  29. Moni

    you are ambitous! Good job on the colorwork! looks great!

    Congrats on your new job! yay! I’m so happy for you!

  30. Debi

    Congrats on your new position Lolly!

  31. Cheryl

    Isn’t fair isle fun? Your hat looks great and very warm. Congrats on the job too!

  32. jody

    congrats on the new job! it’s always fun to have that fresh start.

    i wanted to mention (just in case you didn’t know) that silky wool tends to grow a lot after getting wet. my finished sweater grew several inches in width after i washed and blocked it. i also dropped it in the dryer on air fluff (no heat) for 20 minutes or so. it fluffs up nicely!

  33. Jessica

    Congrats on the new job! :) Your colorwork is looking great so far.

  34. Avice

    Hooray for you! My first project spectrum is something white (my lace scarf) and I think the second, if I am sufficiently brave, will be the Print O’ the Wave shawl in a blue kid silk.

  35. yuvee

    ooohhh…glee is so pretty! I absolutely adore the colour you choose for it!
    *off digging in the stash for project spectrum appropriate yarn*

  36. isel

    Congratulations, Lolly!! That is great and exciting news. I remember my first ‘Economist’ job. *shudder* Can’t wait for my first ‘Art Historian’ one. :D

    Lovely new projects. Colorwork can be so scary and exciting at the same time.

    Project Spectrum starts today?!!? I will be reading about colors and art, does that count?!? ;)

  37. KnitPastis

    Congratulations Lolly!!! Love this blue color. I hear you on the top down patterns. They are so much more enjoyable.
    I am almost done with my first Project Spectrum in grey and white!

  38. knittingphilistine

    Congrats on your many beautiful and exciting new beginnings! Project Spectrum 2.0 starts off with one of my all-time favorite colors…GRAY! Whoo! My penchant for knitting gray sweaters is staggering! I’ve got a few in mind, both wips and new ideas blooming away in my mind…no thanks to your AMAZING beginning of Glee! I hold you personally responsible for any bags of Silky Wool that arrive at my doorstep in the next week or two!

  39. Ann

    Good luck on your first day at work! So happy for you!

  40. heather

    Love the blues! I’m thrilled that my norweigiedenmark sock is going to be finished in the first month! woo!

  41. dani

    Congrats on the new job! Your hat looks great – I have a grey and white Bea Ellis hat on tap for my first stab at Project Spectrum too!

  42. gleek

    project spectrum, onward ho!! i wish i didn’t have so many urgent projects in non-spectrum colors to complete before the peanut arrives. looks like my first two months will be driven by photography.

    congrats on the new job! that’s fantastic news and i’m sure you’ll love it.

  43. stacey

    that’s awesome! congrats on the new position! new beginnings all around!

  44. femiknitter

    Congrats on the new position! Archivists are the coolest (I used to be one)!

    I love that Silky Wool! I was thinking about using it for Glee in that very same color. I’ll have to wait and see how yours turns out before I start mine!

  45. catrin

    Dear sweet Archivist! I hope your “new” work was great and that you got some “archivist stuff” on your plate! Show me some photos from your archive! Archivists are the coolest! ;-)

    Love the colours on the hat and the Glee tee.

  46. Sara

    Great news on the new position! Am really happy for you.

    Love the WIPs…they are really pretty.

    Am so looking forward to Project Spectrum….

  47. Dorothy B

    Your stranding and your floats look pretty good from what I can see. Your current projects look really pretty.

    Congratulations on your new position! Archivist sounds so important!

  48. amisha

    congratulations on the new position! how exciting!
    the new projects are wonderful… i’m really looking forward to project spectrum :)

  49. Sarah

    Congrats on the new job! I’m working on a pillow in tunisian knitting in mostly Spectrum colors, but of course I also fell in love with some red bombyx and started spinning it last night. (Project monogamy is not a concept I embrace.)

  50. Lyndsey-Jane

    Thanks for the Fair Isle Feb link! I’ve just started my first colourwork project – Coroazon mittens from Knitty.com

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